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  1. Ok so that's the real aircraft, where's the model you built? Seriously, that's good!
  2. That's excellent! Well built.
  3. To the normal man in the street (me) who isn't familiar with the aircraft in question (also me) It looks lovely. Nice one.
  4. Like bombs. I don't normally bother but I'm on with a 1/48 A10 & the yellow bands around the bombs are bugging me, how do you mask/paint/whatever to get a decent result? Ta.
  5. Iv'e looked at this thread with interest. Has anyone tried (or even dared to try) Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty? Comes in a 100g tube for less that £5.00 on Amazon.
  6. That is absolutely spot on. Very subtle weathering makes it just about real. Well done!
  7. That's very nice! 'The Missile With a Man in it'
  8. Had this kit for about 75 years (well. seems like it) & have finally got round to giving it a go. The cockpit seems fairly rudimentary what with decals & not much detail. so are there any decent aftermarket resin ones, or extra bits I can get hold of to enhance it beyond what my limited skills would produce? I've tried looking on Hannants site but navigating & searching for something on there is nigh on impossible. Thanks in advance.
  9. A pirate goes to the doctors & says, 'ooh aar doc, can you look at these moles on me back, oim worried they be cancerous, aarr'. Doc takes a look & says, 'It's ok, theyr'e benign' Pirate says, 'look again, I think there be ten'
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