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      Ongoing DDoS Attack causing Forum Slowness   26/04/17

      In case you have missed the announcement, the reason that the forum has been slow at times since the minor version update the other day is due to a Denial of Service attack, brute force attack on our email, and judging by the lag with our FTP response, that too.  If you're feeling like you're experiencing a glitch in the Matrix, you're not wrong.  This is the same MO as the attack in September 2016 that occurred when we transitioned to the new version 4 of the software.  We're currently working with US and UK cyber-crime departments, who specialise in this sort of thing, and we're hopeful that we'll be able to track them down this time by using the accumulated evidence already held.    We are pretty certain that it's a continuation of the same attack last year, only at a reduced intensity to deter people from using the site "because it's terribly slow", rather than taking it down completely, and we're also sure of the motivations of those responsible.  Spite.   Please bear with us in the interim, and wish us luck in dealing with these.... "people".

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  1. A Lotus Cortina Mk1 , parked in Hay on Wye
  2. This morning , Lotus 7's and Caterham Super 7's ,passing through Brecon , dozens of them !.
  3. The original deliveries of the F4K carried a stenciled data plate giving the colours, the upper surfaces were painted " UK338 / 1527 Dark Sea Grey ". Now , presumably this was a US produced paint , so if one could find the original colour standard it could be matched. Andrew
  4. Midland Railway 1000 class 4-4-0 , built in 1902.
  5. Thanks everyone , really appreciate the positive remarks .It's a very nice kit actually , if built as intended it goes together well ,easier than some injection moulded kit I've made , also made easier by the inclusion of white metal undercarriage, The only addition I've made apart from filler is a resin Martin Baker Mk2 ejection seat. Andrew
  6. Thanks Wooksta , the blue paint was left over from a Spitfire prototype conversion and was matched to the illustration on the dust jacket of my copy of " The Spitfire Story ", { Looked right to me }. Perhaps a Supermarine house colour, wasn't there a Scimitar in a similar light blue finish ? Andrew
  7. Many wartime vehicles only seem to have the red [ danger ] nuts painted , the" white" nuts being left in camouflage colour , Obviously this will not apply to all vehicles so if possible check photographic evidence. Andrew
  8. Finally managed to get something finished after a long period of ennui, during which unfinished project have been building up around my workbench. So , here it is , Supermarine Swift F4 ,WK198 , this is the jet that attempted to beat the world speed record. The model represents the aircraft just before the record attempt , as the wing fences were removed for the actual record flights.. The model is a conversion of the 1/48 Falcon Swift FR5 , finish is from a Halfords rattlecan , Ford Riviera blue. Andrew
  9. Spotted a very nice green Saab 96 on the A 438 near Brecon , lovely condition on a M plate { 1974 I think } Andrew
  10. You will need to shorten the nose , since the Seafire XVII had the shorter nose of the Spitfire XII.
  11. I can understand all the arguments against a 1/48 Scimitar , especially considering Hornby's current financial position , but a fully solvent Airfix might produce one , after all they made a 1/48 Sea Vixen , which could be argued is equally obscure outside of British enthusiast circles. Andrew
  12. I've used a pair of Fiskars needlework scissors for years now , perfect for the job and cost about a tenner. Andrew
  13. Get a pack of Xtradecal red decal stripes , you can do all the access panel lines you need.
  14. you know that Halfords can mix any BS381C paint into a spray can , if you know the number they will mix it.
  15. Stunning work , a credit to your skills , just two comments , once again you've fallen into the trap of using the Tamiya Austin Tilly , not used by the RAF I'm afraid . Also the Ferguson tractor didn't appear until 1946. However this in no way takes anything from the superb modelling displayed. Andrew