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  1. Good day, colleagues! I present to you for your review my variation on the theme of the most likely boring "picnic carts". I took a pre-order model from my local store, fell for the wheels (which I never regret) In general, the model is out of the box, but with "nuances". For the same pre-order, I got a set from Quinta. There is a gopher. Another gopher - photo-etched belts from Microdesign. Externally - self-made nets instead of the godless out of the box Replacing all staples with wire (Not right away, but I won over laziness: 3) Camera wires Manhole drives Well, I also w
  2. Good day, fellow hobbyists. For the review, I present to you a new kit of the last months of 2020 from ICM and the first model completed this year by me. Armored car Sd. Kfz. 247 ausf. B Produced in 1941-1942 in a small series (58 units) at the Daimler-Benz plant, this armored car is little known. Chassis similar to the sd.kfz.221, but with a different engine layout. Horch V-8 - 108 engine with 81 hp No weapons. It was used in the headquarters of the motorcycle rifle battalion of the Wehrmacht tank divisions, until in 1942-43 it was replaced by the heavy armored commu
  3. Good day, comrades!) A couple of days ago, I started building the AEC MK.I am from MiniArt and as soon as I approached the interior painting, the question immediately arose. MiniArt on the instructions suggests the interior color is white and the engine color is black. Do you guys have any information about the correct AEC interior color?
  4. This photo of the rear fuselage of the MIG-3 shows the AMT-4 and AMT-7 And yes, in theory, there could be an A-19 on the steering wheel. Or any other green paint that the technician had on hand at the time of the touch-up.
  5. Here is a book in English, with pretty accurate information, in my opinion. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1afXDifcGfwwa2wqVHdRIsG4j_mJjB-GS/view?usp=sharing And just in case, the book is in Russian. Suddenly it will be useful to someone. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C6tmax8U1g-WTOi-u8ScJtQ3YMMnCCAe?usp=sharing
  6. On metal and wooden surfaces, only the painting technology and the composition of the paint differed. The colors were exactly the same.
  7. And if suddenly someone needs it, I can throw off a book on the painting of Soviet aircraft, which is very often cited as an example on Russian forums. One nuance ... It, of course, in Russian)
  8. Here is an example of using AKAN paints on the Yak-1 model. Used AMT-4 and AMT-7 and landing gear A-14 and I find these colors almost perfect for Soviet aircraft from the summer of 41 to 43. Concerning the production of paints. Earlier AKAN actually ordered its paints from Dupont. At this time, unfortunately, I do not know where exactly the paint is produced, but the quality has dropped somewhat over the years. Ideal for use - paint + glossy or semi-gloss varnish + thinner (I use Laska nail polish remover)
  9. Until the age of 41, almost all Soviet aircraft were in the colors top AII-green(63018 AKAN) and bottom AII-blue(63042 AKAN) From the summer of the 41st top AMT4 (63001)+AMT6 (63043) and bottom AMT-7(63002) From the 43rd year-top AMT11(63044)+AMT12(63045) and the bottom is still the same AMT-7 This applies to fighters. The color of the interior surfaces, chassis niches and landing gear struts themselves was almost always A-14 For myself, I unfortunately did not find analogues of AKAN paint, although it is not the best in quality. I hope this helps you in some way)
  10. Hello hobby colleagues) I want to show you the assembly of the beginning of this "wonderful" year. British truck of Canadian construction in the version of a petrol tanker. IBG, for which many thanks to them, made several unique models, one of which I was lucky to assemble. The assembly is pleasant, although sometimes it takes some effort. As with many car models, the biggest problem is the convergence of the cab parts. Well, the interior is quite empty, which is offset by the uniqueness. Thank you for your attention, enjoy your viewing)
  11. Hello hobby colleagues) Today I have one of my old assemblies for you. The plane of the "Red Baron" Manfred von Richthofen - Fokker Dr.1. I got the model from Eduard in Profi Pack absolutely by accident. And then he fell in love with this three-winged bug. The assembly was a lot of pleasure, although my Russian colleagues, modelers, scold this model. So, enjoy your viewing)
  12. Good day, colleagues. I present for review a model from the Irish Mirror-Models - a British Morris-Commercial C8 Quad Gun tractor MK.3 of a late release. Out-of-box assembly. I was going with a bang, questions arose only on the tent. Coloring - RealColor SCC.15 Olive Drab and SCC.14 Blue-Black. Oil and pigments from various companies.
  13. Good day, colleagues. For review, I propose a freshly completed assembly of the next trainer aircraft in my collection. Bf-109 G-12 based on Bf-109 G-6. Model. The assembly went off with a bang. The only thing that raised at least some questions was the flashlight. Not "on clicks", of course, still LND. But the fit of the parts is at a good level, the putty is at a minimum. A good study of the cockpit (which is still not visible; () Of the add-ons - only a pitot tube from Master. Prototype. The prototype was the "White 60" captured by the Americans in 1945. Coloring - Gunze, Akan
  14. Good afternoon, colleagues. Today I want to offer you a review of the long-known model from the company Academy-Bf-109 G-14. On improvements. I changed the inflows under the chassis to Italery ones from " stocks" I changed the propeller, tail wings, wheels and tank from AZ(remnants from the previous Assembly) Armament and Pitot tube from Master In the cockpit, the pilot from the Zvezda and the sight from the QB The prototype is Jacob Vogel's plane, which made an emergency landing on the British side of the front in the summer of 44. stencil from AZ, identification mark
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