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  1. Unfortunately if you have an account or are a member of the Airfix Club, you'll have to reset your password as they have been unable to migrate the passwords over from the old site, there are instructions on the login page on how to do this.
  2. Hi Fred, My great Uncle was also on HMS Amethyst, I'm just waiting for Peter at Atlantic to get new stock in myself. The Leanders are great kits I've got one of Peter's HMS Cleopatra in the stash, along with a Glamorgan, Puma and Hurworth, trouble is he has so many great kits and my wallet just cant keep up Happy modelling Ant
  3. Atlantic Models do a series of 1/350 Leanders, they are mixed media kits with the main parts in resin and smaller parts in either white metal or photo etch, there are 3 versions available the original 4.5" gun, an Ikara version and later Sea Wolf and Exocet armed versions. Whilst expensive compared to your average injection moulded kit, they are also a lot more detailed and contain everything you need except adhesives, paint and a whole lot of patience to produce a detailed miniature ship. See here: https://atlanticmodels.net/kits/
  4. I can wholeheartedly recommend Black Cat parts, so much so that they've completely changed my way of thinking regarding 1/350 kits. I initially ordered some parts to add to a Trumpeter HMS Eskimo, namely the 25ft motor cutter & 25ft fast motor boat to replace the totally inaccurate Kriegsmarine style boats in the Trumpy kit, as I was replacing the motor boats I thought it best to replace the 27ft whaler too, and while I was at it I also got a set of Quad 2 pdr. Pom Pom to replace the incorrect Octuple mount supplied in the kit.. On opening the package I was tota
  5. Just before Christmas I ordered some bits from Black Cat, they managed to get them away on the 18th December, so almost literally just before Christmas, I was hoping to receive them before Brexit day, but t'was not to be, I'm not sure if it was down to the Christmas mailing rush or because of the B word, but eventually received the package early last week so probably just over 2 weeks transit time. As always well worth the wait
  6. Love the Fearless kit, its been a favourite of mine since I was a kid.
  7. No need to apologise, I actually remember Airfix magazine did an article years ago (1980ish) on scratchbuilding a waterline 1/600 HMS Invincible including plans, I started building one but then the Revell/Dragon kits came along and I scrapped it. If you want to tart up any of the old Airfix kits I can heartily recommend the etch sets from Atlantic Models, heres a link to the Fearless instructions: https://atlanticmodels.net/onewebmedia/Instructions Files/Fearless600.pdf
  8. One of the most elegant Liners of all, it will be great to see how she turns out. I will give it to the French they sure did make some good looking ships, the Normandie, France and the Ile De France all ooze class, my Dad actually crewed on the Ile De France during 2nd WW, when she was gutted throughout and impresed as a troop ship.
  9. Excellent build, and I'm sure your friend truly appreciated it. However I have to correct you on the scale, the Revell kits are 1/700 scale, there is no kit in 1/600 (more's the shame as it would be the perfect complement those 1/600 Airfix Cold War warriors)
  10. Crisp, I think the decision may have been made for you as I'm sure Starling have sold out now, when I last looked there was only the 1 available, and just ike you I was holding out on buying it, purely because I tend to build ships with local or family connections, at the moment I'm waiting on Atlantic to restock the HMS Amethyst, as she was one of my great Uncle's ships. Rob, Looking good so far, I'm sure this will be another beauty in the making, great to see your process for the seascape too.
  11. Another fantastic model, to capture that amount of detail in 1/700 is just mind blowing. Great presentation with the seascape too.
  12. That's absolutely stunning both in quality of the build and presentation of the finished model.
  13. A small care package from Peter at Atlantic Models, this little lot should see me well into next year and shift some of the shelf queens from the "shed of doom".
  14. Cheers Chris, I've joined the FB group now too
  15. That really is a neat and tidy looking build so far, it's going to look as sharp as your SS France build
  16. Hi Terry, Those links to FB don't seem to work, I suspect one has to be a member of the group to see them.
  17. Agreed, the only time I look at it is when they send me an email reminder and each and every time I look I'm just underwhelmed by it, as others have said since they ditched the sneaky peeks of a few years ago its just been a pointless exercise in marketing, it makes a mockery of their marketing team, just who do they think their core market is?
  18. That 965 aerial is looking great, I've got a few of those in 1/350 and 1/600 to look forward to as I try to finish off some of the part completed projects from the "shed of shame", luckily I have a few spares of the 1/600 sets that I picked up from WEM in one of their sales donkeys years ago, I have a feeling I might need them lol.
  19. Absolutely stunning especially in 1/700 scale, I'm intrigued by your comment "Built by my friend Xiahui Mu, and modified by myself", does your friend build the kit and then you super-detail it and paint it or do you both add details as a shared project, whichever you are both to be commended on producing masterpieces of scale modelling, I thought your Type 42 destroyer was superb but this raises the bar even further. Fantastic.! Bravo to you both!
  20. Hi John, They are good looking frigates, the only kit I know of in 1/350 is the Iron Shipwrights kit, will certainly be following along with this one.
  21. Oooh, Canadian Halifax Class frigate by any chance?
  22. I can echo that sentiment, even though my preferred ship modelling scale is 1/350 (with a sideline in the Airfix 1/600 range), we certainly are living in a "Golden Age" for scale modelling, but of course everything comes at a price, and my wallet is struggling to keep up.
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