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  1. Kits For Cash had got two yesterday at the Hinckley show Steve
  2. Nice choice Cliff, I've got one of those somewhere...... Looking forward to seeing what you do with it, good luck. Steve
  3. I am going to be making moulds from the new engine parts so let me know if you're interested. A few simple changes to make to backdate the Airfix kit - remove all the vortex generators from the fin, reshape the fin tip and the small fairing under the rudder, add the trim tab actuators and change the lower line of the rudder. Most of these changes are needed for a B1 anyway. Remove the vortex generators from the tailplane; Cut the inner main gear doors at right angles; Remove the vortex generators, fuel dump pipes and reshape the wing tips; Steve
  4. Close ups here hope they're useful Steve
  5. Good luck, I've got some close up photos of this. I'll upload them for you. Steve
  6. Welcome to BM Jim good to see you here. Great looking M52, I've built the same kit and made the same changes as you have. It's always going to be an emotive subject in the UK due to the way it was cancelled etc. An Eric Brown GB has been suggested - Would be a good one with so many different types to choose from. Steve
  7. Cheers Mike, it will be very shiny! I managed to get away with it on my Bristol 188 despite it being mostly filler This is the kit engine fronts and some of the intake ducting heavily modified with a new splitter added. Needs tidying up a lot yet With the internal bracing now removed I can get access to the rear of the intakes to refine the shapes Nice and deep intake trunking with the location for the splitter to slide into The engine fronts and splitter in place for a test fit. From the front, I don't think much will be seen down there.... The current state of play, still loads to do but hopefully you can see where I'm going with this! Steve
  8. It certainly is a bit different to most Valiants, but most of the work isn't too difficult. Spent a lot of time refining the shapes although it doesn't look too different here. The tube I used to get the correct spacing between the inner and outer ribs have been removed so I can make the intake ducting. Not the sharpest photo I've ever taken! Steve
  9. Whirlybird do a resin back end - Steve
  10. Got the basic shapes done for the new engine sections. Lots of filler and sanding but they're getting there now. The slot fits over the kit wing spar to make the joint as strong as I can. Steve
  11. The main gear bays on the prototypes were different to the Airfix kit. The leading edges of the inboard doors are at right-angles to the fuselage. Not difficult to change the shape of the doors The main gear bays need a couple of simple changes to the corners as well as the change for the inboard door. Steve
  12. Glad to be able to help. Once you see the difference between using male and female moulds you won't use anything else. More work to make but so much better mouldings. Steve
  13. I've done a lot of vacforming on large commercial machines and on home made equipment. You definitely need the heat from above so the grill is better than the oven. Ours is gas so I don't have a clue about temperature but practice soon tells you when the plastic is hot enough. You might find it useful to have a look my Prentice build from last year as I had to vacform a new canopy. Just shout if you need more info. Steve
  14. I've made the framework for the other side and got them both skinned. Started to get the new jetpipes in place and gaps filled. Steve
  15. Thanks for the support. No going back now but the cider helps.... The beginnings of the new engine section, getting the rib shapes to match the Airfix parts took a while. A couple of plastic card shims on the end of the tubes to get the spacing right despite measuring a couple of times before cutting them. Finally it fits! I didn't want to chop the spar out of the wing so there is a cutout in the ribs to fit over it. Just need to do the other side now. Steve