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  1. you know that Halfords can mix any BS381C paint into a spray can , if you know the number they will mix it.
  2. Stunning work , a credit to your skills , just two comments , once again you've fallen into the trap of using the Tamiya Austin Tilly , not used by the RAF I'm afraid . Also the Ferguson tractor didn't appear until 1946. However this in no way takes anything from the superb modelling displayed. Andrew
  3. If the attack was designed to take out fighters in a cave complex , I would have thought Grand Slam would be a more effective weapon. Andrew
  4. Yes , sounds OK to me , have seen Red Tops in white , aluminium with white fins , light grey with dark grey or green fins , probably other combinations out there as well. Andrew
  5. According to the then current AMO's covering aircraft markings, the yellow leading edges , sky tail band and spinner were only to be applied to fighters of " Fighter command , day fighters at home ". Therefore , I would not expect them to be seen on fighters in the Middle east or Far east ,with the possible exception of aircraft that might have been transferred from Fighter Command without being repainted. Andrew
  6. That's just beautiful , well as beautiful as a Phantom can be , stunning modelling at its best. Andrew ps. its not photos of the real thing pretending to be a model ?
  7. Would appear to be a new mould Rick , although Revell described it as " a conversion of the Spitfire II mould " at Telford . Much more than a conversion I would say. Andrew
  8. Matadors were used to tow the 4.5 " Gun , 5.5" gun and 3.7" AA gun, there were also used for the earlier BL 6" 26cwt howitzer, and some were pressed into service in the North African desert to tow Rodgers trailers. Andrew
  9. Dull Red used in WWII does have a definite brown cast to it , almost a brick red colour. Andrew
  10. Griffon Spitfire.
  11. I've just used " Biostrip " to remove the paint from a second hand Buccaneer model , about half an hour in the stuff and the paint came right off. Admittedly only a single coat of enamel but it seemed to work well. Got it on Ebay. Andrew
  12. Since UK Lancaster production was dispersed around a least seven manufacturers and probably hundreds of component suppliers , it is entirely possible that slightly different production methods were used by some of them , hence the variations seen in the canopy construction. Incidently Lincoln's have the internal rear framing seen on some of the Lancasters here. Andrew
  13. Note that not all Buccaneer S2's had the bulged fairings you mention , study of photos of early S2s show that some are as the Tan Models illustration. Examples lacking the bulged fairings are XN974,XT286, XV153 and XW986 in " Rasberry Ripple scheme " amongst others. Andrew
  14. Also the highest number of carrier deck landings , first pilot to land a twin engined aircraft on a carrier and first pilot to land a jet engined aircraft on a carrier.
  15. Eric "Winkle" Brown , only the greatest test pilot the world has ever seen.