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  1. Took the words right off my screen! I remember The Vikings. The commentator would say, 'ladies & gentlemen, if you look to your right you'll see the Vikings approaching, theyr'e about 5 miles out'. Then a second later they'd come in from the left at 200ft & 500 knots & scare the carp out of everyone. Anyway, I digress......That ^^^ is a cracking build, well done!
  2. That's a cracking build & well displayed. I wouldn't know how but I bet someone on here could edit/Photoshop the support rod out of the photo?
  3. That's spot on! Probably my favourite aircraft. Nice work.
  4. That's a cracking build! I've just done the old Monogram one which I was going to post on here but after seeing yours.......I've decided not to.
  5. Lovely build of one of my favourite aircraft! One recollection of the Hog for me (apart from the many airshow displays I saw) was when I was driving along a street just outside Durham City way back in the early 80's. I glanced to the left at a junction & saw an A10 between the houses at a ridiculously low height, It was just a fleeting glimpse but I spotted it again at the end of the street, just pootling along, probably around 250ft or something. Still love watching videos of them being chucked around. Awesome, deadly platform.
  6. Ok clever clogs, how did you do it & what did you put in the search boxes? Honestly I can never find anything on Hannants. Thank you Stephen! EDIT, found those, It seems like the search function doesn't like numbers. I tried 'F86', no luck, then tried 'Sabre' which showed those. Then I tried 'F86 Sabre' & nothing.
  7. Cheers Graham, I really struggle with Hannants website. I did the usual search, decals, 1/48, F86 & no results, I can never find anything! Where am I going wrong?
  8. That's a lovely Thud! (Better than the G I've just made)
  9. I don't normally check out WW2 builds but I do like the Bent Winged barsteward from Connecticut. & that's a cracking one! Well done
  10. Can point me in the direction of some 1/48 F86 decals, preferably for any RAF or non silver aircraft? Found an old kit lurking in the garage which I think was part built by my late brother in law but it has no decals. Or if anyone has any they want to flog? Anything will do! Thanks.
  11. I love that! Perfect weathering & panel line detail. Well done that man!
  12. Absolutely spot on. The varying shades of metal are fantastic, something I've yet to attempt. Well done!
  13. That's a lovely Spad, the panel lines & weathering are spot on! Can't blame you for doing it clean either. Well done.
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