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  1. There is a set of 1/76 plans for the German two-wheeled fuel trailer in the IPMS(UK) Magazine of July 1971 - looks identical to the trailer in the photo above except the plans include mudguards.
  2. HMS Cumberland in 1938 - I have a Word version of that article which I downloaded years ago - has the photos and the diagrams embedded in it. I downloaded it as I live part of the year in Spain where I have no internet access - lack of internet is the best way to ensure that plenty of modelling is done!! Message me with an email address and I will happily pass it on!
  3. If you can have a look in the recent IPMS(UK) Magazine for an article on a Siskin which won the Branch Champion's medal at Telford in November.
  4. Hi Nenad I checked in my magazine and the article is by Mike Startmer. There is no separate subscription option for the IPMS(UK) Magazine - it is included in your annual membership fee. Mike
  5. Have you seen the article 'Churchill III tanks of Kingsforce' in the IPMS(UK) Magazine September/October issue 2021 - a very good article covering the colours and modifications to these Churchills? The author has identified each tank's unique colour scheme from photos. It was awarded the prize for the best IPMS magazine article of 2020/2021 at the awards ceremony at Telford!
  6. The Alynbank is mentioned in an article in the 1989 Warships entitled 'RN Anti Aircraft Ships' and there are a couple of photos of her in the article. Message me if you do not have this article.
  7. Mike One of the LCM Mk.9 still seems to be about - she is now the Severn Sins and based at Bridport, Dorset - some modification especially a new engine: These links may be of use: https://www.keynvormorlift.co.uk/vessels-equipment/severn-sins https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060044448 https://hastingscountrypark.org.uk/2016/08/27/ovendens-storm-the-beach The last listing of her position was in Nantes, France - see https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:188156/mmsi:235007657/imo:0/vessel:SEVERN_SINS which has some more photos of her Have a good Christmas!!
  8. Lazyeagle - as far as I can see all ticket sales are online only at https://www.theinternationalcentretelford.com/events/scale-model-world-2021/ I cannot see an option of buying a ticket covering the two days - there are two options - Saturday - Sunday. There ae no tickets for the Friday as only those setting up trader stands or branch/SIG tables are allowed in and those people have to be named in advance.
  9. Tim R-T-C Remember that if you are thinking of entering the Competition at SMW that the deadline for entries is Monday 1st November. The best way to enter is online at the link on the IPMS SMW website. If you are entering by post make sure you give plenty of time for Postman Pat to get it delivered - our post here is still taking up to 5 days for a fairly local first class letter to arrive!! Remember there is no 'entering of models on the day' except for Junior IPMS members or if you have joined IPMS on the Saturday morning at the Show - can't imagine anyone will do this as you would have had to buy a day ticket online before and then pay the annual subscription as well - seems an expensive way to go about it!!
  10. If the state of our Royal Mail deliveries is typical I would renew very, very early. Some of our first class mail is taking up to 8 days to reach its UK destination even though it is always posted at the main post office in the town centre and before 3 pm. The local Postmaster tells us that up to 30% of delivery staff are victims of Covid self-isolation, etc plus they were already short of delivery staff as it is an occupation not seen as desirable by many younger folk!!
  11. Mike - a couple of points - The Airfix Bloodhound kit is 1/72 rather than 1/76 - it was first issued as part of the Airfix aircraft range in 1960 before they started to produce 1/76 AFVs in 1961/2. There is a softback book called "Build and Convert Airfix Military Models" by Tom Cole, published by SAM. I remember looking at it at SMW (2000ish??) when it was first published and, if I remember correctly, it had notes on how to improve the kit - I don't have the book so it might be my memory is going!! Perhaps someone on the AFV pages here can verify if there is such an article. Mike
  12. In his book "V & W class Destroyer" (1971) Anthony Preston has the following notes re HMS Vampire: October 1916 whilst building Vampire's armament was increased to two x triple torpedo tubes to match current German destroyer design October 1916 - Vampire and all other new leaders - a high-angle 3-inch gun to replace two 2-pounder pom-poms.
  13. There is a very good article with lots of scale drawing in the January 1968 IPMS(UK) Magazine by Bill Matthews explaining the various versions of the Boeing 707/720 family - the scale drawings show the various wing forms, fuselages, tailplanes, etc. I can scan it if of interest - PM me if wanted.
  14. Max Decals sheet 4403 in 1/144th scale has decals for Air Lingus DC-3s EI-ACE or EI-ACD and quotes Humbrol H3 Brunswick Green as ideal for the upper fuselage, silver for rest of airframe. No mention of interiors. I will scan it and send it on to your email address tomorrow. I also have instructions and decals for Welsh Models DC-3 in BIA Cargo colours - again will scan and email onward! Welsh Models did a number of DC-3 schemes if I remember correctly - a check back in their adverts in old copies of SAM should show them - perhaps others on here built the kits but didn't use the decals - have a try in 'Wanted' in case anyone has them stored away.
  15. czechnavy

    Covid Jab

    Had our jabs yesterday (Sunday) morning at 0915 - administer by an ex-pupil who lives just around the corner from us - then it was home for bacon baps!! Last time I met an ex-pupil in a medical situation I was on the receiving end(!!) of a colonoscopy - again a delightful young lady but who seemed more interested in catching up with news of other old members of staff than the task in hand!! No reaction to the jabs but a serious lack of bacon baps today - just 'healthy' muesli.
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