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  1. In his book "V & W class Destroyer" (1971) Anthony Preston has the following notes re HMS Vampire: October 1916 whilst building Vampire's armament was increased to two x triple torpedo tubes to match current German destroyer design October 1916 - Vampire and all other new leaders - a high-angle 3-inch gun to replace two 2-pounder pom-poms.
  2. There is a very good article with lots of scale drawing in the January 1968 IPMS(UK) Magazine by Bill Matthews explaining the various versions of the Boeing 707/720 family - the scale drawings show the various wing forms, fuselages, tailplanes, etc. I can scan it if of interest - PM me if wanted.
  3. Max Decals sheet 4403 in 1/144th scale has decals for Air Lingus DC-3s EI-ACE or EI-ACD and quotes Humbrol H3 Brunswick Green as ideal for the upper fuselage, silver for rest of airframe. No mention of interiors. I will scan it and send it on to your email address tomorrow. I also have instructions and decals for Welsh Models DC-3 in BIA Cargo colours - again will scan and email onward! Welsh Models did a number of DC-3 schemes if I remember correctly - a check back in their adverts in old copies of SAM should show them - perhaps others on here built the kits but didn
  4. czechnavy

    Covid Jab

    Had our jabs yesterday (Sunday) morning at 0915 - administer by an ex-pupil who lives just around the corner from us - then it was home for bacon baps!! Last time I met an ex-pupil in a medical situation I was on the receiving end(!!) of a colonoscopy - again a delightful young lady but who seemed more interested in catching up with news of other old members of staff than the task in hand!! No reaction to the jabs but a serious lack of bacon baps today - just 'healthy' muesli.
  5. I picked up a pair of LED strip lights from Lidl - about 50 cm long, already wired and with spring brackets to hold them against the shelf - £7.99 each if I remember correctly - they have a very natural tone of light closed to daylight - I think when I bought them there were two boxings - one 'daylight' and the other 'mood' light. They were labelled as being for 'under kitchen cupboards'. Just re-looked at your photo - first thoughts were there was a toaster on the workbench!!
  6. Dated 12th January: Due to the recent decision in the UK to make shippers collect a 20% VAT tax for packages sent to the UK and pay it quarterly, we regret that we have no choice other than to suspend any further sales to the UK. Current open orders will be filled and shipped, and we hope for the best for their safe delivery. This is a very unfortunate decision by the UK, and we wish we had a way to avoid it. We have many great customers in the UK, and we will miss you all. If you are a citizen of the UK please plead with your lawmakers to change this unfair tax collection.
  7. Hi everyone I am told that the major difference between the 215 and the 415 is that the engine nacelles for the kits are attached at the same point whereas in real life the 415 has the nacelles shifted inboard. A French modeller says via Google Translate: Heller has maintained the attachment points of the nacelles corresponding to the CL-215. As a result, the new nacelles are about 5 mm too much outboard. To correct this, you must: Cut the bonnets (triangular shape) to the nacelles. Bond structural reinforcing plates to solidify cut parts. Swap the previously cut pi
  8. The Trumpeter USS Blue Ridge is a modern amphibious command ship which came in to service in 1970 so very different from the ship your uncle was on in WW2.
  9. Electronic copies of all the Warship Profiles are available for free(!!!) at: https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Warships
  10. Airfix Magazine Guide 27 has the plans for a Runway Controller's caravan which I can scan if you want - PM me. The Scale Models magazine also had plans drawn by Ian Huntley for another Runway Controller's caravan based at "RAF Steeple Clayton" - again I can scan if you are interested. I scratch built for my father the Controller's Caravan he spent many an hour in during 1942-44 based on the latter drawings - as he pointed out that caravan was 'knocked up' by the Station carpenters to a general plan but modified during building to suit the Station's needs.
  11. Dermo - there are photo walkrounds in the IPMS(UK) Magazine: Issue 4 of 2014 has a walkround of a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources CL 215 (ex-Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) - the markings are easily amended from a Leading Edge Decal sheet. Issue 5 of 2017 has a walkround of a French CL 415. If you don't have these issues but are at Telford in a fortnight have a look in the "Give an Old Kit/Magazine" section as you go in to the Kit Swap area - there are often sets of old Magazines there in return for a donation to the chosen charity.
  12. Reasons to join IPMS if going to Telford!! a) You do get in an hour before Joe Public on both mornings - more time to spend cash or even look at the models!! b) The IPMS member's access is quicker than the Public access - just need to show your membership card not wait while the guy in front searches his pockets for that elusive pound coin. c) You can visit the Kit Swop in the morning - public access is not until 1300 on the Saturday - IPMS members will have had access from 0930(ish) so bargains are rarer in the afternoon! d) Then you h
  13. Talking with friends from Eire, Germany and Spain they have no worries over getting to Telford from Europe although perhaps with a slight delay. For a visitor from the USA via Heathrow there should be no difference from existing immigration arrangements - just the normal long queue so wear comfortable shoes and visit the loo before joining the queue!! As an overseas visitor your big advantage will be that your US$ will be worth more in Pounds due to the decline in the value of the UK£. Make sure you change your money at your bank or at a travel agency (perhaps the AAA)
  14. The Airfix VC10 was originally issued as an airliner and I am sure that the tanker reissue was a piece of minimal work on the part of Airfix with just the tanker bits and new decals added - I don't think any work was done to the basic kit.
  15. Following on from the mention of the Airfix Magazine above have a look at: https://archive.org/search.php?query=airfix+magazine&and%5B%5D=subject%3A%22airfix+magazine%22&sort=titleSorter&page=2 which should lead you to copies of the Airfix Magazine available on line.
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