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  1. I have zero display space so I inevitably eBay any finished kits. Its surprising what they fetch even for some of the stuff I've built More surprising is where some have ended up going. To think people in Italy, France, Sweden, the USA and Canada have something I've built sat on their shelf means I must be doing something right. For posting i put put them in a suitable bag and surrounded in polystyrene chips in a decent box. Never had any horror stories of smashed up aeroplanes, maybe just the odd undercarriage leg or aerial which was always in the disclaimer on my listings. They tend to make back more than the cost of the kit and materials, I don't count the my time as I had my enjoyment
  2. Thanks 71chally, all good advice, yes it does make sense. I do have a wanted ad up but no joy so far. I've conquered the Airfix Vulcan intakes which are admittedly easier but I'm up for the challenge However, RobertF, you have PM
  3. Howdy As I have this kit, can't afford the Airfix and resin intakes are no.1 on the unobtanium list, what are the best way to approach the intakes on the Matchbox Victor? I'd like to avoid FOD guards if I can Any advice no matter how small appreciated Ta Chris
  4. I got Wing Leader by Johnnie Johnson signed by the great man himself In the charity shop for a quid
  5. In that case, it will do for me
  6. why does it mention the Trumpeter kit if it's a new tool? Or is it just a re-box?
  7. Swedish option isn't quite the same. It now has a Yellow spinner instead of red
  8. I also received a Revell Star Wars Vader Tie Fighter from my sister in our Secret Santa yesterday I was expecting a pre painted click together thing but it's a proper nice little glue and paint kit I can see myself getting a few more of these
  9. Airfix 1/48 Red Arrows set Vulcan:God of Fire book And FIFA 17 and Call of Duty for PS4 which means I'll not be building any models
  10. I bought the other XJ220
  11. Vulcan I probably would but not a Hercules
  12. Correct orange is GM code 70 Flame Red (in 1975) or Orange Flame (in 1976). Variations of colour on the cars used, especially early series cars, was due to different colour cars being painted orange. In later series they primed them before painting to eliminate the variations in shades. However, try as I might, I've not managed to find GM70 in an aerosol or otherwise in the UK. For my GL build using the Revell kit as a base, I'll go for what looks right, probably Hemi Orange. I did build the AMT version in Humbrol 18 over a white base and it didn't look too far off
  13. Hopefully Hawk T2. Anything less would be a bit of an insult
  14. Afternoon Chris,

    Just had a root around my parts tub regards F4 bits. Not much there but I've got a pair of Hasegawa MB seats painted but without any seat belts on them, a pair of rear cans also painted and some (4) 1/48 under fuselage Sparrow/Skyflash whizzy things still on the sprue. If these are of any use to you then you can have them.



  15. I've just broke my previous £40 high for the SH Viggen in 1/48. In a fit of madness I've shelled out 50 notes on a 1/48 Airfix Buccaneer twin boxing. I am hoping to offset the cost by selling the FAA half when it arrives as I only want the RAF half and don't think I could handle building 2 of the beasts