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  1. Falcon 1/48 Supermarine Swift

    Nice model , you got to love a Swift , now if only Airfix would give us one in 1/48.
  2. Stalks on the mudgaurds of scammell pioneer?

    Width indicators , set to width of widest part of vehicle, to let driver know if vehicle can fit through narrow streets. Mostly seem to have been fitted to later vehicles if photographic evidence is to be believed . Andrew
  3. New airfix 1/48 Mustang,

    Hopefully later releases will also come with a cuffless prop .
  4. Gunpowder . . .

    Watched this saturday , a bit gruesome in places , but then again the punishments are historically accurate , so can't see why anyone should object. Television should educate as well as entertain and I can't see any reason to gloss over these events just to protect the sensibilities of a few. Andrew
  5. Airfix 1:72 Tilly

    The Airfix "tilly" is a Standard or at least is claimed to be. Andrew
  6. Scimitar F1

    The EDSG is supposed to be BS381 640, was in the local Halfords looking at the paint for a close match when one of the staff approached and offered to help , when I explained what I was looking for he said " I can mix that for you , we can do BS standards if you have the code " , so next thing I know I'm the proud owner of a spray can of EDSG, it doesn't seem a bad match either. Thanks everyone for the very kind comments . Andrew
  7. Scamell pioneer breakdown tractor

    That looks about spot on to me ,just what I'd expect to see. Andrew
  8. Scimitar F1

    This is one rescued from the shelf of doom, a Dynavector 1/48 Scimitar F1 , nice vacform with a fairly easy build , but not helped by my decision to fold the wings. Seemed to lose interest about half way through the build so it got left for about 12 months, but decided to get it finished , after all the Scimitar is one of my favourite aircraft. Finished in Halfords finest, EDSG over appliance white, with scratch built ladder and intake blanks. Aircraft represents a machine of 800 Sqd FAA in 1961.
  9. Scamell pioneer breakdown tractor

    Exactly that , the whole of the roof , tops of mudguards ,bonnet and tool boxes should be in the darker colour, see Matador models link ,fig 7 for official diagram of foliage pattern , of which mickey mouse was a variant. http://www.matadormodels.co.uk/tank_museum/camo charts/cooperCamotimeline-Britishsheet(2).htm Andrew
  10. Scamell pioneer breakdown tractor

    A common fallacy when painting " Mickey Mouse " is to carry it on to horizontal surfaces . With this style of camouflage and shadow shading all surfaces viewed from directly above should be painted in solid darker colour , not patterned. Andrew
  11. Recommend a courier for large parcels

    That size of parcel comes within Royal Mail's " large parcel" definition according to their own website calculator , who told you it was too big ?
  12. Did the RAF have its own BDS ?

    Try googling 5131 [BD] Squadron RAF , The RAF's only dedicated Bomb disposal unit formed in July 1939. PS. the RAF didn't use the Austin "tilly" , you would need a Hillman or Standard.
  13. 1/48 Gnat mystery part

    As Abraham Lincoln once said " never believe everything you read on the internet ".
  14. Telford Shopping List

    Didn't have anything in mind for Telford , until I saw that the Thunder models Scammell tank transporter is imminent, so will probably now be on the list. Andrew
  15. A few NAVY birds

    Thought you meant Royal Navy , but never mind , they look great all the same , a credit to your skills. Andrew