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  1. roym

    Model kit box art

    The King Air box art is far, far more accurate than the kit inside the box. As a matter of fact you'd make a better model of a king air using the cardboard box than the plastic inside. And I'm not exaggerating..... For me it was Roy Huxley and Matchbox all the way; Dooleybird tucking it all up, Zero swooping and strafing over Pearl, Corsair (both), Jaguar blasting off the runway, Phantom, F-14, M-16, Hellcat, T34, all the 1/32 cars, Tempest showing off the huge engine, P38 after dispatching a Zero, EE Lightnings intercepting the Vulcan, I could go on.. How I wish I could buy prints of those paintings without the added texts to frame and hang in the cave...
  2. roym

    Nimitz - Stokes Bay, June 1978

    Anything on Nimitz!
  3. roym

    IAC vampire T11 pilots suit and aircraft scheme

    Humbrol gloss dayglow orange over a white undercoat works for me.
  4. roym

    IAC vampire T11 pilots suit and aircraft scheme

    I haven't seen a photo yet either. Doesn't mean it didn't happen but safe enough to leave them off. Btw, those printscale tricolour bosses look a bit "off", try to get hold of a Max Decals set if you can.
  5. roym

    IAC vampire T11 pilots suit and aircraft scheme

    Yes 187 did get dayglow panels later... https://goo.gl/images/wVxWqi
  6. roym

    Andy Mullens website?

    Er... Andy Mullen?
  7. roym

    Andy Mullens website?

    Did a search but no joy. Andy's models site appears to be gone along with Andy himself. Just wondering if he's ok. I enjoyed his site and his posts here and on ARC.
  8. roym

    Hunter as D-558 in The Right Stuff

    As far as i remember the Hunter/D558 is only on screen for a brief few seconds in a flypast scenario. (Its during the barbeque scene when Cooper burns the sausage as his wife looks on in horror at 'Hot Dog' going up in flames..). The shot of the hunter is head-on so I only know for sure it was painted white and i thought the nose looked more pointed than i expected. Although as I have never seen a Hunter in the flesh head on at below 500ft agl I'm not sure what i should expect. As a slight aside, I remember reading an article in the old Scale Models magazine in the 80s. (It might have even been before it became Scale Models International mag...). It was a build article on I think a vacform Bell X-1 but the author mentioned a book that had "details on all the Right Stuff aircraft in the film". Of course i remember that quote but not the name of the book... Does anyone know it or did i imagine it? Edit; Scimitar beat me to it. I dont have the extended version so I don't remember that shot. Still cant tell about the nose....
  9. roym

    Model shows and competitions

    Oh if only that were true......
  10. roym

    Trying to like Italeri kits. Honest!

    No. I still love their old Phantom kits (F-4E/F-4F/F-4G and RF-4C/E kits) which are very straightforward builds and accurate if low on hyper detail. I adore the Nimitz class carriers for ease of build and up until recently very cheap for the wow factor. I had no issues with the Intruder kits that are super. The MC-205 Is exquisite with only a fragile canopy to worry about. The A-10 is lovely as is the F-117A which also builds itself. The Rafale and Eurofighter are really prototype but are also hassle free builds. The only car I have is the Ferrari F40 which I don't remember giving any problems.
  11. Just as long as these new owners don't turn out to be another "vulture fund". I had hopes of some of my wish list of subjects not yet kitted being turned into kits by Revell USA and Revell Germany, as they would fit in to the existing ranges and/or compliment them. Plus I like more Revell kits than I don't like.
  12. Is it confirmed to be Revell Germany management? Great news if so. Could be either way if not.....
  13. roym

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Gaz, They look like the small tanks to me! The nav light only covered the outer half of the tank nose both large and small.
  14. roym

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    Hi lads, Small tanks were the most common, Large tanks were used but rarely and maybe even only once or twice. Apparently only 219 ever flew without any tanks, but I may be wrong. There are details in the book by Joe Maxwell and Radu Brinzan "Fouga Magister- an Irish Perspective". I'll check when I get home. Regardless, stick on the small tanks to be fine. Roy
  15. roym

    SAC White Metal Legs - Quality Control Anyone?

    I miss Aeroclub....