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  1. Why don't cars look llike that any more? Achingly gorgeous.
  2. It didn't look too bad before restoration, but now it looks like the stunning cars the Miura and its Jota derivitave were, and surviving examples stiill are.
  3. Another beauty. I love seeing your models Libor, always reallly well builf and finished.
  4. AZ Model DHC-1 Lebanese Chipmunk, OOB

    Another lset of lesser built air force markings, on a nice model.
  5. The Hobbyboss kit is very nice, but you have made a decent job of the Italeri offering. It is always nice to see something done from less well known air forces.
  6. Thank goodness they didn't have those at Pearl Harbour. Then again, the Zeros were reliable.......
  7. Spitfires over Israel

    Marvellous Spitfires with great markings. I find it hard to find fault with anything in Israeli airforce markings, and the Egyptian one looks great too.
  8. Oops. My error, I apologise Fuad. I shan't make that mistake again!
  9. That's a very nice model Faud but..... 'Good day, gentlemen!' don't forget there a plenty of Lady modellers here too.
  10. You said in the WiP that you didn't think the Matchbox would disgrace itself and at your hands I don't think it has. That Tomy SS100 is almost as gorgeous as the real thing though.
  11. Opel GT, 1/25, AMT (Round 2)

    Another beautiful model Matt, of a gorgeous car. Nifty plate too, but a bit naughty after 1 Jan 73!
  12. Matador's 1/76 Fox a/c

    Interesting model. 'Interesting' roadsign.
  13. Your painting has really brought it to life. Lovely.
  14. IDF Spitfire LF Mk.IX

    Just love Spitfires in IDF markings.
  15. I prefer the Eindekker myself. There's a fair bit of quality in the quantity, and there's plenty of quantity.