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  1. Great choice Tempest, RAF desert schemes are amongst my favourite on aircraft.
  2. That's a possibility but she'll most likely go on display in my Cabinet with my Bf109E-4. I may look at posing some if I can get bases etc, maybe with some Luftwaffe wings in the foreground.
  3. Cowling now attached, flaps added. Next jobs are to add the radiators and the engine intake cowling which in the pic is just added to test the fit. Debating whether to also pose this open and scratch build some interior detail.
  4. You really are a man on a mission, I have no idea how you build all these aircraft to such a good standard in so little time. I look forward to seeing all your builds for this GB!
  5. Blitz23

    P-36 cannibalisation

    I'll probably go with these if I can't find any French decals
  6. Blitz23

    P-36 cannibalisation

    Thanks Jure yes 1/48, yeah I saw the profile in my copy of Ospreys P-36 aces, didn't realise it would be this tricky to get decals for a later type. I'll keep looking worst comes to worst I have Finnish or RAF options. Thanks for your help!
  7. Blitz23

    P-36 cannibalisation

    Ahhhhh phrasing
  8. Blitz23

    P-36 cannibalisation

    Gents I've got built P-36a-3 which I ruined the paintwork on ages ago. In the stash I have a hobbycraft Hawk 75M/N/O, I am considering taking the wings and undercarriage and from the pre built model and building up the fuselage to give me a P-36a-4 or Mohawk IV, I think that'll be correct from what I've seen. Question is I wanted to do a French bird but I can only find decals for the early Hawks bar Berna decals but without seeing a/c profiles I can't tell if they're applicable or if they're just for early Hawks. Failing that I'll have to model a RAF Mohawk. Anyone any ideas?
  9. Blitz23

    Tamiya 1/48 Meteor F1.

    Smart finish that Steve
  10. It actually isn't bad, only issue is there's no locator pins which make it a little tricky. Thanks minion.
  11. Weekends work has left the 109 in this state... Engines ready to be installed, need to finish a bit of sanding first and then she's good to go! Will get pics of the cockpit next weekend but she's coming along!
  12. Blitz23

    A-4B Skyhawk

    You think that's bad, I still have these two and a Skyraider awaiting paint!