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  1. He's breaking the law then and could lose his business. Hope a few tins is worth it.
  2. Small comfort maybe but to comply with the EU requires one of the following options; Registration in ONE of the EU countries (single market remember) for all of the EU Or, Continue as present and have the customer pay the charge at delivery. (Yes its optional). I've linked the relevant pages in some of my earlier replies as have others.
  3. Are you serious? I'm not even in the UK and I heard the screaming from here... I even did some screaming myself.. As opposed to the opportunities they had before? What do you mean exactly? Newsflash for Hannants, the UK is no longer a member of the EU even though they were for years. Leave means leave and all that... Another Newsflash for Hannants; if its nothing to do with Brexit how come it doesn't affect trade between the 27 members who didn't leave the club? Regardless, it appears that my days of ordering from Hannants are long gone. To be honest, I won't miss them much as I can pretty much get what I want from the dozens of Polish, German and French mail order shops, sometimes even cheaper. Even with the VAT free rates, its just going to be cheaper and more straightforward from the mainland EU rather than the UK. I will miss Hiroboy, the range and quality of service was second to none, but Spotmodel has a similar range, including Zero paints, albeit a little pricier. This last point is moot now as the charges and hassle importing from Hiroboy will make it uncompetitive.
  4. roym

    Covid Jab

    If I stand close to you can I get 5G on my mobile phone now? Just kidding, congrats.
  5. For a company allegedly on the decline, that's some catalog.
  6. Just guessing, but I imagine its to be able to re-release the old MPC toolings. Not up to the modern Bandai or FM stuff, and the scales are all over the place, but I for one will be glad to see the 2 Hoth dioramas back as well as Slave 1. Ebay prices for those are gone crazy... Still not sure it'll make the availability on this side of the pond much better though.
  7. Am I the only one who likes it? Easy build, better nose shape than the ESCI "E", cheaper and more available than either of the Japanese firms "G", and can be built as an E, F or G.
  8. This... so much this... I recently built their Toyota TS050 and wondered what I was doing with my life all these years...
  9. Dumb question. Is that an actual photo of an actual model or a render cgi thingy image? If its a kit I'm impressed...
  10. Not to be pedantic but did any of the 4 emails say it WAS being dispatched from GB? Let me know how you get on. I'm in a similar bind. I ordered a bathroom extract fan from screwfix.ie, checked it was in stock in Irish stores first, specifically because all of the online retailers who had it were shipping from GB and I wanted to avoid delays and costs. Lockdown means local collection is impossible or impractical. Shipped from GB... arrgh. After I got a delivery notification that it was successfully delivered and signed for in Stoke(?) I emailed requesting a dispatch of a replacement. To be dispatched from one of the Irish stores or else a refund. As of last night its still sorted for export from international hub. In UK. After it was listed as exported on 16th. And received in international hub on 19th.
  11. roym

    What's your avatar?

    It's an airplane. (I like Airplanes) It's Irish. (I really like Irish Airplanes) It's an Irish airplane I've flown on. (Better again...) It's registration is EI-DEE. (My OH's name is Dee.) Our first trip abroad together was on this plane. I've even built a model of it...
  12. Interested in doing 2 Vietnam options, the early 3 tone came scheme and an olive drab Air Cav version. Best kit /easiest build?
  13. I'll try this again. If GB was still in EU, the EU system would be in effect (as you've noted delayed by 6 months time). IOSS for the big boys (Amazon etc) and the option of carrying on as before (post it in and let the customer pay the fees on delivery) for the one man operation. Not in the current situation where the UK Revenue (even who don't seem to know whats supposed to be happening..) needn't and couldn't have gone on this solo run. But the fact remains Brexit happened, and here you are. For someone who's adamant that they're not talking about Brexit versus EU, you keep bringing it up a lot...
  14. As has been explained above, this is factually incorrect. Sales across the EU are not affected in anyway by this. I can still purchase direct from Revell.de, Italeri.com, Special Hobby, AZ, KP, and the other 25 large and small EU-based MFGs that appear on just the FIRST page on a scalemates search; and from any of the other 746 model shops with an online presence based in the EU (source, another quick search on Scalemates) without worrying about any extra costs or fees. So can everyone else in the EU. But not anyone in GB. Only on imports into the EU. Even then it will be optional and require registration in only one of the 27 to access all of the 27. (Source https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.revenue.ie/en/tax-professionals/tdm/value-added-tax/part10-special-schemes/vat-ecommerce-rules-1-july-2021/vat-ecommerce-rules-1-july-2021.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjU7pqRhYfuAhWionEKHcrLDBIQFjABegQIBxAF&usg=AOvVaw16l_6fW0_Nal-k64lXsgoZ ) So to keep up this nonsense that it's nothing to do with Brexit is just that. Nonsense.
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