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  1. Airfix - 2018 Release schedule

    All those Phantom Xtradecal sheets are very nice though I’ll probably build my FG1 OOB. I have emailed Hannants to ask if they plan to release them in much needed 1/48 scale.
  2. It's a Victor!

    Is that the Gulf they’re flying over? Looks a bit green and wet
  3. Looking at the sprues Tony, it does The different rear turret is an extra so I’m guessing the earlier one is on the clear sprue. It also has different, unused props https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/item_name-197258.html
  4. Hello I have just acquired a 1/72 Italeri (MPM) Wellington Mk.X with dodgy decals (I do have a wanted ad up) Being completely in the dark regarding Wellybobs and this kit, can other radial versions be built from this kit? Decals for other radial versions like the Mk.1C are available cheaper and on a wider scale than the X (usually hiding away on a sheet I won't use the rest of) There is unused parts like propellers, side glazing, tailplanes, turrets and exhausts I'm guessing are for other/earlier versions Any help and pointers much appreciated Cheers Chris
  5. Victor question regarding bomb bay

    Luckily for me the conventional doors are in the kit as I got mine missing the Blue Steel parts. It has meant buying the Xtradecal B2 sheet but I got the kit in a favourable trade so didn’t mind too much
  6. Wish it didn’t, that’s painful
  7. Aye, bit of a minefield for accuracy, this and the General :/ I’ll probably just aim for ‘Hero Car’ status, clean, shiny and instantly recognisable
  8. Finally got my 68 Charger, dragged its heels getting here. Also just bought this Will be finished as the obvious, obviously
  9. It’s Muscle car week!!! Got this one first And yesterday and today parts 1 & 2 For a better General Lee arrived Part 3, a 68 Charger I need for its body shell is en-route. Will also still be able to build a nice vinyl roofed 68 and then probably have a bit of fun customising the MPC
  10. 1/48 Airfix Lightning. Resin F6 cockpit in an F1

    Wonderful, paint it black, hide the evidence
  11. Would I be burned at the stake if I put the resin F6 cockpit I have into the F1 I’ve just acquired via the TK Maxx sale. Ive seen a dedicated resin F1 cockpit but hoping to save the pennies and use the set I have, think it’s the True Details one Ta Chris
  12. Store Aircrafts 1/72. where do you put them?

    When I moved house, I got some of the stackable supermarket produce boxes. I put some thin polystyrene sheet in the bottom of the box and arranged the aircraft so they didn’t touch each other. I then used cocktail sticks pushed into the polystyrene to hold the planes in place. The boxes stack neatly and securely
  13. On a slightly similar theme, my first Mini’s alternator started overcharging the battery and caused It to explode Luckily the battery was in the boot though quite close to the fuel tank. Luckily had a spare alternator and all was fine but cost me two batteries as explosions were not covered by the 3 year warranty
  14. Early bath for a Buccaneer ;)

    Spur of the moment but it did help clear some unwanted kits from the stash. Good job the Bucc is in my top 5 faves or I'd be kicking myself. Who knows, if the Tanmodel turns out to be a clunker, I'm sitting on a goldmine
  15. Early bath for a Buccaneer ;)

    I think you're right and probably the route I will take. It was just a theory that might work for twisted wings but perhaps not in this case. I will leave it all aligned and taped up till I get round to building it to see if it has any effect I've just acquired a second Bucc in a favourable trade though I haven't checked the 'fit' on it yet as it's still sealed