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  1. That was my understanding, that the tool was retired as unviable rather than damaged, it was proving virtually impossible to get a useable product from them, far too many distorted parts, probably more to do with the design of the fuselage breakdown, not much point producing it if every purchaser is going to ask for replacements for badly warped or misshapen parts, especially when you cannot guarantee the replacement parts will be any better
  2. I thoroughly expect there to be a new tool Jaguar from Airfix in the next couple of years.
  3. I'll order one at somepoint, but I doubt it will be more than the one at £70+
  4. Hi Mike, yes both Ambulance and Pink Panther kits use the same inner hub, just the tyre portion and outer hub changes. As Richard E mentioned sprue A is common to both kits.
  5. IIRC the Tamiya Land Rover Ambulance kit shares a common chassis and has standard chunky tyres.
  6. The official USN font is "Long Beach USN" it is available online
  7. IIRC the ECS exhausts are the vents situated on the upper fuselage between the tail fins. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  8. I wondered that too, I think its probably to do with the differing type of ECS exhaust but I've never heard them called that, enquiring minds need to know
  9. To be fair Dan, you and Chris @stringbag helped me out immensely you took a load of kits of me at a fair price, the stash had got well out of hand and the funds raised from selling most of it off helped pay for our wedding This build is immense, I look forward to seeing it proceeding to the finish.
  10. I whole heartedly agree a fantastic build. See here for an explanation of the "First Navy Jack": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Navy_Jack
  11. It is my understanding that the Lightning Force will not carry individual squadron markings but just the Lightning marking on the tail, the UK aircraft recently deployed with CSG21 didnt even have the "Q" tail marking denoting HMS Queen Elizabeth, something to do with the special radar absorbing paint required. It seems that unit heritage and "Esprit d'Corps" is a thing of the past in the modern UK military.
  12. I seem to recall it is going to be 809 Squadron. Just checked and confirmed: https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/our-organisation/the-fighting-arms/fleet-air-arm/future-aircraft/809-naval-air-squadron
  13. Wow, looks brilliant I've got a similar build in mind but set in a slightly earlier timescale of the USS Nimitz's med cruise from '77/'78, it would be part of a planned project to build a representative aircraft of all the units attached, I have the Aeromaster 1/48 CVW-8 special decal set which includes decals for the bulk of the units involved: F-14A Tomcat of VF-41 & 84, A-7E Corsair II of VA-82 & 86, A-6E & KA-6D Intruder of VA-35, EA-6B Prowler of VAQ-135, S-3 Viking of VS-24 & SH-3 Sea King of HS-9. That just leaves me three (maybe 4) units to source, the kits for these weren't available when the Aeromaster set was released, so understanably weren't included: EA-3B Skywarrior - VQ-2 (like you I'm starting with the Trumpeter TA-3B kit, the EA-3B conversion seems relatively simple, and I believe the aircraft just had the Sandeman VQ-2 tail markings similar to yours but possibly smaller and set on a yellow triangle, quite basic so I'm tempted to have a go at producing these myself, I believe that although VQ-2 was the assigned unit due to the proximity of their base in Rota, aircraft chopped in / out on a regular basis.) RA-5C Vigilante - RVAH-6 (as luck has it the Trumpeter kit includes markings for this one). E-2B Hawkeye - VAW-112 (Kinetic / Italeri kit backdated to an E-2B) not sure what to do on decal front though as I can't turn up clear photographs. The maybe unit is the COD aircraft which I believe was a C-1A Trader from VRC-40 Your build will be very handy for reference with the EA-3B conversion.
  14. I used to use Zap, but had a couple of bottles (1 Gel type and 1 medium) set solid in the bottle, these days I just buy smaller tubes of Loctite medium from my local B&M and I've also using Lidl's own brand gel type (can't recall its name right now, but it's of German origin), I'm getting good mileage out of both.
  15. It was one of the decal options included in the Dynavector kit: https://www.dynavector.co.jp/airmodel/english/e_f_1.html Although Dynavector owner, Taro Tominari San, does acknowledge that: "The sample images are the Royal Aircraft Establishment's high speed test aircraft. Its distinguish pale blue colour seems to be paler than this sample model. After we displayed this at model shows, an ex-pilot of the very aircraft told us the real colour was much paler". Hard to believe that the Dynavector kits have been gone since 2010 now, and yet some of them remain the best kits of the subject matter.
  16. Hi David, As a previous very happy customer of your's there was no offence intended, I purely thought it might be connected to you, after all you did take on and improve the PPA Firefly kits Happy modelling Ant
  17. Ooh, gotta love a bit of "Double Four Valve" engine work. Somewhere in my library I have "The Power To Win" book by John Blunsden, plenty of good info in there. Just found it:
  18. Judging by the part number I'd say it was made by PP Aeroparts, I do know that DJ Parkins took over a few of PPA,s sets and kits and they do still sell a EE Lightning detail set in their Flightpath range that includes a "laser plotted instrument dial film".
  19. I'll sign up for this one too if I may, just received this in the post this morning: I started one of these a few years ago but it never got finished and got disposed of in a house move, I remember it being a good build so hopefully I'll get this one finished. I also have some Caracal decals on the way to enable me to finish it as a "Happy Hooligan" of the North Dakota ANG. (I'll update with a pic once they arrive)
  20. Lovely build, I've got the Trumpeter version along with a Bronco Independence class LCS on the shelf of doom. I believe it's only the first couple of ships in both classes that are being decommissioned, as the early ships were very much development examples with many changes being made to the design as time elapsed. The newer ships incorporate many of the lessons learned the hard way with the first and second of class.
  21. May have to contact the Oxford English Dictionary to give them a whole new definition of underwhelming
  22. Lovely build and the finish is one to behold, you just cant beat a nicely presented Tomcat.
  23. Fantastic build and finish, the AW-101/Merlin really does loook good in SAR colours
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