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  1. Blitz23

    Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito

    Little progress to share but finally got the decals on, next week comes the fun part where I can finally start panel washing and weathering.
  2. Blitz23

    RNZAF Avenger TBM.

    Looks great, personally I really like the panel line wash.
  3. Blitz23

    KUTA XI GB Chat

    Finally going to have some updates tomorrow! I may finish a GB for once.
  4. Blitz23

    Jagdpanzer IV L/48 - Normandy 1944 - Revell 1/35

    This makes me want to build another armour kit, great job so far!
  5. Blitz23

    P-51B Tamiya 1:48

    That's a beauty!
  6. Blitz23

    Tamiya Centurion.

    Rapid progress Steve!
  7. Blitz23

    Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito

    So here's my first entrant for this GB, probably not the last I'll be honest. For those that didn't see the chat here's what I have eligible. I've decided to start with the mosquito mainly as the Beaufighter may need a replacement canopy and its about time I finished the kit. Here's what the little work I did today, sorting the white stripes prior to getting it ready for decals. Aircraft will be finished as a 45 Sqn machine based in India in 1945.
  8. Blitz23

    KUTA XI GB Chat

    No not really, only thing it's italeris crude moulding that has a fair bit of flash on some of the smaller parts. Overall it's a nice kit, it stopped in its track as I don't have the desert paints for it at the minute.
  9. Blitz23

    KUTA XI GB Chat

    It's Italeri's 1/48 kit.
  10. Blitz23

    Grumman Hellcat F6F-F Eduard.

    Very very nice Steve!
  11. Blitz23

    KUTA XI GB Chat

    Thank you Col, yes the Beaufighter will most likely be my first entrant to this GB.
  12. Blitz23

    KUTA XI GB Chat

    Where do I start? Ive got a 109, Boston, Skyraider, Beaufighter, Mosquito, Spitfire, Hurricane, A-4 and F-5. Plenty to choose from!
  13. Blitz23

    Italeri F7F-3 Tigercat

    Well gents thought I'd share what little I've got done. Fuselage and wings together. Going to detail the gear bays next as well as the engines. Looking at the landing gear I think I may need to order metal replacements because the kit ones look very flimsy.
  14. Blitz23

    Yes. Another Tomcat here.

    I don't think anyone will moan about another Tomcat.
  15. Blitz23

    Grumman Hellcat F6F-F Eduard.

    Nice Steve I'm building the same kit, you decided on which scheme you're gonna do?