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  1. When I built my HMS Montrose F236, I used Seaforces online, it proved to be a great guide, I found it really useful http://www.seaforces.org/marint/Royal-Navy/Frigate/F-236-HMS-Montrose.htm
  2. Hi Folks, I don't know if there's any ex Matelots on here, or folks who just like watching Military series from the 1970's, but does anyone remember the old 'BBC TV Series, Warship' series which ran from 1973 to 1977, it was a series based around a L:eander Class Frigate HMS Hero F42, normally the number carried by HMS Phoebe. The series starred Donald Burton who portrayed Commander Mark Nialls, who was HMS Hero's Captain for the first two series, then there was David Savile who portrayed Lieutenant Commander Derek "Porky" Beaumont, he played the 1st Lieutenant for th
  3. Thank so much for the information, I'll talk nice to the wife, that's me found another couple of Kits I'd really like to have a go at, HMS Amethyst, my Dad told me his Cousin was on her, plus the fact I think Richard Todd did a good job in the Film, which I have on DVD, and the Leander I'd really want is HMS Phoebe F42, ever since I saw her on the BBC Warship series, I just thought Phoebe special, and I managed to get aboard as a Sea Cadet one time when she was in Portsmouth Thank You so much for letting me kniow, it really is appreciated Fred
  4. Trust me, I've gone and written the wrong number, I know the dark green is 30, but what I meant to write was Humbrol 164 Dark Sea Grey, sorry about that, I'll amend my original message, it's been one of those days, and here was me thinking it was over
  5. I couldn't see your photos, but this is the Kit that Santa will be bringing me this year, well, I've been told I've got to be good, so I suppose the kitchen sink and dishes are going to play a big part of my life this year
  6. How I wish I could build, even half as good as you, this is fantastic, a brilliant tribute to those grand old Ladies
  7. What a beautiful Kit, an absolutely great build, I'd love to build one of the old Leander's, but as you know, no one is manufacturing a 1/350 scale version, I think the biggest is an old 1/600 scale that Airfix did, brilliant finish
  8. I built 2 of the 1/350 Scale version, I wish I could put up photos, but this laptop wont allow me to, one Kit I bought, and the other was given to me by Airfix, it was after I used Airfix clear varnish, and it ruined the deck of the Dreadnought I was building at the time, it was take it or leave it, as it was the only 1/350 scale Airfix had to give, and so, one is painted and with Decals as Lusty, and the other I finished it off with Decals for HMS Invincible
  9. I have to say, you've really put my effort with this kit to shame, what a brilliant job you've made of the camo paint, there looks a lot of effort into getting such a great finish
  10. I'm in the middle of building this Kit myself, and I have to say, you've made a great job of yours, I can only hope that my effort turns out half as good as yours, although I'm going to the last option on the instructions
  11. I was going to ask about the Gloster Javelin and the Dark Sea Grey, Airfix have it down as Humbrol Dark Sea Grey 164, I don't use Humbrol paints, I only use Vallejo paints, but as I want to keep the colour as right as I can, what would be the Vallejo colour of Sea Grey be please I'm only asking, simply because I'm colour blind, I can normally manage, but with the lockdown, I can't get the help I need (my original message amended) As always, any and all help appreciated
  12. I have to say Graham, I loved my time in the Sea Cadets, I went all the way from Junior Seaman to Petty Officer SCC RNR before I was also forced into resigning through my job moving me, I used to really enjoy going to Naval Establishments for Courses, the range of Courses was as varied as the Branches in the Royal Navy, my two favourite destinations being HMS Raleigh and HMS Lochinvar.
  13. Forgot to mention, T.S. Douglas SCC 112 is based in Dumfries, and is still an active Unit, well obviously not during the present pandemic, but the Unit is still going strong Brief history of T.S Douglas as far as I remember, Unit Commander Lt. Commander. SCC RNR Tommy Wright, when Lt. Commander Wright retired, Command was transferred to Lt. Cdr. SCC RNR Louden Richardson, and when Lt. Commander Richardson was promoted Commander, he was also titled Area Officer Commanding Sea Cadets South West Scotland, Command was transferred to Lieutenant SCC RNR. Robert Norman, and when his job m
  14. Great to see such a fantastic build of a fine old lady, alright, I'll be honest, I wrote that with a lot of favouritism, I was in the Sea Cadets as a youngster, and the name of my unit, T.S Douglas SCC 112 named after HMS Douglas,, I've seen a lot of pictures of the old Douglas,, but it's the first time I've seen this fine old ship, it really is great to see how she would have looked in her day
  15. I was going to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but unless you've got a good Kit to build, I don't see there's much to be Happy about, oh, what the hell, a Happy New Year folks Papa4ways Fred
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