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  1. I can't beleive not many have commented on this! That nosegear bay looks incredible! Fantastic work, keep up the good work.
  2. Nice, these certainly build up very well, looking forward to seeing this progress.
  3. Very impressive, that does look realistic, the fine detail on the alloys is really good.
  4. Another terrific model, love the weathering and effects, that is outstanding.
  5. That's a terrific F-8, super work.
  6. Terrific work, that's a stunning Hornet.
  7. For an F-16C, look no further than Tamiya. Simply the best.
  8. Excellent work, that's a very nice Tomcat indeed.
  9. Top notch job, that looks awesome! This is my favourite F-16 scheme, very nicely done.
  10. Nice work on the 109, I use hair too. Once it's on, paint it or coat it in varnish to seal it in. Simples.
  11. I've just pulled out my Fujimi kit, the interior is listed as black.
  12. Ah! I did not read into it that thoroughly! Let me know when you solve that then!
  13. I have this kit to build yet, but I went to Hiroboy for their matched paints. Have a look here for the 'right' shade of Ferrari red. For the F2007 they provide a two coat solution to the candy apple appearance.
  14. Cheap and cheerful for me, spares are cheap and available. Look at this on eBay Look at this on eBay Pretty much what I have as a set up, I bought a .2mm needle and nozzle off ebay for fine work and it works well with Humbrol enamels, Zero paints and Alclad. Forgiving, adjustable and reliable. Here are a few of my builds using this set up.
  15. Great pics, very nicely done.