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  1. Best. Model. Ever!!! Totally deserves a best in show! Ben
  2. Welcome back! That's turned out nicely! Really impressed with the water effects. Ben
  3. First To Deir ez Zor

    Not too sure about that but will help where I can, even if it's just the moral support Somehow I find a kitbash more satisfying than a straight out the box build.
  4. First To Deir ez Zor

    --Hi Sarge Was being a little sarcastic there. Seems like it's turning into an epic build for you. Surprising that we are so poorly served for T-55 kits given how many were build and it's widespread use. I have the Trumpeter kit and was considering the Revell but will now give that a miss. I also have a Jadar / Armo resin kit which looks pretty decent in the box. Sadly I've not ordered from Tankograd, although they do some rather interesting stuff. Have seen the OKB M-24 - must resist ..................... Regards Ben
  5. First To Deir ez Zor

    So a nice simple straightforward build then Sarge? Good to see you back Ben
  6. NEW M24 Chaffee in1/72

    Brilliant news - thanks for sharing!
  7. MACO Models closed down

    Really going to miss these Luckily I have a couple in the stash but there was a few more I would have liked.
  8. Seriously cool!!! Superb job - well done!
  9. 1/72 AFV Newbie Questions

    Nice job!! One cromwell varient I still need to add to the collection. Regards Ben
  10. 1/72 AFV Newbie Questions

    Hi Steve I tend to paint my tracks with a gunmetal aerosol then apply a black wash to shade, followed by a sepia wash to age. I then lightly highlight the raised contact areas with a dark silver. Some shermans had rubber pads on their tracks which a paint with a mix of earth brown and black to represent aged rubber (pure black is way too stark) For aerials I use stretched sprue painted black. Regards Ben
  11. 1/72 AFV Newbie Questions

    A quick dig around the internet suggests that barrel countershading did not come in until January 1945 Hope that helps Regards Ben
  12. 1/72 AFV Newbie Questions

    Hi Steve Unsure on that - I'll do a bit of digging for you. Regards Ben
  13. M18 Hellcat

    Good job!! I also bought this as soon as it came out, started it immediately and it's then moved around the country with me. Still working on it now and again. Treated it to some new miniart crew figures this year. Really must finish it. Regards Ben
  14. Airfix Spares 1/76 Churchill

    It's a standard charge I think - I've had them ask for that for a decal sheet but then the same for a complete TSR-2 fuselage (I bought it off ebay and both sides were missing!) Airfix announced some time back they were discontinuing their armour range so stock up now. Ben
  15. Hi As I said Dragon don't tend to reissue kits. I can think of maybe 4 of their 1/72 range that have been reissued since their first release and these either sold out immediately or were ridiculous prices. Regards Ben