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  1. Hi Folks, I'm needing a little help with this Trumpeter Deck Blue, especially on the Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS Yorktown CV-10, the plans ask for this Deck Blue, which I've never really used, is it me, or are the colour plans a wee bit wrong, and so, I wonder if I could ask, has anyone built this model USS Yorktown CV-10 yet, and if so, what colour scheme did you find worked best. I was thinking of just going with the grey colour scheme, basically the Old Grey Ghost from WW2, the USS Enterprise CV-6, and her sister ship, the USS Yorktown CV-5, as I'm not a big fan of the multi coloured hull colour scheme, As always, any and all advice welcome
  2. I do have some spares from other kits that I can use on this kit, like the Pom Pom and some of the ships boats, I've even got some of the correct props I can use, but from what you're saying, the colour scheme Trumpeter have on this particular kit, I think it could be for the Chinese market, as the box is covered in Chinese writing, but now you've assured me about the colour, which I'm grateful for, I can get on building, again, Many Thanks
  3. Hi there, I wonder if I might ask for some help, I have a slight problem in that I'm colour blind, I've built quite a few kits, most of them give an actual colour code in the plans, or there's an option to add a wooden deck, which I usually add, only there's a problem building the 1/350 scale HMS Eskimo by Trumpeter, the problem being, the plans don't give a deck colour code, all the plans offer is paint "Deck Blue", can I ask, what is the actual colour code for this Deck Blue, any help is appreciated
  4. Papa4ways

    HMS Cornwall

    I found this on HMS Cornwall for anyone that might have the Kit, and who might be interested in painting her in an unusual colour, I found the attachment below, they have Cornwall in her launch/trial colour and then further colours, which I'm now considering https://www.world-war.co.uk/Kent/cornwall.php3 If you already know of this fine, but I just thought it might add something to the discussion
  5. Thanks for the heads up, but Airfix don't do these anymore, Hannants do a Harrier, but it's the US Marine version, and there's also I forget the name, but it's six clear models you build from the box, but they are also US Marine nersion, but if I'm really stuck, I think I might opt for one version, and do what I can to make it an R.N/FAA version Thank anyway for letting me know
  6. Hi Folk's, I wonder if anyone knows a supplier of Harrier Aircraft for the Airfix 1/350 Scale Model HMS Illustrious, the thing is, I've already got an HMS Illustrious, so I've decided I'm building this Carrier as HMS Invincible, I've already got the WW2 version of HMS Ark Royal, so I thought it only right to build this one as the HMS Invincible, but as you'll know, the Kit only supplies 4 Harriers, and I'd like to put a few more on her, just to make her look that bit better, so would anyone know a UK supplier for Harrier Jets, I've got plenty Sea Kings and Merlin Helicopters for them both, but I really need some Harriers Any help and advice as always, is appreciated Thanks Fred
  7. Daedalus72 If you want Great Reference photo's of the three Carriers, Ark Royal, Illustrious and Invincible, you might try these pages I found, each list of photo's carried a Flight Deck Plan, which might help you as well http://www.seaforces.org/marint/Royal-Navy/Aircraft-Carrier/R-07-HMS-Ark-Royal.htm http://www.seaforces.org/marint/Royal-Navy/Aircraft-Carrier/R-05-HMS-Invincible.htm http://www.seaforces.org/marint/Royal-Navy/Aircraft-Carrier/R-06-HMS-Illustrious.htm
  8. Papa4ways

    HMS Cornwall

    Hi Jamie, As always, thank you for all your advice regarding uploading photo's, but I would pick your brain slightly over this Deck colour on Cornwall I went with as close to your Exeter colour as I could, but when it comes to Cornwall, do you think going with the same colour as Exeter would be alright
  9. Than You again Antti_K, It really is kind of you to take the time to not only find them, but let me know of them, that's what I like about using this website, it's all about helping, and showing your work, although with my shaking hands, my standard is way below showing standard, but I do enjoy building Models, I do have a fleet of about 15 Ships with one in construction and two sitting, and a rather large collection of Aircraft, but my Phantom, so far, is my pride and joy, it'll sit atop my bureau when it's done I have two 1/24 Scale Planes, one a Spitfire the other a Hurricane, both belong to the same Pilot who flew them at different squadrons, anyway, my Grand Daughters school is built on an old RAF Base, and the Children are split into Houses, and each house is named after an RAF Aircraft, Wellington, Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster, I've already donated a built Wellington to the school already, and I've Completed the Hurricane, I'm right now, painting the finishing touches to the Spitfire before I apply the Decals, but the Lancaster, I've told the Head teacher, on this occasion, I'll build it if she gets it, as I think I've done not bad in supplying, building and presenting the other three Anyway, once again Antti_K, I Thank You very kindly for your help, as always, it really is appreciated Best Wishes Fred
  10. Did you actually serve on the Eagle, my Dad when he was on her, I'm sure he said his Mess was PT2, having said that, I know her size, and, he being a Leading Stoker, he was forced off her in 57 when he got badly injured, they were changing something over in the Engine Room, I remember him saying what it was years ago, and that they had to use chain hoists to lift whatever it was, memory's going, anyway, the Chief told me Dad to do something with this part, and as he did, one of the Junior Rates somehow released the hoist, and whatever it was, landed on my Dad's left ankle, and when he went down with the pain, something jabbed into my Dad's eye, causing him to suffer reduced eyesight, and after operations etc, he was classed as unfit for Ship service, he would accept being stuck ashore, and so that was him out
  11. Papa4ways

    HMS Cornwall

    Hi Jamie, Modelholic and richtea, When it comes to Jamie, even me, as a fairly newish member, know about Jamie being so helpful, as he already has been to me on another couple of Models The Model as I say is a good kit, it will come out good, the Deck is planked Stem to Stern, which makes me think, I should go with a wooden coloured deck, I've still got a nice mixed Mahogany, Sand Yellow and, and, and, sorry, I just can't honestly remember the third colour I added, but it's almost the colour you used on the HMS Exeter Jamie, so I'm thinking perhaps I should just use that on the deck, and perhaps use the Dark Sea Grey on the Gun Deck area, however, I could use your advice on the raised smooth Deck behind the Bridge, which is shown to be planked although it's smooth, I just wish I knew how to add photo's, I'd add the plans There is the raised secondary Armament Gun Deck, perhaps I'll Dark Sea Grey the area where they are, as is the HMS Exeter Gun Deck, the front of the first raised Deck where the Bridge will sit behind the second Turret, has planking at the front, but just behind the Bridge, the Deck is smooth from the Bridge to where a large Hangar is located in front of the Rear Turrets, which the Painting Instructions require the builder to paint the front and back sides of the Hangar Black, Vallejo 950, Tamiya XF1, Humbrol 33, with an addition of Model Master 1749 What really is bothering me with the instructions, the Upper Hull above the Plimsoll Line and Superstructure, they've got it a Light Grey, Vallejo 907, Tamiya XF14 and Humbrol 147 with an addition of Model Master 1732, something I've never used, however, I wont be using this Light Grey, I really do feel a lot of Builders will be quite annoyed at the paint instructions, but like you Jamie, you'll probably throw them out altogether, which I really am now considering doing, seriously! The Cocoa Brown I would never have used it, I'm a traditionalist, and I'll be sticking to Hull Red as I do at every turn Anyway, I hope I've managed to explain some of what is required As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated
  12. I'm into Naval Movies of old in a great way, The Cruel Sea, my favourite of all time Film, then there's Corvette K-225, both film's were based on the life of the Men who served on Corvette's in Wartime Service, and in all the Corvettes used, none had the dazzle paint scheme, even when the makers used real Wartime film of Corvettes in both of these Films, all the Corvettes had the normal grey paint schemes, I know it doesn't mean much, or might not help much, I just thought it might give you another option
  13. Papa4ways

    HMS Cornwall

    Hi Folk's, I've just been made a present of the new Trumpeter 1/350 Scale Model HMS Cornwall, I've been through the plans quite thoroughly, it does look like it will go together well, and come out a good kit, there is one thing that is bothering me though, and I don't know if anyone else already has the Kit, and perhaps feels as I do, the colour plan, the instruction for painting the Deck is, Dark Sea Grey Vallejo 994, Tamiya XF50 and Humbrol 123, but, I have to ask, does anyone else think it's a bit too dark for a Royal Navy WW2 Heavy Cruiser Deck The lower Hull instruction is also for a Cocoa Brown colour, Vallejo 985, Tamiya XF9 and Humbrol 177, I'm honestly none too happy with this colouring, and I would really appreciate other views on this, the Dark Sea Grey is not just on part of the upper Deck, it's from Stem to Stern, Upper Bridge Deck, top of Hangar Deck, the lot, which is why I'm asking for some ideas on what would be best. I know plans are there for a reason, but I'm just asking for opinions, and hope no one objects As always, any and all help appreciated
  14. My Mother has a few plaque's of the Eagle in her house, and some of the pictures my Dad took while on her, but she's not got this, where would I get her one of these, she'd be really pleased with this, thanks
  15. Thank You so much Antti_K and CT7567, I know the Printer I have wont be able to cope with this job, however, there is a great Printers in town, he'll do anything when it comes to printing, I've used him in the past for things for the Grand Daughters, they love all things sparkly, I just know if I give him the template, the set of Decals Antti_K showed me, they are ideal, just the set I'd want, then I'm sure the Printer will run them for me It really is a great way of doing things now, but being honest, I don't have what you'd call a computer brain, I know how to switch it on and off, I know how to get the printer to run, but the clever stuff you were on about Antti_K, I'm being totally honest, I wouldn't have a clue, that's why I;m so grateful we've got a really great Printer where I live I'm really grateful you showed me Hannants stock these sheets as well, I do know them, I've purchased from them before, but I didn't know of the Decal Sheets, that's what I really have learned about this website, everyone is so friendly and helpful, and, it's not all about how good you are, just being a keen builder is enough, which I think is terrific, anyway both Antti_K and CT7567, I thank you for your advice and help, it really is gratefully appreciated
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