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  1. Apologies for the rude word in the page name
  2. Lifted from here on Facebook ( screenshot )
  3. Delayed till next March now apparently https://hornby.hornbynews.com/2TFV-12VET-36182E6AA27ABFD35EV04Q9995D43842BE5E17/cr.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2ugMpA7AwC9D5oTAjArIayv23GS6uZ1BLD6KQHsmYQT0lZjAmQ96yTr2o
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    Our new car

    Around 10 years ago I managed to go into the back of whatever Fiesta was current in my Saab 900 at about 10-15 mph. I scuffed the black trim on my Saab front bumper and did roughly £1k damage to the Fiesta. Bent the boot floor and crash panel behind the bumper. They had to be recovered and I just drove away ( after sorting out insurance of course )
  5. A change in my personal life prompted me to sell every kit I owned plus my part started stuff to have a completely fresh start. I now only own one kit which arrived the other day If you’re only going to own one kit it probably wouldn’t be this one But being a resident of Whaley Bridge and our near miss with disaster last year I owe a lot of thanks to this magnificent piece of engineering. I’ll do my best with a few pictures I got from an impromptu guided tour we got to build one of the aircraft involved I’ve bought a mask set and have some Xtradeca
  6. Excellent That looks Like a solid Charger as it’s not rusty in the usual rot spots
  7. I’ve needed to acquire some of that patience thing Base prime to check the body for imperfections and mould lines. Then another primer coat but wet cut it back super smooth with some 5k or 7k fine grit. Then it’s the boring bit of many fine coats from a warm well shaken can of topcoat with often days between coats. Going to work and British weather usually help with this bit It will be Bullit-esque so that’s not a bad idea
  8. A new thread for the numerous builds I’ve started rather than starting many WIPs I’ll keep this updated with all the kits I’ve started and more than likely add more as we go along. So currently in the workshop are— 2 Orange Dodge Chargers and a Signal Green Mk2 Escort. The Chargers are both VW Brilliant Orange but one had white primer, the other grey, just to see the difference Top Grey, Bottom White The brighter orange one will be a full General Lee, the darker one will have black steelies and no decals ( as I don’t have any more) Es
  9. Hopefully the last one I buy for a while I think this is the best boxing you can get. I recently sold my 2 ProModeler boxings as the plastic is slightly more brittle, bad decals and no side marker lights. There’s just something about them I don’t like even though they’re essentially the same kit. Also, curiosity got the better of me and I eventually got one of these A transkit that’s basically some cloned 69 parts and AMT Eckler Corvette wheels to use on a more readily available 68 Charger kit (which I already have) plus a decent looking decal sheet Certa
  10. Despite getting into building cars as a break from building aircraft for years, I have still managed to pick up these recently Buccaneer has an Eduard mask set, I can do my own for the 1/48 kits
  11. So the kit arrived the other day Box a little battered but all is fine including the photo etch I wasn’t expecting. However, the box says 1993 Impreza, the decals are actually these 94/95 decals ??? Missing decals are a bit random. One number, one RAC rally sign and one rear number plate. I can build a representation of a WR car with what’s left I think
  12. I read, and I can’t remember where, that Tamiya don’t have a license with Mini(BMW) anymore so cant reissue their kits. Could be true and why you can no longer buy it new and old kits are demanding ridiculous prices I got these in a fair trade for a 1/48 aircraft kit. The Austin is unbuilt but the Rally Morris was mostly done. I’ve stripped and cleaned the parts, combined with another part started kit to get another full kit. The leftovers are currently on eBay to hopefully help someone else out with spares or repairs.
  13. Most recent automotive acquisitions. I’ve been buying a few more aircraft kits to balance the stash. Couple more Minis from a trade. And a couple of Subaru’s. Looking forward to the Legacy wagon
  14. If you opened the gaps in the wheels and masked off the entire wheel face, could you paint the gold from the back of the wheel maybe?
  15. That’s why I started mine pretty much immediately. If I kept reading how bad it was I’d never start it I do think replacement wheels are a must though. Having had the kit in my hands, the work going on here is epic, way above my skill set.
  16. Thanks everyone, plenty of options out there it seems. Once the kit is actually here, I’ll go through it and decide on my best option CheersChris
  17. That looks amazing, good to see it in a non OOB scheme (which are a bit uninspiring IMO) I’d like to start mine but need to clear some builds first Ill be using the livery editor on Gran Turismo to pick a scheme on the similar Grp.4 Mustang
  18. Hi Can anyone point me in the direction of some aftermarket decals for a Group A decals for one of Colin McRae’s Imprezas? I can find plenty of later WRC car decals but stumped on the earlier 4 door GpA cars. Just bought a Hasegawa Impreza off eBay and apparently it’s missing some of the McRae decals. Any help appreciated Cheers Chris
  19. Mostly yes, the bonnet is moulded on. Has the bottom of the engine and gearbox and a top part you can see through the bonnet grilles but it’s not a fully detailed engine. It’s enough
  20. Mine are the 15” with Dunlop tyre tread ,MBA24025
  21. Motobitz do the 4 spoke RS wheels too, think they’re called Ronals on the site. I considered them for mine but thought they would look lost in the arches so stuck with the Minilites
  22. Me again These came too, Motobitz wheels for my Italeri Escort Mk2. Soooo much better than the kit wheels and tyres
  23. I’ve just ordered the new Tamiya 1/24 Ford Mustang GT4. I’m not usually one for modern or race cars but it’s one of my favourite cars on Gran Turismo Sport. The kit looks amazing too
  24. Excellent work so far, looks like this will be awesome. I've just bought another of these after I sold my first one. I'm planning on a Signal Green fast road car. Are the aftermarket wheels from Motobitz? Just been looking at their stuff but can't figure out which ones would be best to order
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