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  1. Let's see your dogs!

    Can you see it? (Photobucket). If so, from left, Lucy 4, Bear 3, and Max 13. Max is a Rottie/GSD mix.
  2. With the new Airfix kit out and the option of a cat launch pose oob (have a Fujimi kit and lots of resin in the stash for years for this project too...) What is the BM collective's opinion for suitable 1970 to 78 crew figures? Cant have it ready to shoot off the deck with no one on board!
  3. Roym,


    I should have a spare set of decals from the Hasegawa F-4G kits. I think I have two different boxings. I'll check and let you know.

    I would be interested in any USAF ANG F-15 or F-16 markings you may have spare in exchange.



    Phil Hastie

    Canberra, Australia

    1. roym
    2. roym


      Hi Phil. Still interested?


  4. CVN-70 Carl Vinson re-released with the extra parts added since the CVN-74 & CVN-75 issues, namely the extra sponsons and armament necessary to build it as comissioned (well most of it anyway, still can't technically do it accurately without GMM photo etch for the correct radar mast). New and more useful decals too. http://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2631
  5. F4K prototype

    Can I add to this topic with another question. As they (F-4K no 1 and F-4M no 1) were built in the US and were sorta prototypes, were they painted in FS equivalent shades or proper BS EDSG/White & Dk Green/Grey/LAG? This has been bugging me for years.
  6. 1; Ford Cortina Mk 4. PLEASE! Modular moulds (Different engine) will give 1.3/1.6 (Kent), 1.6/2.0 Pinto or 2.3 Cologne V6 versions. Even a South African 3.0S Modular moulds (interior, bumpers & photo etch badges) would give Base, L, GL, Ghia and S versions. Modular moulds (body) would give 2-door, 4-door or estate versions. Modular moulds for wheels (steels, dartboard sports, Ghia alloys, Rostyles and aftermarket Wolfrace). LHD and trim for Euro Taunus TC2, RHD for Ireland/UK/Aus/NZ (latter with further engine and bumper versions). Another tweak of the moulds (Bodies mainly) gives a variety of Mark 3 or Mark 5/TC3 versions. Another mould for Taunus TC1. Chassis, engines, interiors, wheels mostly are already above. And with the engines, wheels and some other bits your already on the way to Capris and Escorts. Even a bit to a Pinto powered Sierra. Even some of a P-100. How many here could build their Dads car,(or even their car!) with the list of bits above? Personally I'd want one of each. 2; Volvo S-40/V-40 (1998-2004) 3; And my current motor, SEAT Leon FR 2.0 DSG.
  7. F-4J VF-114 Aardvarks

    I have spare VF-114 F-4J decals in 1/72 from Superscale 72-111 if you want them. http://modelingmadness.com/others/decals/traillss72111.htm
  8. Origin/History of this kit?

    That Kitech/Zhengdefu is a very poor quality "copy" (read rip-off) of the Hasegawa kit. While the parts breakdown and assemby sequence are the same as the Has kit, it is nowhere near it in quality. As a matter of fact, I would put the Matchbox kit far ahead of it in ranking, while it itself is far behind the Has kit. (At least the Matchbox fits...) Despite being a copy, it has raised panel lines. (Has is recessed). Cockpit parts float around in the fuselage, canopy is molded from toffee, can't see whats flash and whats the part, and doesn't fit the fuse openings; wings are warped, don't fit the roots; noseleg is moulded offline from one side to the other like as if the mould is mis-aligned. If all thats not enough, the plastic is cheap and nasty, had to use my strongest solvent to make it stick. Run away, buy anything else to start with. Not this though...
  9. As long as it's not the Zhengdefu/Kitech rubbish copy of the Hasegawa kit.
  10. yes it's a nice kit, and that's why I was asking.
  11. http://www.model-making.eu/products/Lockheed-S-3A-Viking-18483329.html Anyone know for sure? Hard to tell from pics.
  12. Revell 2017 first quarter

    I'm just waiting for the 2016 Mustang. Ford and in 1/25 scale with a full engine.
  13. More on Airfix 2017

    1/700 would do me...