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  1. Good day, colleagues and sympathizers! Today I want to introduce you to a rare animal! The Soviet five-towered monster, the T-35 tank. Once upon a time, about 6 years ago, a cherished HUGE box from a Star got into my then-just-trying-to-model paws. Naturally, the tank was immediately knocked down and assembled. And, as I thought then, I was ready for painting. I've never been so wrong before) And after a while, I still decided to finish off this "miracle" of the engineering thought of Soviet designers. Armed with available materials, having seen enough photos and read a couple of blogs from neighboring forums, we proceed. To begin with, some improvements were purchased. A set of gun barrels from Zedval A couple of sets of PE from Microdesign (about them later some obscene phrases) Tracks from HobbyBoss Lots and lots of bolts from MasterClub (and a little screws from E.V.M.) A little sheet plastic ... And most importantly. A sea of desire to make something similar to a tank. Let's start with the most important points. Guns are really needed. Zvezda went to scrap. Almost all bolts, nuts and rivets on the tank have been changed. Welded seams. Everywhere (where required) Then the use of PE. A set of grids is a must have. He is needed. He's useful. A set of fasteners for a chance tool - collected swearing recklessly. Over-sized, non-overlapping parts. In addition, they are not very similar to what really (judging by the photos) stood on the tanks. The anti-aircraft turret is also taken from a micro design, also a useful thing and pleasant to assemble. Well, there are many, many different little things. I was just redoing something because the Star is somehow wrong. Something was done from scratch, because the manufacturer forgot (or scored). A striking example is one of the handles of the jack. The entire volume of improvements can be seen in the photo before painting (well, except for the bolts on the flaps). I have already made a post with photos of WIP -> Prototype - T-35, shot down in the summer of 41st on the road between p.Bird and p.Willow There is an identification mark in the form of 2 parallel stripes on the tower, stars on the shields. All identification marks is a self-made stencil. Coloring - AKAN. I like his colors. Pigments are different AK Oil That's it, enjoy watching!
  2. Thank you for your kind words. This build squeezed me dry. In battle they acted extremely unsuccessfully. The tanks themselves were so-so, the chassis did not hold up well. Fire control is extremely inconvenient, although later machines tried to implement something similar to the ship's fire control systems. And the number of released ones is 63, taking into account a couple of prototypes. As a result, in the summer of 1941, all of them were somehow disabled/abandoned/just broke. His younger brother T-28 proved himself much better, although also not very successful.
  3. Greetings, Francis! Thanks for sharing the link, I missed it) A very, very beautiful painting job. Neat assembly, impressive weathering. And Zvezda OOB is very good. In my model, I tried to eliminate those "inaccuracies" that the manufacturer could not / did not want to reproduce. And there are a hell of a lot of them.
  4. So, my playful paws finally got to the T-35 from the Star. This model was bought about 6 years ago. Then it was assembled and "brought to painting". Heh ... naive on my part. It's been 6 years. I have somewhat changed my views on the assembly of models. And then an old slightly dusty box catches my eye. All the improvements that you see are the result of the last month of work. Complete replacement of rivets/bolts/nuts Replacement of gun barrels Adding welds Alteration of the jack and its fasteners Alteration and addition of the jack handle Photo etching. Working trucks from HobbyBoss, the conversion of native support rollers into something closer to the real ones. Modification of gun masks on medium turrets And that's not all. I just won't remember everything. And tomorrow I'll start painting this monster.
  5. Great model. Painting, weathering, chipping. I enjoyed watching it. But there is a nuance... the KV-85 tower from trumpeter has the wrong geometry. The KV-85 and IS-1 should have a symmetrical tower. I'll attach a drawing. At the same time, the gentlemen from trumpeter to IS-1 then put the right tower in the set (at least according to the upper projection) Of course, there are also enough shoals, but mostly similar. I haven't delved deeper yet, but colleagues from different forums wrote about small nuances such as the number of bolts on the engine compartment lid and other small things.
  6. Master Club rivets and bolts different sizes) Like this https://www.super-hobby.ru/products/flat-spherical-rivets-0-7-mm.html
  7. Good day, colleagues and interested! According to the tradition that has developed for myself, by May 9 I am trying to build a sample of the Red Army equipment. This time BT came to hand. After the BT-7A, the tower from Tamiya remained. And the tower is good. And then the HobbyBoss arrived with their BT-2 "medium" release. The BT-5 model from Zvezda/Italery has long been the only opportunity to assemble something similar to BT. But, as has been discussed more than once on all possible forums, there are quite a lot of irreparable jambs there. Yes, and the model from Hobbyboss is more elegant and more carefully cast. But just like that, it didn't work out to assemble the model, as always. To begin with, the entire model was completely riveted. Hobbyboss rivets and bolts are extremely sad. Added welds in the right places. The tower from BT-7 is also brought to mind by the photo and by the preserved samples. In the course of the assembly, the PE by Microdesign was purchased, gun from MagicModels and under the curtain the trucks from MasterClub. Additional tanks from Dragon, a roll from gloves, self-made ammo boxes, duffel bags - pouring what was found in the "stocks". The comrade in the tower is a tanker from the Zvezda with a changed head. Coloring - good old Akan, a little Tamiya, a pinch of humbrol Oil and pigments - Mig and co. Enjoy watching! Thanks for attention. And as usual - a photo of the prototype :
  8. Good day, colleagues. For a review, I offer you a fresh build. Somehow it took me to the 43rd scale. I've been wanting to make a fire truck for a long time. The cherished box from AVD was bought a long time ago, the hands reached recently. The beginning of the assembly was marked by the purchase of a set of photo etching and a set of fire equipment from Petrograd, because what AVD offers did not fit into any gates. Like all AVD models, the assembly involves a lot of sawing, a lot of skinning and a lot of grinding. From the self-made - I redid the fastening of the stairs. Slightly modified the handles on the body Remade the "matyugalnik"(Speaker) Modified the roof of the cabin I made a kind of walkie-talkie with a wire inside (something is even visible on a couple of photos) Well, the use of photo etching and fire equipment, which is written above) Coloring - Tamiya X-7, Tamiya LP-2, a little Akan The prototype was chosen by chance (I liked the photo =)) Enjoy your viewing. And some photos before painting) And prototype
  9. Good day, colleagues and sympathizers. For a review, I present to you a model whose appearance in plastic I have been waiting for a long time. American one-and-a-half-ton Chevrolet G506 truck in the G7107 variant. The second largest truck delivered to the USSR under Lend-Lease (47700 units!) And here in my hands is the cherished box from ICM. Start building! At first everything seemed fine... We are studying the prototype. The first thing that catches your eye is the body ... Incomprehensible short beams, the absence of a box at the back from below. And the body is metal. Disorder. Sawed through. I didn't bother with the cabin, and it looks more or less like it. We redo the fat bumper and its fasteners at the same time (hello, thin metal and evergreen), slightly modify the front grille. Making new wipers. Throw out native wheels with native hubs. Wheels - PanzerArt from GMC, self-made hubs. Adding some wiring. We fill the body. An canvas made of tracing paper, all sorts of junk from stocks. The most interesting task was to make straps on the left side of the body similar to the photo. It seems to have worked out. The driver is ICM, the comrades in the body are hybrid from ICM, Zvezda and MSD. A pair of machine guns, a Zvezda and an ICM. Coloring - Akan, Tamiya, GSI. Marking is a stencil. Oil and pigments - AK, MIG, etc. Enjoy watching! Thanks for attention.
  10. Thanks! Only this is not a conversion, this is a kit from ICM - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icm-35591-bm-13-16-on-wot-8-chassis--1259855
  11. Good day, colleagues! I finally completed my "long-term construction" The model started at the release, but somehow the assembly did not work right away. Later, the box was again "dug out" in stocks and thoughtfully and with the arrangement "brought" to mind. So, "Katyusha" on the chassis of the British 1.5t truck Fordson W.O.T.8 of these trucks were delivered to the USSR under lend-lease approximately 730 pcs. and naturally, due to the lack of chassis for the Katyusha, the installation was pushed onto this truck as well. In principle, there are few photos of this car, but with Katyusha on board there are 5 pieces at all But even when studying these photos, there were quite a lot of inconsistencies between the ICM product and the real prototype. So: 1. Added the "Katyusha" control panel to the cabin 2.Added Battery box 3. Redesigned front window flaps. 4.Added a junction box on "Katyusha" 5.Corrugated flanks added 6. Slightly "welded" the "Katyusha" 7. Completion of the Katyusha farm 8.Completely redesigned the jacks 9. Modified rockets Of the additions - wheels from PanzerArt with a disc replaced with a native one (wheels from W.O.T. were not on sale then, I had to scratchbuild) Etching from Microdesign Driver from ICM A certain number of bolts from MasterClub Coloring - Akan, Alclad II, a little Tamiya Oil and pigments - some "Hispanic" The result is in the photos Enjoy watching.
  12. Thank you) I made the doors on the barrel working)
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