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  1. to the club, I've just taken a look at your warrior build, that is a great piece of modeelling art, I look forward to seeing what you can do with the Sherman Firefly.
  2. It is but there's no Yak and apparently no 9 😉
  3. It's the second one I had seen over on ARC.
  4. They have done the Mach Loop, video on YouTube, would have love to have been there. It must be the backdrop of the Welsh Mountains, but they look pretty impressive and actually their shape and look is growing on me.
  5. That's exactly my take on their set up too, they only run the model kits through the moulding machines when there is a vacant slot in their core business schedule.
  6. Hope they do the 'B' and 'C' variants too.
  7. It's strange how they now have surplus stock, yet when I received my Kitstarter Beagle kit, it was missing a fuselage half (and that's an indictment of a lack of quality control, but that's another subject), and I was initially told that as all the production run had been preordered there were no spares, eventually after a follow up phone call, I did receive a replacement fuselage part and I've often wondered just where the spare fuselage came from.
  8. Lovely build, you've done a fine job on a classic kit. As has already been mentioned, I too think it's unlikely we'll ever see a modern upto date kit of this aircraft purely because it's little known type, nut personally I'd love to see one, together with a Fairey III family.
  9. I was just wondering the same thing, I'd love top see them do the Mach Loop
  10. Having worked for the company that makes the OAT gauges for nigh on 33 years (although I left 3 years ago after a change of owners), I'm so pleased that you've decided to include them, I've pretty much been offline for a couple of weeks myself, it's been great to catch up with this build, especially as you've introduced a little touch of personal nostalgia for me, even though you didn't know it. This build just keeps getting better and better. Happy modelling Ant
  11. I've just scrapped a 1/48 Monogram Hornet that I've been building on and off over the last year or so, I just wasn't happy with the way the build was progressing, I've stripped it of all useful parts and it will now become a paint mule for me to practice my painting and weathering skills on, particularly as there are more than a few kits in the stash that will be need a US Navy TPS scheme. Don't bin it put it to use
  12. There was also an Airwaves conversion set (ex-DB Models), but they are like the proverbial rocking horse poo, they also did separate sets for the open troop door, GPMG and mounting, sand filter box amongst others. I am very surprised that Hannants have never re-released these sets. That being said you cannot go wrong with David Parkins Flightpath sets, the sheer number of photo etch parts is daunting at first but the instructions are excellent.
  13. Great save, I'm looking forward to seeing her finished.
  14. I reckon Fujimi too, no bad thing as their 1/72 kit is great, as opposed to the 1/48 which is best left alone.
  15. We should get some clearer pics of the Williams tomorrow too, it's the official launch, the pics posted the other day were just a taster.