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  1. I've just scrapped a 1/48 Monogram Hornet that I've been building on and off over the last year or so, I just wasn't happy with the way the build was progressing, I've stripped it of all useful parts and it will now become a paint mule for me to practice my painting and weathering skills on, particularly as there are more than a few kits in the stash that will be need a US Navy TPS scheme. Don't bin it put it to use
  2. There was also an Airwaves conversion set (ex-DB Models), but they are like the proverbial rocking horse poo, they also did separate sets for the open troop door, GPMG and mounting, sand filter box amongst others. I am very surprised that Hannants have never re-released these sets. That being said you cannot go wrong with David Parkins Flightpath sets, the sheer number of photo etch parts is daunting at first but the instructions are excellent.
  3. Great save, I'm looking forward to seeing her finished.
  4. I reckon Fujimi too, no bad thing as their 1/72 kit is great, as opposed to the 1/48 which is best left alone.
  5. We should get some clearer pics of the Williams tomorrow too, it's the official launch, the pics posted the other day were just a taster.
  6. I actually like the new McLaren scheme, just hope they found some speed and more importantly reliability, and still no big name sponsor.
  7. Great build, I remember watching that episode of 'Sailor' too. I keep intending to pick up the series on DVD, I have great memories of watching it as an 11year old.
  8. On looks alone, so far (and unusually for me) I'd say Mercedes pinch it, it'll be interesting to see what Red Bull and McLaren come up with.
  9. I think you're right Andy, perhaps you better not mention it though. Doh too late! A quick Google turned this one up: Des Kilfeather's Flickr page Crisp, you might have to adopt this pose
  10. Hi Andre, Great start, just as a quick addition, the Tamiya 1/32 F-4C/D Phantom gives AS-13/14/15 as the upperside colours for the USAF SEA camouflage scheme (FS34079, 34102 & 30219) and I think they're fairly good matches, however they also give AS-16 as the underside colour (FS36622), but just to complicate things Tamiya also recommend the same AS-16 for USN Lt. Gull Grey (FS36440) in both the 1/32 F-4J Phantom kit and in the recent 1/48 F-14 Tomcat, IMHO AS-16 is closer to the Lt Gull Grey than to the SEA Camouflage Grey, but it's food for thought.
  11. I'm pretty sure Martin said it will hopefully be a similar price to the MiG-31, that kit was about £40-£45 when it was first released but that seems to have drifted up over the months, but that could be down to the fall in value of the pound since last June as much as anything else. I wouldn't be surprised to see it reach the market at around the same price as the Tamiya kit, but I'll be a happy camper if it's cheaper.
  12. It looks tempting but be wary, I fell into a similar trap pre-ordering a Tamiya 1/48 Tomcat, when I put my order in the price in GBP including shipping looked like it would be at least £15-£20 lower than the predicted UK price, but we had Brexit in between and the pound plummeted and then when it came time to ship, the box was too big for SAL shipping so it had to go via EMS which is more expensive and also meant it was delivered the UK end via Parcelfarce instead of regular Royal Mail and as often happens when PF are involved the parcel got caught for duty too, it ended up costing me probably £25-£30 more than they were retailing for in the UK. I suspect the box for this one will be on the large size too, just something to be aware of.
  13. I did once patch a cracked exhaust weld with a blob of milliput, stopped the racket until I could get it rewelded 😉
  14. My sentiments exactly, from a young age I've been a firm believer in learning by doing or at least by seeing it done. I thought I knew quite a bit about helifloppers but Crisp has brought a real depth of knowledge along with the build.
  15. Ooh La La, c'est magnifique! Great looking build as usual from you Mathy, it seems I look forward to every RFI you post these days.