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  1. Hi, Francis! Great job! I really liked this weathering
  2. Good day, colleagues and sympathizers. I present to you for a review a model from a fairly young company on the market-Gecko. A little Wiki. In 1935, the War Office issued specifications for a new 15 cwt 4x2 military truck for service in the British Army, inviting manufacturers to submit designs to participate in annual comparative tests in North Wales. One of the participants was a modification of a 2-ton rear-wheel drive Bedford Vehicles truck. After these tests, Bedford installed a larger radiator and larger tires, the tests were repeated in 1936, after which Bedford modified the chassis to increase ground clearance and installed a new engine cooling system. For the 1937 tests, a new special prototype Bedford WD-1 was made with a payload of 15 cwt, it showed excellent results, and in 1938 a 72 hp engine was installed. In the period from 1939 to 1945, Bedford produced more than 66,000 MW, the cars remained in service with Great Britain until the end of the 1950s. The model is also one of the options for using this truck - as a water carrier. Working out the model at a height. A huge pile of fine detailing, excellent reproduction of the components and assemblies of the car. The model is extremely reminiscent of the latest developments of Miniart or Bronco, but with the best quality of plastic. According to the assembly, only one moment saddened me. The convergence of the cab. And here I'm not sure if my hands are crooked or if the problem is really in the model itself. From myself - minor improvements, chains, a little internal stuff in the box of the barrel itself. I replaced the wheels with PanzerArt. The problem is that the wheels I had were not from Bedford, so I had to dig a little with the hub. Painting from the box, Normandy, 1944. The result is in front of you. Coloring - RealColor, Tamiya, Akan Oil and Pigments-Ammo and Co. Thank you all for your attention, enjoy watching!
  3. Good day, colleagues and sympathizers. Finally, I caught inspiration and" brought " to mind a couple of long-term projects.So-a British 3-ton truck.It was used in the British troops during the First World War.To be honest, I didn't go much into the history of the prototype, and there is little about it(well, or I don't know how to use Google, who knows?...) About the build. Miniart-well done. Traction, engine, controls - everything is very well detailed. But the problem, as always, lies in the poor quality of plastic and extremely peculiar injection molding.Half of the rods were eventually replaced with tubes/wire, etc. The hood assembly was also not pleased. The result - you see in front of you. Coloring - RealColor, Akan, Tamiya. Oils and pigments-Ammo and co. The junk in the back is a miniart and some other bags from the stash boxes. Thank you for your attention, enjoy watching!
  4. Thanks! Here are some photos of Marmon-Herrington. For inspiration:) https://www.flickr.com/photos/191445586@N03/albums/72157719488256909
  5. Yes, the model has a full interior. But ... I was a little too lazy to show it normally and fully open the model. Thanks for the kind words)
  6. Good day, colleagues. Heat(in Moscow +35C) - it's time to finish one of England's desert armored vehicles - AEC Armored Car Mk.I A car based on the AEC Matador truck, with a Valentine turret. They were mainly used during battles in Africa and Egypt. It's hard to say anything about the model itself. Just Miniart. Brittle plastic, joining of some parts gives a separate "pleasure" The only thing that really pleased me was the wheels. So pleased that I gave up buying epoxy. The assembly itself is out of the box, a couple of nuances have been improved, the main of which is the Headlight on the tower, "forgotten" by the Miniart. Guys - Miniart, Masterbox Some stuff - Miniart and a little "scratch" Coloring - AKAN. Oil & Pigments - Jimenez & Co. Thank you all for your attention, enjoy your viewing.
  7. If I see correctly, then both the air intake and bump behind the intake are not correct. Better, of course, to compare with the drawings. But in my opinion, ClearProp did the right thing.
  8. And Yes. If you suddenly need photos of the T-34 - PM to me. Well, or here is a small link for you) Everything is in Russian, but Google should handle the translation) https://riaslov.livejournal.com
  9. If you want to build a t-34/40 or t-34/41, it is better not to save money and take a Dragon actually IMHO. Of course, you can take the MSD, but the quality of the form will be the same as on this T-34 that you built. And, as I said, this is a"universal blank". For a normal match to the prototype, you will have to work a lot. As on the Dragon, in fact, although the quality of the castings is much much better. I recently posted 2 works. One of them is just made with the use of parts from MSD, old Zvezda and Dragon. And the second is pure Dragon with a couple of small " additions" With best wishes Sergei.
  10. Maquette made a post-war version of the T-34, which ended up in the EE kit that you builded Among Russian modelers, the name of this kit sounds like "a universal blank for assembling T-34" Although the tower 112 of the factory for T-34-76 from MSD (ex-Maquette) is very pleasant (although assembling it and putting it in a really good look is an extremely non-trivial task) And in general, in Russia, this kit is now the cheapest. Many versions of the T-34, with the help of modifications, are really easier to buy and build from MSD
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