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  1. Nice job G, I have the newer rebox of this so interested to see how she turns out
  2. Looking good Dennis, this model reminds me of my Dad's build he had in the loft years ago. Always sticks out because of the turtle and the fact he mainly builds 1/32nd.
  3. Just an update on progress, back at work so I've shelved her for the week with some other ongoing builds. Fueslage all together wings and cannons attached. Just got some sanding to finish on her before prepping for paint. Probably just going to finish as the aircraft depicted in the box art.
  4. I really like that, smart scheme. Great job Steve
  5. I suppose I should I actually get a kit sorted
  6. Update the bulk of the interior work is done, bit wash work to do on the fuselage and a small bit on the rear sub frame, I've assembled the wings with the most ridiculous undercarriage attachements ever. So fiddly I don't know why they have complicated this kit so much. I've also cut the pilots door off so as I'll be having the canopy open and I plan to add seat belts in at a later stage. Hope to have the fuselage together within the next day or so as I'm back at work
  7. Had the same issue with my seat, not their best design by any means.
  8. Quick update on cockpit progress, hoping to have it all buttoned up tomorrow ready for the fuselage to be sealed together. A very over complicated cockpit assembly procedure which has taken a lot of drying fittings and testing. Note to self always go with Tamiya
  9. Well this may be the most frustrating cockpit interior I've built in some time Over complicated and a shoddy fit! I'll post pics of progress tonight and hopefully I'll have it together but it's all painted with just a few bits of detailing and touch ups to do.
  10. That's not a bad idea, I'll get it built up first then go from there.
  11. Gonna have to cancel this one guys! In lockdown at home at I've left the kit at work, so doubtful I'll have time to get it finished.
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