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  1. A great reminder of my youth, where I grew up in South Wales was under one of the main transit routes into the Low Flying Areas of mid Wales, we would get all sorts over flying us but F-111's were by far the most regular sight and sound back in the 70's & 80's. Lovely build, I had one of these years ago but sold it on, now the Resicast stuff is available I should really seek another one out.
  2. A big shout out to @Dansk & @modelling minion for hosting the GB and of course to @Enzo Matrix for his usual sterling behind the scenes work and for his bevy of beauties in the galleries. Unfortunately I'm another that failed to get my build over the finish line in time, but I'll continue to post updates here. Thanks once again fellas, it's been a blast
  3. I'm pretty certain one of them will be another Phantom variant , it's been a while since the F-4B was released and Tamiya released the various Tomcat versions on approx 2 yearly intervals, so it could well be another F-4, the easiest option would be an F-4N but that wouldn't require that much of a modification and couldn't rightly be called a new tooling, so maybe it's a thick wing version, a J or C/D?
  4. Hi Our Ned, I think you're misinterpreting Dave's comment, I'm pretty certain he's not talking about the undercut of the superstructure on the port side but the projection on the starboard rear face of the superstructure, as it happens AA has incorporated it in his mods, but Dave's point is that it isn't present on Batch I ships.
  5. The AS sprays are if my memory serves me right a synthetic laquer, whereas the XF paints are water based acrylics, so X-20A will not work. You shouldn't need to thin decanted AS paint anyway, it is by its nature already thin enough to spray, you should have no problems spraying it over Halfords primer, I've often used Halfords primer under Tamiya spray bombs, just build up the colour gradually.
  6. I've ordered from them (1/48 F-102 decals), yes the shipping is expensive, but as I ordered 4 sheets in my head that's only $7.50 per sheet. I find that shipping costs from the US and Canada are generally much higher than what we expect in UK & Europe
  7. Great start, I agree, field applied, the demarcations probably wouldn't have been perfect.
  8. Lovely build of a great subject in a colour scheme that really suits it. I have this one in my future build list too using a set of Speed Hunter Graphics decals that includes a few ADC grey a/c, this one from the 57 FIS, along with 2 from Michigan ANG and 1 of Oregon ANG.
  9. Sorry guys, this one is not going to make the finish line, progress has been negligible over the last few weeks, life has just got in the way, as it so often does. I'll keep plodding away with it and will post it in RFI when it's finished.
  10. Wow, you can certainly see the family resemblance, but then you realise just how big this would have been.
  11. The Revell kit is a rebox of the earlier Dragon kit, they also did an Ark Royal (circa '91) and an Illustrious kit with the flight deck extension for'ard, you might be better looking for one of those as the Illustrious kit in particular has extra parts for the later fit but also included lots of the original parts. Unfortunately all 3 ships differed considerably over their lifetime, and noone has ever kitted the octagonal rear mast carried by Ark in her later days.
  12. Nice one Crisp, Googling "Elephant Foot Lashing Point" brings up some images that combined with your description gives a good idea of what it involved, I dont think the exact type is shown, but I can understand how it would work.
  13. Summer and family life is making sure that progress on this one is pedestrian to say the least, but as we're away for a few days next week, I wanted to get some more done before we go away. So this morning whilst it was still relatively cool, I managed to get the next step done, only one step, but what a step.........wings are on: Finally beginning to take shape, you will see that the cockpit is still not in, that's because I'm still not 100% happy with it, I'm going to give it one last go and then it's going in whether I'm happy with it or not. Luckily Monogram designed the kit so that the cockpit drops in after the fuselage is together but before the wings are on, I'm happy that i can get the cockpit, weapons bay and nose undercarriage bay in even with the wings in situ: Looking at the box of parts left to fit, they're rapidly depleting: Just a few more parts to finish prepainting, the engine nozzles, ejector seats, and that goddang cockpit and probably a wash in the undercarriage bays and on the undercarriage itself. I haven't decided if the crew will be installed or not, if I do fit them I'll probably replace one with another left over from a Hasegawa Phantom, just to have some variation in pose. More updates once we get back from London next week.
  14. To be honest Marc, I'm not sure, I'm only just finding out about the Noise Reduction Fairings myself. Just to confuse things Airfix included an EDSG over White scheme in their original 1/48 RN Buccaneer kit, and that kit also had representations of the Noise Reduction Fairings, so was the research at that time wrong, or did some a/c have the fairings and the white undersides? The only thing I am certain about is that the under nozzle fixtures need removing as they were added with the Chaff/Flare launchers later.
  15. The kit is obviously set up for an RAF release, hence the chaff/flare mounting plates under the jet nozzles. There have been no announced plans for it to be released this year so I suspect it will be either for next year's announcement or maybe even beyond that depending on their other plans.
  16. Not a short shot, just one of the pieces is turned 45 degrees so the fin is edge on to the scanner/camera. The giveaway is the position of the pylon mounting slot compared to the part to the left of it.
  17. Surely a model of the town of Lincoln is a bit niche, although not so much as a kit of its Avro namesake
  18. Off to check my kit now. Update: Thankfully it looks OK, get in touch with Airfix spares, I'm sure they'll sort you out. Not good for Airfix though considering the amount of hype over the launch of what they call their most detailed kit to date.
  19. Hi @Johnson, I also have a small fleet of 1/600 kits awaiting me finding the time for them, I even had one of the long OOP and extremely hard to find now, WEM 1/600 Type 42 kits (apparently sales were very poor so WEM never expanded the range ) but I bit the bullet and tried a 1/350 kit a few years ago (an Airfix Trafalgar SSN), I haven't looked back and have now accumulated a small flotilla of them, mostly Airfix, Trumpeter and Atlantic Models. I haven't given up on 1/600 just cleared out a few duplicates (and the WEM Exeter) as I appreciate the extra level of detail 1/350 allows. BTW Starling Models have just today announced a detail set of 3D printed parts to improve the Airfix County Class, pics are on their FB page, it looks impressive. There are also some people on Shapeways that offer 3D printed upgrade parts for the Airfix range, the one that springs to mind is Bogey's Bits. Peter at Atlantic has hinted at doing some 1/600 kits if there's a demand but based on the WEM Type 42 sales (he should know as he designed the kit for WEM) I really think it's unlikely.
  20. Nothing in 1/600, IIRC White Ensign Models did a 1/700 kit of the Batch 1 ships, this was re-released by Atlantic Models for a while, but is no longer avaiable and Atlantic passed a lot of the 1/700 range over to Starling Models Orange Hobby also did a Batch 3 but thats not really representative of the Falklands ships. Atlantic Models do kits of Batch 1, 2 & 3 in 1/350, they are truly excellent kits.
  21. It was the car to beat at the beginning of '79 winning 3 of the first 5 races. Beautiful build of a beautiful blue racer.
  22. The Invincible class didnt use the American style star shaped tie down, the Royal Navy has its own style of tie down ring, its well illustrated in this previous post from a few years ago: With regards to the Atlantic Conveyor, I believe as she was intended to just be an aircraft transport rather than an aircraft carrier, the deck tie downs were far less rudimentary, the best picture I've seen is this one: Hope this helps.
  23. Hi David, Great to hear from you, just a shame about the circumstances. I hope you settle into and enjoy your retirement, and I'm sure Victorious will keep calling you from her shelf. Beautiful looking Sea Fury too, judging the size against the bottle, I presume it's the Fisher Models kit?
  24. Unfortunately not, the Royal Navy only used the F-4K variant (Phantom FG.1 in British terminology). This was based on the F-4J but had the addition of British Rolls Royce Spey turbofan engines instead of the GE J-79 turbojet of the regular Phantom, this gave the British Phantoms a slightly chubbier look around the engine exhausts, they also had slightly larger intakes to allow greater airflow into the engines. It's a major conversion, in short if you want a RN Phantom get the Hasegawa kit. The RAF did get a squadron (74 Squadron) of F-4J's to fill the shortfall in air defence squadrons created by the need to provide air defence for the Falkland Islands after the war, these were only ever painted in the ADF grey scheme (initially using US equivalent colours and the they were then repainted in proper RAF colours during complex overhaul periods).
  25. Beautiful build, hard to imagine that started as the Emhar kit
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