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  1. You won't be the first or last... lots of businesses are finding costs and hassle are too much.
  2. Not to be pedantic but did any of the 4 emails say it WAS being dispatched from GB? Let me know how you get on. I'm in a similar bind. I ordered a bathroom extract fan from screwfix.ie, checked it was in stock in Irish stores first, specifically because all of the online retailers who had it were shipping from GB and I wanted to avoid delays and costs. Lockdown means local collection is impossible or impractical. Shipped from GB... arrgh. After I got a delivery notification that it was successfully delivered and signed for in Stoke(?) I emailed requesting a dispa
  3. roym

    What's your avatar?

    It's an airplane. (I like Airplanes) It's Irish. (I really like Irish Airplanes) It's an Irish airplane I've flown on. (Better again...) It's registration is EI-DEE. (My OH's name is Dee.) Our first trip abroad together was on this plane. I've even built a model of it...
  4. Interested in doing 2 Vietnam options, the early 3 tone came scheme and an olive drab Air Cav version. Best kit /easiest build?
  5. I'll try this again. If GB was still in EU, the EU system would be in effect (as you've noted delayed by 6 months time). IOSS for the big boys (Amazon etc) and the option of carrying on as before (post it in and let the customer pay the fees on delivery) for the one man operation. Not in the current situation where the UK Revenue (even who don't seem to know whats supposed to be happening..) needn't and couldn't have gone on this solo run. But the fact remains Brexit happened, and here you are. For someone who's adamant that they're not talking about Brexit versus EU,
  6. As has been explained above, this is factually incorrect. Sales across the EU are not affected in anyway by this. I can still purchase direct from Revell.de, Italeri.com, Special Hobby, AZ, KP, and the other 25 large and small EU-based MFGs that appear on just the FIRST page on a scalemates search; and the other 746 model shops with an online presence based in the EU (source, another quick search on Scalemates). Only on imports into the EU. Even then it will be optional and require registration in only one of the 27 to access all of the 27. (Source https://www.google.com/url
  7. Do you realise how arrogant this sounds? (Shades of "They need us more than we need them..") 27 countries are still trading in the single market, plus and . They don't NEED to do anything. What they might WANT to do will be based on economic factors, as always. Seize them. You are a micro business. Your packages to the UK are seized. Your customers have paid and not got the item they paid for. You refund them and have to pay to get them returned or else write off the costs. How long do you think you'll stay in business? Not on EU sales. Only on imports. Eve
  8. There's a half decent pinto engine available from the AMT Ford Pinto wagon. It also comes with a V6 or V8 (one of those V things anyway) so the kit won't be wasted. I know only RS 2000s had 2.0 pintos and the 1.6 was a Kent, not a OHC but something to think about...
  9. That's not correct, at least not for EU sales into GB or GB sales into EU. (Hint; Single market and customs union, remember?) Just EU - ROW. Yes, I've noticed that too. Lots of places are still charging the full UK price on exports to ROI. I suppose the lack of awareness amongst swathes of the GB population on the correct status of the Republic probably has something to do with that.. I've only noticed Hannants have mentioned it specifically on the site; and of those businesses I wanted to order stuff from, only Flightpath have just quietly gone and sorted thei
  10. roym

    Wolfpak Decals

    Can't answer your question but would be interested to know of an EU supplier? As the brexit thing makes it more expensive to order from FPS than it did from Mill Creek direct.
  11. Ah poo... Only met the man once but his IAC references were a huge help over the years. Ar dheis De Go Raibh a anam
  12. You were right the first time. Slightly less histrionics and a better explanation of hows, whys and effects here. https://www.rte.ie/news/2021/0108/1188595-tony-connelly-brexit/
  13. Are you sure on that? My reading is that when trading into the EU the trader only needs to register in the EU once. "This scheme allows suppliers importing goods into the EU to declare and pay the VAT due on those goods by submission of a monthly return via the IOSS in the Member State where they have registered for the scheme. Where the IOSS is used, the supplier will charge VAT to the customer at the time of the supply and the goods will not be subject to VAT at the time of importation." https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=htt
  14. Looking for various sizes in 1/72 scale, anchors need to be separated from cocardes, needed for a couple of whiffery projects.... TIA, Roy.
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