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  1. I'll second that, the Bronco kit looks good straight out of the box, but has a few details that are on the soft side that can be improved to make it that bit better, notably grab handles that are moulded solid, and as John already mentions the mantlet cover as most pics show this fitted. I've got a shelf queen of one of the second edition kits with the separate link tracks in plastic instead of the rubber bands in the first edition kits and to fair to Bronco they assemble easily and are pretty effective, I like the look of those Masterclub tracks though, might have to get a set of those if I get another Comet.
  2. I wholly agree, it's a tiny step up but it's by no means leaps and bounds ahead. I certainly wont be disposing of the Asuka kits.
  3. Well I pre-ordered the kit from my favourite Chinese Supplier, and it arrived yesterday, I've posted some pics below of a comparison of the new kit against the generally acknowledged best kit at present from Asuka. The RFM parts are grey and the Asuka parts are Olive I've also included a photo of the parts for the M2 .50 cal Browning, again against the Asuka parts. Personally I think RFM might just have pulled it off and bettered the current standard. If anyone wants any more specific comparison shots let me know and I'll get some done.
  4. Hi John, It looks very promising in the box, LOTS of parts, they only supply workable tracks, but there is a handy track jig that allows them to be built up in multiples (upto 6 at a time and theres at least a couple of jigs provided). I dont have an Asuka Firefly Vc to compare to, but I have an M4A4 75 mm and a Firefly Ic (Hybrid) so if I get a chance I'll take some comparison shots. It's certainly leaps and bounds ahead of the Dragon kit thats hovering around my workspace (behind the sofa). BTW the sprues are very reminiscent of Takom, I don't know if theres a link between RFM and Takom but there sure is a similarity. Happy modelling Ant
  5. This just turned up this morning, I grabbed these pics at tea break time, I'll have to wait until lunch time to give it a proper going over:
  6. What the guys above have said is correct, but just to expand further: If you're enlarging an existing drawing on a copier then enlarge by 114.3% If you're taking measurements off a drawing to transfer elsewhere then multiply by 1.143
  7. Some good stuff going on with the stowage, looks like you'll beat me to the painting stage.
  8. I managed to grab an hour or so with Frank (my new oh so obvious name for the Frankensherman) and managed to get the sponsor fillers made, a task made harder due to the mismatch in thickness of the resin and injection moulded part, but they're done now and will just require a dab of filler to blend them in once I join the upper and lower hulls, which isn't far off now, pics below: I've also been fiddling with these too, the plastic is from the Academy US Machine Gun set, with brass barrels and details for the .50 cals from RB models, not sure yet whether to go with a .30 cal, .50 cal or no gun at all in the AA mount, the Star decal instruction shows a .30 cal but not in the usual position and the only photos I've found seem to show that no gun is more common on the Sherman Ib. More to come soon.
  9. Looking good there John, I'll be interested in seeing this one progress to the painting stage.
  10. Just managed another hour with the Frankensherman, fitted the sun compass bracket on the side of the turret just ahead of the commanders cupola, and managed to get the main panels onto the underside, just need to add some bolt head details in a few places: We're going away for New Year and I'm back to work on Thursday, so thats probably it for 2019, hopefully some more updates at the weekend. Happy modelling Ant
  11. Well that's Christmas done for another year, it's been a fabulous time for family gatherings, but even though weve been extremely busy, I have managed to grab some modelling time in amongst the festivities, so here's some photo updates of the last week or so's progress. Firstly the rear engine deck is completed including the extra filler cap and it's bullet splash and the removal of the 2 inner filler caps adjacent to the engine intake cover: The M4 105mm turret had the cast in thickened cheek armour, Tamiya sort of represent this by showing a lip below what would be the thickened area but then blow it by continuing the lip around the entire turret, so it needed to be filled in, it turned out to be a relatively simple job of fixing a strip of 10 thou card around the entire turret ring except for the area under the thickened section, this strip was then blended in with a touch of filler and sanded back, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, although I do still need to make a semicircular notch under the gun mantlet, I've also blended in the pistol port, still need to add the sun compass bracket: The next job on my list is to add the details under the hull, I'm going to copy them from a Tasca/Asuka M4A1 lower hull plate, as the M4 and M4A1 use the same engine. Thats the bulk of conversion done now, just need to get all the little details done. Cheers and Happy New Year to all. Ant
  12. Hi John, I've also seen that scheme and could swear I've also seen the photographic evidence that backs it up, but I'm buggered if I can find it now, I'll continue to look and will post if and when I find it.
  13. Nice work so far, I have to make some sponson fillers for the M4 105 I'm working on, but need to profile the edges to account for the differing material thicknesses wher injection plastic meets resin, as the rest of the build is actually fairly straightforward, the sponson fillers could be next. I have got a Chesapeake Models full resin 1/35 M4A2 Direct Vision kit, I've had it many years and the main reason I haven't built it is because I actually find resin kits are in fact slightly intimidating , I think thats why I'm going the FrankenSherman route as a prelude to diving into a full resin kit later .
  14. No pics today, as I didnt get much done yesterday, the little one went for a sleepover at her friends, and the Mrs insisted that we spend some quality time with each other without the distraction of TV or modelmaking, so we went out for a meal instead. I did manage to fit the extra filler cap and protective ring that Das Abteilung mentioned above. I'll post pics later.
  15. The underside of the Tamiya lower hull is also devoid of any engine access hatches and or the crew escape hatch a by product of them using the same lower hull for their M4, M4A3 and M4A1 (M1 Super Sherman) kits. I will be adding these as although they cant be seen, I know they aren't there. Conversely, I've used the kit wheels as although they are the correct pressed steel type, they only have fronts, there is no detail on the reverse side, other than on the idler wheels. I thought I had a set of resin wheels in the spares box but can't put my hand on them at the moment.
  16. Yep, already got that, just haven't fitted it yet, they're the parts that I'm borrowing from the Dragon 1c kit. I haven't done any British-ising of the turret yet, I'll be sure to add the bracket and the kit does have the all round vision cupola, I believe only the very initial batch had the split hatch cupola and they went to US and Free French units initially in the UK and then NWE. They are upswept bogies, I thought I might have to swap them out, but for once the kit bogies are as you say OK as the M4 105 was a relatively late production type (Feb '44 onwards).
  17. Little bit more progress tonight, firstly some mods to the engine deck, the M4 105mm doesn't have the 2 fuel fillers abreast of the engine intake grill, so I had to remove the moulded in filler caps and fill the resulting holes, a couple of pieces of plastic rod have filled the hole and I'll cut them flush once the cement has cured fully. There is a new filler cap to add with it's own bullet splash ring further back on the deck and luckily this part is included in the Dragon Firefly 1c kit and isn't used so I'll pinch it for this one. I've also filled in the remaining tool location holes on the rear plate, as usual the camera has highlighted a couple of spots that require further filling and sanding I've also made some progress on the lower hull, particularly the transmission and the suspension bogies. As Tamiya have used the same lower hull on most of their Sherman kits, the front end of the hull is actually shaped to suit the 3 part transmission housing, so there are a couple of fairly large holes to fill if using the cast transmission housing. The wheels have a nasty seam down the centre line I've sanded them but the line is visible in places, I'm not too bothered at moment as I'll either revisit them or hide it at weathering stage. Thats it for now.
  18. I'm sure I've seen it done with Humbrol Maskol too.
  19. Never seen anything from Formations in 1/48 (probably because its not my scale), but if its anything like their 1/35 stuff it should be good. I look forward to seeing some progress pics in due course.
  20. I've just checked this kit on Scalemates and it does have the revised tooling that was used in the Dragon 6182 Firefly Vc kit. I built the original one (following the tweak and correction list from MilMod magazine) and will have a 6182 Vc kit following just behind the FrankenSherman M4 Howitzer kit in my WIP thread. I can't wait to see some Sherman progress.
  21. I'm in and will be following, I haven't got hold of a Centaur as yet, but there is a Cromwell shelf-queen hiding in amongst the stash, and lo and behold an Asuka M4A4 / V turned up in the post at work this morning . Does this boxing of the Dragon M4A4 have the revised hull parts of correct length as I recall that the original ones had an overlong lower hull?
  22. Excellent workmanship Dan, I'm going to have to invest in some UK DPM decals for my tank crewmen.
  23. Whilst I remember, this is the decal sheet with the markings for the M4 105 mm of the 20th Armoured Regiment of the New Zealand 2nd Armoured Division in Italy 1945. 20191218_233745 by antdphillips, on Flickr 20191218_233802 by antdphillips, on Flickr
  24. Just a little more progress, after the advice I picked up on the FB Sherman page, I've filled the n-shape cut out on the rear hull plate just need to blend it in now. I've also added a strip of plastic under the hull sides of Tamiya upper hull part to get rid of the step due to the resin upper hull sides being ever so slightly deeper than the mating injection moulded parts. I also need to fill in the tool mounting location holes on the rear plate as they were relocated on the howitzer tanks. And a quick couple of the upper hull dry fitted to the transmission housing and lower hull parts. I'm quite pleased with the fit, the transmission housing does need to have some casting texture added too. That's it for now more to follow soon.
  25. I suspected as much but it was the only WW2 vintage truck carrying a Bailey Bridge parts photo that I could find Fordson WOT - check GS body - check New Zealand division - check Bingo, I think you found it Honest sarge, he turned into me lol
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