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  1. Yes the glass, not the lid. Has anyone else seen it before? Got one of the small ones from ebay, generic version of the Revell branded and Iwata branded cleaning pots. After a few months noticed it was venting vapour from the threads of the lid, and one day the lid came clean off. under inspection, noticed that the glass itself was deformed around the lip and threads, so much so that it wont screw down at allmnow. Bought one of the larger yellow lidded ones from Bartsharp. Big conical shaped one. Turns out to be too big for my spray booth and as well will not hold my Aztek safely. After a few weeks noticed the very same issue. Lid is fine, but won't screw closed as glass is warped. Am I just unlucky or does a combination of IPA, white spirit and cellulouse thinner cause glass to melt? If the plastic lids did I'd understand, but the glass? Has anyone else seen this before?
  2. roym

    Ark Royal colours?

    Revell 1/720 says green flight deck. Trumpeter 1/700 says dark sea grey. Historically experience tells me both can get it wrong but Trumpy more likely to. Neither also agree on the hull. Can anyone advise on most likely scheme preferably in humbrol shades? Tia Roy.
  3. As mentioned above the only options so far are to get the Starfighter resin hangar walls and get an Arii 1/800 "New" Enterprise for a 1/720-ish scale refit island. You can use the new sponsons in the Arii kit as a guide or base to add them to the Revell kit. Any other spare parts you need can be robbed from an Italeri Reagan/Bush kit. That's my plan anyway and so far the most expensive bit for me was the resin hangar walls.
  4. Get an Italeri 1/720 USS Nimitz or one if her sisters. Nice, cheap, basic, basically accurate and not fussy builds. Do it out of the box as a waterline and spend your time painting the flight deck as it's the focal point of any carrier. Only filler needed is at the stern for the horizontal deck part on the fantail. The newer issues have a sprue of extra aircraft (Hornets).
  5. Lots there for me. F27, Fujimi Fg1 and SH3, Range Rover and GWagen. Prob a few others. The AV-8 could also be Fujimi or Esci. No new 1/720 aircraft carrier though, thought we might see a USS Ford or HMS QE. Or even a Garibaldi. Hoping for an AW139 or Sikorsky S92 as one of those new tools...
  6. Not all westerners are from the US or UK.
  7. Hi Nick. Have family (lots of them) in Barry and used to spend summer's there as a kid. Whenever I went I used to stock up on kits I couldn't get here (Anything not Matchbox or Airfix...) remember there being a good model shop on the corner of High Street (it was a Greggs bakery last time I looked) around the corner from my aunties house on Broad Street; and before that there was another toy/hobby shop on High street where I got- no ordered-my first Fujimi kit of an E-2C. Still have that model but it's a bit like Triggers brush now... also downstairs in Dan Evans for the Star Wars kits and then into Cardiff for the one in Castle Arcade and around the corner to Beatties. Happy days. Enjoy the mad house here. Roy.
  8. Nice. What scale is it or perhaps more importantly how big is the actual model?
  9. I've built the IAC/IAF issue. I agree that the carb intake doesn't fit and the u/c is fragile. It is a bit of a fussy build but I suppose it's not Airfix or Revell. More serious to me is that the IAC decals are all wrong in both style and sizes and effectively useless as a result. I ended up using a combination of spares from Max Decals and the (excellent) leftovers from the Brigade conversion that I built concurrently. (That gives both early and late schemes). Then when all was finished and it took it's place amongst my other Spitfire models it looks obviously underscale. Even next to the 70s/80s Airfix Mk1 it looks "compact". I'll throw some photos up at the weekend.
  10. Yes please. As per the real car modular tooling would make all the versions. One sprue option for engines (Kent, Pinto, Cologne), one for the body (2/4door/estate/mk3/4/5), one for Wheels, one for interior, common chassis. Banker.....
  11. Your all wrong. Its a 1/12 scale Ford Cortina Mk4. Able to build every version from 1.3 Base up to 2.3 Ghia and all in between..... part of Hornbys new business plan to upscale the best sellers from the Corgi Vanguards range. I know this from a vision that appeared to me last night in bed. (This vision may or may not have something to do with the fact I was reading a novelty book called My Dad Had One Of Those from Top Gear people before bed. Highly recommended by the way....)
  12. F-14A nose was corrected when they tooled the bits for F-14B. So it should be ok now. And I like both the Italeri and ESCI Shyhawks.
  13. Can anyone tell me what's different from the Z-9C and As565 boxings (besides decals)? Think an AS565 is closest to an IAC SA365Fi but not sure on the Z-9C.
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