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  1. Hi Gareth, If you check this website http://www.seaforces.org/marint/Royal-Navy/Aircraft-Carrier/R-05-HMS-Invincible.htm it'll give you loads of details of HMS Invincible, and when you're on the website, if you scroll well down, you'll find a complete plan of the flight deck, it also gives you 2 options of Invincible from either 1980 or just before she was scrapped in 2005 Hope it helps
  2. Hi Shaun, Has the Postman not made it to you yet, or is the Customs People playing funny, after all, the Wife did post it first class, to try and prevent really bad snail mail Fred
  3. Hi Folks, I got some great news this morning, a parcel arrived this morning, containing a full set of Canopies for my Fairey Gannet, and they were supplied FREE OF CHARGE from Hannants, they simply asked for my address, and told me one of the Sales Managers had found a set, and they sent them to me, you've no idea just how happy Hannants have made me, and just how relieved my Wife is, THANK YOU HANNANTS
  4. Hi One 48, If you get your 1/48 Typhoon Eurofighter, you can purchase a set of tribute Decals from Hannants, they were originally on a Hawker Hurricane, and I did my Typhoon in them, and I have to say, it looks really smart
  5. Hi Tony, II was given them by a mate who for some reason, thought I was building a C-130,, and I must apologise, but I've only just noticed that they are actually the Italeri No,274/6 C-130J-CS set, but if you still want them, you can have them, I'll PM you with my address, it would need to be a large envelope, even if I cut them down through the seperation line, it's still a big sheet While I'm at it, if anyone is interested, I've got a set of Agusta/Westland Merlin Decals in 1/48 Scale, plus 2 sets of EE Canberra, both in 1/48 scale and a set of US Phantom II Wild Wea
  6. Hi Tony, Forgive me for asking, but are you looking for a set of Decals for a C-130 Hercules, it's just that I've got a complete set of decals that are split between the RAF and the US Marines, it's quite a big sheet, but if you want them, you're more than welcome Papa4ways Fred
  7. Than k You, very much appreciated
  8. Hi Mike, Yes, thanks for the advice about the 100 posts, I've already landed myself in hot water trying to post in the wanted threads, and so, I think under the circumstances, I've been let off this time By the way, I'm still searching for canopies, nudge nudge
  9. Sorry to be so long in getting back to you, but I suffered a bit more problems with the food poisoning and was back in hospital for a couple of days. Anyway, I wished I could have glued the bits together again, but the silly moo threw the bits in the bin, when she told me what she had done, it was my first thought, to glue them together, but then she told me she'd thrown them out, I know what I wanted to say, but then i thought, I do enjoy peace and quiet Thanks anyway John. Take Care
  10. Hi 71chally, I'm not actually building the Fairey Gannet, what's wrong is, my Wife got a bit upset and over worried while I was in hospital, and to help herself, she did what she termed, a pre Christmas Spring clean, and while she was cleaning, she decided to give some of my kits a dust, and when she dusted down the Gannet, she broke off the front canopies, and to cap it off, while she was looking on the floor for the actual canopies, she stood on them, and, well, I'm now searching for canopies I'd rigged them iopen, but had built them onto the kit as one unit, and so, when sh
  11. Hi Folks, I'm in need of some help, and wonder if there's anyone clever enough to do, what I can't, or even give me a step by step guide on how to make Canopies for a Fairey Gannet The problem is, there is no such thing as spare Canopies for a 1/48 Scale Model Fairey Gannet ASW anymore, and I've been told the only way round it is to make a set, and that's something I simply don't have a clue about, I've been advised that the only way around my problem is to scratch build a replacement from "putty/balsa/card and splunge mould them like the old days", but even though I we
  12. I like the story of Invincible on her way to the Falklands, and the Fleet's movements being shadowed by an Argentine 707, but how Admiral Sandy had thought it was another Aircraft was the guilty one, Invincible wrongly locked her Sea Dart missile system on a Brazil DC-10 instead of an Argentine 707 that was monitoring the fleet, the day before, Admiral Sandy Woodward asked the Commander in Chief Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse if he could shoot down the 707, because he thought it could trigger an attack from the Argentine aircraft carrier Veinticinco de Mayo, the 707 was no threat to the fleet, s
  13. My Dad made me a present of the 1972 Janes Fighting Ships for my Christmas back then, and I've still got it, it's looking pretty tattie round the edges now, after 15 house moves, I have to say, it's been a while since I looked at it, but knowing its there is what's important
  14. This is one Royal Navy Ship that must be saved, she cannot be allowed to sit like this Can anyone confirm a rumour I heard while I was at HMS Lochinvar, that a certain Captain of HMS Bronington was sea sick, because Ships biscuits didn't agree with him, someone knows the truth
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