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  1. The last 15 F3s EE479 - EE493 were built with the longer nacelles but other F3s were retrofitted with them as well. Steve
  2. Meteor TT20

    Thanks everyone. Thanks for sharing the photos, it must have been repainted as it was camo'd last time I saw it there. Your TT20 looks very nice, they certainly are amongst the most striking Meteor colour schemes. I used the photos of your Meteor when I was building mine, so thank you for your help! There's not much information around about the target tugs but I share your interest as I like the more unusual subjects. Your Meteor has turned out really well. Steve
  3. 737 Jet2 Holidays

    Thanks everyone Steve
  4. This one..... Steve
  5. RB-50s at Lakenheath

    No problem. The search on BM isn't the best, it's much better to use Google and put Britmodeller in the search - I typed "rb-50 lakenheath site:www.britmodeller.com" Welcome to Britmodeller by the way! What are you interested in, apart from RB-50s? Steve
  6. RB-50s at Lakenheath

    Is this it? Steve
  7. 737 Jet2 Holidays

    Thanks Ray. The only airliners I do are ones I've flown on so the colour schemes aren't really chosen! The background isn't ideal for an airliner as it's RAF Cosford but it gives a bit of depth to the photo. Majorca was a last minute holiday as I had been off work for 4 months after rupturing my Achilles tendon and needed a change of scenery before going back to work - the weather was excellent and much better than in the background. Thanks. Steve
  8. Meteor TT20

    Thanks guys. Some of the RN TT20s were painted in a very light green instead of the yellow. My first thought was it was down to dodgy old film but apparently a few were painted that way for some reason. Would make an unusual model. Steve
  9. Meteor TT20

    Cheers The last time I saw it this scheme had been overpainted with camo and squadron (85 I think) markings, that was June 1988. Not seen any photos of the red and white scheme. Don't forget the black stripes underneath......... They took some masking over all the curves. I don't tend to take any more than three to be honest as I get bored with multiple shots from basically the same angle. The only bit you're really missing out on are the black stripes underneath! Steve
  10. Thanks. Some of the Alclad paints need a gloss black base coat to make them shiny, otherwise they just look like silver paint. You can get different tones in the Alclad by varying the base coat colours, I tried a dark blue and got a mirror-like finish. It was too shiny even for the Valiant! I've not had it attack the base coat before but it's not too serious. Steve
  11. Thanks, just noticed the nose gear door has gone walkabouts...... Steve
  12. Meteor TT20

    Thanks, it took a long time to mask all the different colours. It was at Sheldon which is near Birmingham airport and is now at Manston painted as an NF11 Steve
  13. Another Meteor from me.... This started out as the Cyber-Hobby Meteor F1 and I removed the engines from the wings to create the one-off Metrovick powered Meteor. The engines started life from some old airliner kit with lots of filler, decals are partly my own and the kit. The real aircraft crashed after only a few flights and there aren't many photos of it around. Steve
  14. This Meteor used to be at an Air Training Corps close to where I used to live and the colour scheme always interested me. I got an Aeroclub winch and an old Matchbox Meteor NF so that left no excuses. The decals are a combination of my own and those from the kit. The target towing gear under the rear fuselage is scratchbuilt. Steve