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  1. I agree.
  2. Ha ha, this build thread has me convinced, I will be 'switching to Gunze' after the quality control issues with Humbrol that are currently endemic. Every user of Mr Color has nothing bad to say about them it would seem. Mr Color Self Levelling Thinner for painting and ordinary lacquer thinner to clean the airbrush?
  3. Loving this build, the F-16N is awesome. Here's a great article on flying it first hand.
  4. Nice to see another Tomcat, looking forward to seeing more.
  5. Great progress, some fantastic detail you're bringing out.
  6. This is looking fantastic, I agree, leave the snow plow off, keep it a summery off road pickup!
  7. Great build and photos, the third one down looks brilliantly real!
  8. Wow, quite a cv, RIP Sir, well played.
  9. Beautiful car and model, very nicely done.
  10. I think the Trumpeter Me262 is 1/32, the sister company Hobby Boss do a comprehensive range in 1/48 of the Me262, which is a very good kit. A good looking 109 Emil, nice finish and it looks ready for action.
  11. Sorry to hear that fit issues are compounding your experience. I found mine to be a pretty good fit generally, so hopefully things improve. Might be a good call to do a lot of dry fitting and test before gluing. Good luck!
  12. An excellent choice sir! May I recommend the box art version, White 1? A great looking scheme with the high demarcation and no mottle. And welcome back to modelling, hope the return brings some feeling back to your hands.
  13. Sublime work Mr Oliver! Really super photographs too, really shows off all your fine work.