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  1. Trying to like Italeri kits. Honest!

    No. I still love their old Phantom kits (F-4E/F-4F/F-4G and RF-4C/E kits) which are very straightforward builds and accurate if low on hyper detail. I adore the Nimitz class carriers for ease of build and up until recently very cheap for the wow factor. I had no issues with the Intruder kits that are super. The MC-205 Is exquisite with only a fragile canopy to worry about. The A-10 is lovely as is the F-117A which also builds itself. The Rafale and Eurofighter are really prototype but are also hassle free builds. The only car I have is the Ferrari F40 which I don't remember giving any problems.
  2. Just as long as these new owners don't turn out to be another "vulture fund". I had hopes of some of my wish list of subjects not yet kitted being turned into kits by Revell USA and Revell Germany, as they would fit in to the existing ranges and/or compliment them. Plus I like more Revell kits than I don't like.
  3. Is it confirmed to be Revell Germany management? Great news if so. Could be either way if not.....
  4. IAC Fouga Magisters

    Gaz, They look like the small tanks to me! The nav light only covered the outer half of the tank nose both large and small.
  5. IAC Fouga Magisters

    Hi lads, Small tanks were the most common, Large tanks were used but rarely and maybe even only once or twice. Apparently only 219 ever flew without any tanks, but I may be wrong. There are details in the book by Joe Maxwell and Radu Brinzan "Fouga Magister- an Irish Perspective". I'll check when I get home. Regardless, stick on the small tanks to be fine. Roy
  6. SAC White Metal Legs - Quality Control Anyone?

    I miss Aeroclub....
  7. Let's see your dogs!

    Well it's Max's time to run free of pain. Vet is coming to the house tomorrow. It's his arthritis which has spread to his spine and is causing him constant pain. He can't put his rear feet flat anymore and is dragging his toes/knuckles and has lost centre 2 nails off each back legs. Has lost almost all muscle mass from rear legs and struggles to sit/get up. I know its time and the right thing to do but it still sucks...
  8. Sorry to hijack but a friend of mine is building this and is having trouble getting the steering column to engage fully with the steering rack. It fits in ok but pops out as soon as you try to turn the steering wheel. I had a look and I suspect it's not really meant to be used as such, but if you turn the front wheels by hand the steering wheel does respond. Just wondering if you have seen the same or if he's done something wrong. TIA. Roy
  9. Airfix Folland Gnat T.1

    Anyone want to trade the Hotshots decals?
  10. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    3 different sizes and placements of "004/003/007", 4's are thicker than 3's and 7's bigger than both of them, as well as all being in different positions. Along with the ejection seat triangles and rescue marks. The white band in the nose flash is different on the first two also. (Can't see the third). What do the names on the splitter plate refer to? LAM? Red, white and blue squares?
  11. Italeri KC-130F Fat Albert

    Scans on the way. Rgds, Roy
  12. Italeri KC-130F Fat Albert

    I can scan and email them.
  13. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Me too...
  14. 1975 is the one I'm after. Having a different 013 in '76 makes sense if XT867 was in a hangar sulking. Mountain Goat, (or anyone...), can it be confirmed that XT864 was the 007/R on Nimitz in 1975, and did it have RWR?
  15. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Someone mentioned photo interpreting.... I've been doing a lot and it's left me with some questions.... I've been looking at lots of photos of 892NAS FG.1s and some other RAF FG.1s and FGR.2s. See my other thread on trying to I.D. 013/R in 1975/76. What I've noticed is that the placement, style and size of the nose numbers varied a lot. Also, there appears to be some evidence that underwing serials were sometimes painted in a thinner stroke than otherwise usual (like the old matchbox '76 issue kit decal sheet). Also I think the FG.1 nose gear seems to lean back slightly whereas the FGR2 seems more vertical. Or is it just me? Were nosewheels always white or were some natural metal? The extended leading edge slats don't have a red painted inner section like other aircraft but I can't make out if they are EDSG or dark dull metal. As the Airfix kit shows 007/R XT864 in '78 should it not also have the red/white/blue pennant markings on the nose? Mind you the matchbox 86/87 retool/reissue didn't either and they were generally good on references. I know XT864 was 007/R in 77/78 but was it still 007 when it flew into St Athan with "FLY NAVY" instead of "ROYAL NAVY"? Thanks for reading....