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    Hi As the 25th sign up I was asked to make if official here as I originally spotted the post in the armour section. I'll be building something in 1/72. Possibly a German M48 as I have a revell kit, okb running gear and tracks and the tankograd book for reference. All the best Ben
  2. Patton Tank Grp. Build We have our 25 but need more recruits

    Cool. Fancying a German M48 at the moment but that could very well change
  3. Patton Tank Grp. Build We have our 25 but need more recruits

    Just seen this and put me down for it - plenty of 1/72 M48s and M60s in the stash!
  4. My First Halftrack

    No worries - glad to be of use! Ask away. All the best Ben
  5. Apologies for not chipping in at the finish - put my back out Thurs night and again Friday which would have meant a day on the sofa catching up on BM happenings - except my internet is playing up so that put paid to it. Still a bit patchy but I have some service back now. Good save with the bonnet star and the weathering looks pretty spot on to me. Really like the loaded up look with all the figures in it. All in all - top job!! Now - what's next? All the best Ben
  6. Rule number one: more guns are always better!!
  7. My First Halftrack

    A superb job!! Turned out nicely for a fairly basic kit. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Shermans! All the best
  8. If you fancy an early one - Zvezda do a really decent one (It's sold as a snap kit but the detail is really good and it compares well to Dragon etc when built) Otherwise I'd go for the Revell Ausf E (Their Ausf H (Early version) is not that good). It's a fairly decent kit and builds quite well unlike the expensive Dragon one which has fit issues with the running gear. Trumpter also do Tigers but I don't have these in the stash, so unsure what they are like. Hope that helps Kind Regards Ben
  9. Looking really good. Like the 50 cal on the rear pole - they did tend to be uparmed with scrounged extra guns (many from the cupola mounted 50 cals on Shermans as not many British Tanks seem to have carried them). Was wondering when the decals were coming along The figures look the part too - I might use them myself rather than try and source replacements. As to cleaning off the weathering - don't bother. Gloss the area, apply decal, matt and weather more! That's the joys of AFVs - mud or stowage hides most sins An ambulance version with a cover would be pretty cool (and save having to paint the insides). Not sure if it would have carried guns as fairly sure I remember reading they were banned under the Geneva Convention on vehicles marked with the Red Cross. Skytrex do appropriate decals for the Red Cross as well. All the best Ben
  10. Looking good. Think I prefer it without the mg ring as then it looks different to the US M3 version.
  11. Gladiator for sure!!
  12. Spiffing good show chap!! Tally Ho All the best BEn
  13. We're all fine thanks mate. Enjoy Telford - it's certainly an experience. I haven't been for a few years but went for about 15 in a row! Amazing how fast you seem to lose money there though!! You have it in your wallet at the door, and before you know it you're hitting the atm for a top up! All the best Ben
  14. Looking good! For what its worth I rather like the panel lines too. Hope the exhausts turn up. Experience tells me they will, usually just after you buy, paint and fit a new set!! All the best Ben
  15. All looking really rather splendid. You are right the 50cal handles should be wood. To be honest I rather like the finish as it is. In reality these were almost black, with some wear in dark silver when the protective coating wore off. Figures look spot on colour wise - really not too bad detailwise for wargames figures. Headlights look a lot better as you can now tell what they are. Keep up the good work!! Ben