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  1. Computer help please

    Only the more recent versions of Word can save as PDF. You could try installing this PDF Creator which sets itself up as a virtual printer - instead of saving as a PDF you 'print' your Word file to the PDF Creator and it saves it. Another online file converter is Zamzar. Hope this helps. Steve
  2. Thanks Steve & Robert, it's coming towards the finishing post now. Steve
  3. I thought it would be better to fit the intake vanes before spraying the Alclad and risk damaging it with lots of handling. To get the shapes somewhere near right took several attempts and this is the last one, the vertical vanes aren't glued in so that I can later scan them. Once I'd got the shapes right I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them in 0.3mm plastic card, it hasn't cut all the way through but that's a good thing as the vanes are small and would be easily lost. A scalpel blade along each cut line soon releases them and then the slots cleared out. I fitted the horizontal vane first and left it to harden off for a while. Then the tedious fitting of the vertical vanes, slight adjustments to fit on each one. At the moment they are only glued to the horizontal vane so I can adjust the angles if needed before a spot of glue top and bottom. Each one needs to be vertical from the front and angled back, from top to bottom, from the side to match the intake. Just need to do the same on the other side now..... Steve
  4. All photos now re-linked - thanks and goodbye PhotoBucket - that's lost some good modelling time. Steve
  5. Meteor PR10

    Thanks guys. Both Xtracolor PRU Blue/Medium Sea Grey It looks shinier in the photos than it actually is, I don't know if it was the boss's bird as there don't seem to be many photos of these around. I've just relinked the photos so hopefully they are visible again now - thanks a lot PoxBucket..... Steve
  6. Oh great, as all of my photos have disappeared it looks like the Photobucket police have caught up with me. I'll re-host them and change the links as soon as I can. Thanks, the Ashton is on my to do list as well, Farnborough airshow 1951, I'd love to borrow a Tardis...... Well this hobby is supposed to be about creating miniature versions correct down to the last detail! I was lucky that it only caused a small amount of damage. I'm hoping to get the black polished and some Alclad on over the weekend. Steve
  7. Tiger Moth to Fox Moth

    Seeing John's Fox Moth photos reminded me I've got some here on Photobucket including a cockpit shot that might be useful. Better I do it this way than link directly to them and they disappear when the Photobucket police notice....... Steve
  8. Percival Prentice

    Check your PM Steve
  9. OV-10E Bronco 1/72 - Venezuela

    I used to use Google photos to host the images I wanted to link to on here and it worked well for ages. Google then changed something, as they constantly do, a couple of years ago and it stopped working. There's nothing wrong with inserting the links as you've done but some people are hesitant to click on them as there's always the possibility of it going to somewhere you don't want to be! Make sure you understand the sharing options as you don't want the whole world to have access to everything you've got in Drive. Also it's more convenient to have the images inline with your text, you're more likely to get people commenting on/Liking your posts if they can see the images easily. I moved to Photobucket after the hosting with Google stopped working so I'm looking for another method. Most of the image hosts don't allow you to link directly to your images, check the terms and conditions, as they want you to go to one of their webpages so you see all the adverts. The links to images on Google do seem to change so that might be why you could see them until you refreshed the page. I use a lot of the Google apps at work and some parts are brilliant whilst others are a real pain. They do listen to feedback though and we are currently testing some new features that may find their way into Google Drive. Steve
  10. Percival Prentice

    I've got the Aviation News drawings in 1/72, not sure if there are any others. You're welcome to a scan. Steve
  11. OV-10E Bronco 1/72 - Venezuela

    That doesn't work from Google any more Nice Bronco, always good to see unusual markings. Steve
  12. Hi, I've had this on the go for a while and finally got it finished today, it's the MPM kit of the PR10. Nothing wrong with the kit to cause a slow build just work getting in the way of good modelling time. The PR10 was a hybrid Meteor as it had an F8 fuselage but an F4 tail, with a long span wing and of course the camera nose. VS975 served only with 541 Squadron based in Germany from 1951 until it was scrapped in 1958. It was originally camouflaged and had the earlier part metal canopy. That makes 23 Meteors completed now. Thanks for looking. Steve
  13. Thanks, it feels like it's getting closer to the end now. Primer rubbed down and a few blemishes sorted out, just given it a couple of coats of gloss black ready for the Alclad. I'm going to leave this for a few days to harden off first and then I need to tackle the intake vanes, which will be fun..... Steve
  14. Thanks guys. I tidied a few things up and got a coat of primer on. Looks a lot better now it's all one colour. Steve
  15. Had a bit of an accident with the one wing cracking open down the resin joint whilst I was clearing the filler out of a couple of panel lines. It was one of those moments where you see hours of work about to disappear before your eyes! Luckily it glued back in place ok and only needed a touch more filler so with that sanded down it's ready for the first painting session. The photos show some work still to do, but I'm happy with that. Steve