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  1. Flybe purple

    Have you seen this? https://brandfolder.com/flybe#!fonts/tp6lln6r Steve
  2. White decals

    I can laser print white onto clear decal sheet. What do you need? Steve
  3. Printer cutter thingy...

    I've got a Silhouette Cameo for cutting masks and shapes out of plastic sheet. Not the cheapest 'tool' I've ever bought but it does a really good job cutting Tamiya masking sheet. It comes with basic software but they also sell a plug-in to make it work with CorelDraw and Illustrator which makes the whole thing far more capable. I've designed artwork for decals in CorelDraw and then used the same artwork to produce masks to perfect alignment. Cutting shapes out of plastic sheet is useful for adding detail or scratchbuilding but you have to be careful how deep it cuts as it will wear the blade out fairly quickly. Let me know if I can help with anything. Stev
  4. Supermarine Attacker FB1 & FB2

    The FB2 had an uprated engine, both the FB1 and FB2 could have rocket rails fitted. Steve
  5. Boeing 738 LOT,Zvezda 1:144.

    Looks good Just copy the photo url and paste into your post Steve
  6. Valiant prototype

    Thanks So many of the prototypes I'm planning to do need a shiny metal finish but the rest of them are smaller than this one! I used 2 bottles of Alclad on this and with producing the resin parts, it's not been a cheap model to produce compared with one built oob but I've always wanted to do it. Unfortunately because nearly every surface is curved the reflections don't show up as well in the photos as in real life, but I'm pleased with how it looks. Steve
  7. Cheers Ed I've done lots of resin casting including commercially and I agree pressure casting does give better results. Most of the time if the design of the mould is right then air doesn't get trapped or is easily removed before the dreaded bubbles take over! These days I don't have the time or inclination to produce large runs of resin but small batches aren't a problem. All the best Steve
  8. Valiant prototype

    Thanks guys. Steve
  9. Valiant prototype

    Thanks everyone, it was a lot of work but I enjoyed doing it. I've no idea what caused the Alclad to react like that but it did cause a lot of extra work. I wanted to have different tones to the finish but would rather not have had to get them that way! I'm getting some more resin at Telford to cast some so I can easily do you a set. Steve
  10. Thanks, I'm pleased with it but glad it's finished. Steve
  11. Looking good so far, I hope it goes better for you than my resin one did - wip here . Let me know if you need any pics or info etc. I've still got the decal artwork I did for mine if it's of use. Steve
  12. Thanks guys. Well it's finished! More photos is Ready For Inspection - Link to RFI Steve
  13. The first of the 'V-bombers' the Vickers Valiant first prototype WB210 flew on 18 May 1951, within the deadline that Vickers had promised, only 27 months since the contract had been issued. On 11 January 1952, WB210 was lost as the result of an in-flight fire on the starboard wing; all of the crew managed to escape the aircraft safely except for the co-pilot, who struck the tail after ejecting. After modifications to the fuel system, replacement of the Sapphire engines fitted to WB210 with the more powerful RA.7 Avons and more rounded air intakes in order to feed sufficient air to the more powerful engines the Valiant served with the RAF for nine years. The model The Airfix 1/72 kit of the Valiant is well known and despite a few minor errors is a good kit. To turn the kit into the first prototype required some fairly major surgery and some new parts to be produced. The Work In Progress is here Finished with Alclad Polished Aluminium and Alclad Aqua Gloss. Overall I'm happy with it, but glad to get some space back on my desk! I've still got a B1 and the B2 in the stash but they won't need as much work as this one. Thanks for looking. Steve
  14. I had to take a break from this as the Alclad kept attacking itself and the black base coat despite following the instructions to the letter and leaving everything to dry for 3-4 days before re-spraying. It's taken quite a while to get to this stage but I'm pleased with it now as there are some very subtle panel shade variations and good reflections without it looking like a mirror. Next step will be the decals and luckily there's not many of them so this might be finished by tomorrow. Steve
  15. The last 15 F3s EE479 - EE493 were built with the longer nacelles but other F3s were retrofitted with them as well. Steve