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  1. I too received an email from iHobby yesterday, needless to say I won't be taking them up on their invitation.
  2. I did contact Gary at SAM yesterday morning and he sent me the following: Upper surfaces of the scheme as applied Colour Conundrum Capions illustration 1 Sketch of Camouflage (Scheme 7) as applied to Bristol Scout from Orfordness report D/62. The disruptive pattern as applied to the upper surface of the bottom plane and sides of the fuselage are not shown in the original diagram. It would appear that the pattern on the upper surface of the top plane was repeated on the bottom plane. The under surfaces of the bottom plane, fuselage, and tail plane are assumed to have had a clear doped linen finish. illustration 2 The upper surface of port top plane of Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3 A8103 as far inboard as the inboard inter-plane struts. Unfortunately, not all of the upper surfaces can be seen in the photograph on which this illustration is based thus preventing the entire scheme being illustrated. The hues of the khaki green, reddish earth, light buff and Vandyke Brown are representative only. illustration 3 ‘Aeroplane BE.2E’ drawing - port side This camouflage scheme as detailed in Orfordness Report E/30 was applied to the two B.E. 2es serial numbers A562 and B4520 that were sent to France for operational trials. Colour swatches of all four camouflage colours remain on file at the UK National Archives. illustration 4 ‘Aeroplane BE.2E’ drawing - starboard side As with the port side illustration this scheme was applied to the two B.E. 2es serial numbers A562 and B4520 that were sent to France for operational trials. illustration 5 ‘Aeroplane BE.2E’ drawing - top side to the two B.E. 2es serial numbers A562 and B4520 that were sent to France for operational trials.
  3. Does anybody have a pdf file of MAI Vol.4 index that they could let me have a copy of. Regards Kev
  4. Copies in my local WH Smith but following last years debacle no longer purchase any of their publications.
  5. Bit late to apologise for lack of updates and communication. They've lost me.
  6. As the June and July issues never materialised (if they even existed) the volume, for me is incomplete. Therefore I am not continuing with their publications. I too have ordered the first issue from Phoenix Publications. Like the idea of subscription options.
  7. Did get all four each month but from now on have reduced it to two.
  8. Begs the question did the June and July copies ever exist.
  9. Burnt their bridges as far as I'm concerned, not had any issues with SAM or MAI.
  10. Would need more than re-branding, a change of directors at least.
  11. They are well aware of what is being posted but not bothered as stated in a reply I received from Mark Hi Kevin, Thank you for your email. We were expecting a lot more copies to be delivered than arrived so we have no choice. We are aware of the what is posted on forums and as with all social media and forums it has a little no or effect on our business. Best regards Mark
  12. I ordered the Jun and Jul issues of MA & SAMi the day they appeared on the website, after over 2 months several excuses and no copies managed to get a full refund. In fact I have not heard of anybody actually receiving the aforementioned issues. Given the poor service and total disregard for customers I will not be purchasing these titles in future. To say I have no confidence in this company would be an understatement.
  13. Has anybody on this forum actually seen a physical copy of the June and July issues? Had my order refunded due to being out of stock despite ordering the day they appeared on the website. Due to not now having a complete volume I will no longer be continuing with them.
  14. As it appears even subscribers have not received copies does make you wonder if the issues actually exist outside the digital world.
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