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  1. Early bath for a Buccaneer ;)

    Yeah I've read it can be easier once the cockpit and bomb bay are in. I have an etch set for the cockpit so I'll just put the bomb bay in. I'll put a load of pegs and cable ties on it and give it a soak. I'd try it today but I've got ikea drawers to put up
  2. Early bath for a Buccaneer ;)

    I was half contemplating cashing in on my Airfix Buccaneer before the Tanmodel arrives. Before I did, I went round it with clamps and tape and it actually lines up pretty well, must have a decent one. My question now I have it taped up where it should all line up, would a dunk in hot water then cold water change the memory of the plastic so it would put up less of a fight when I come to build it. Ive decided to keep it so wondering if it's worth a try Cheers Chris
  3. 1/48 F-14D Twisted Sister---Revell kit of course!

    Makes the Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer look like a Tamiya kit
  4. Latest Red Arrows tail decals

    Are these available anywhere yet in 1/48? I see Airfix have it for their 1/72 Hawk but I don't see 1/48 anywhere on t'internet Cheers Chris
  5. Modelling in N/NE Lincs

    Depends if the steak bakes have just come out. Best give it 20 minutes to avoid a hot gravy incident
  6. Do model makers, turn into kit collectors' without realising it.

    I have a collection of kits I want to build, whether I actually do is another question. Some I've definitely got kept back for when time and skills become more readily available. Looking at the hash I'm making of an Airfix Vampire T11, the Special Hobby Viggen is definitely staying in long term storage I did once have 300+ kits 'to build' but now have a more manageable 25 or so. Problem is some are now expensive and scary so whether I've got 300 or 25, my build rate has remained pretty much the same
  7. 88 Saab 900 T16S 3dr 05 Saab 9-5 estate 99 Saab 9-3 Viggen. I'd probably also buy a Saab 99 Turbo if they did one and it was the two door saloon
  8. Good news the RBD range is now available from Hannants Could get expensive mind
  9. ***finished***Airfix Hawk T1

    No probs. Worth the search as it looks tons better than the Airfix one. I've got a pair of Aeroclub white metal MB10 seats here you're welcome to. Not strictly correct for an early Hawk as they have the later headbox but better than the kit ones. Drop me a PM if you want them, I'll not be using them
  10. ***finished***Airfix Hawk T1

    If you can, try and get an Italeri Hawk gunpod. The Airfix one is undersized and the Italeri has better details Airfix top, Italeri below
  11. I might start throwing out my models

    I have zero display space so I inevitably eBay any finished kits. Its surprising what they fetch even for some of the stuff I've built More surprising is where some have ended up going. To think people in Italy, France, Sweden, the USA and Canada have something I've built sat on their shelf means I must be doing something right. For posting i put put them in a suitable bag and surrounded in polystyrene chips in a decent box. Never had any horror stories of smashed up aeroplanes, maybe just the odd undercarriage leg or aerial which was always in the disclaimer on my listings. They tend to make back more than the cost of the kit and materials, I don't count the my time as I had my enjoyment
  12. Matchbox Victor intakes

    Thanks 71chally, all good advice, yes it does make sense. I do have a wanted ad up but no joy so far. I've conquered the Airfix Vulcan intakes which are admittedly easier but I'm up for the challenge However, RobertF, you have PM
  13. Matchbox Victor intakes

    Howdy As I have this kit, can't afford the Airfix and resin intakes are no.1 on the unobtanium list, what are the best way to approach the intakes on the Matchbox Victor? I'd like to avoid FOD guards if I can Any advice no matter how small appreciated Ta Chris
  14. Charity shop purchase

    I got Wing Leader by Johnnie Johnson signed by the great man himself In the charity shop for a quid
  15. In that case, it will do for me