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  1. Nice, looks more G-6 than G-14 though. What didn't you like about AZ's 109? I have never built one so I don't know.
  2. Looks fantastic in the wrap around lizard scheme
  3. What a gorgeous IX
  4. Jasta Bill!!! I see a bit of the cobra in you.
  5. What a lovely build, something very exotic about the Ninak in the 1920's
  6. I seem to have heard something about a colour called Hawker yellow that was used by the factory, it was applied to all non camouflaged surfaces such as U/C well etc. I have never seen it, is this right or were they painted differently? Also heard the colour was used for Hurricane, Typhoon, Sea Fury as well as the Tempest.
  7. Edger

    BAE Hawk XX154

    I seem to remember that the Matchbox 1/72 Hawk had this aircraft as one of it's colour options, the other was Red Arrows.
  8. The Fw190 was a good kit initial release had the colour scheme option for a JG2 aircraft flown by ace Sepp Wurmheller
  9. I love these die cast enhancements that you do, they are superb.
  10. Edger

    Help Phantom!!!!

    Ok Dave thanks, if you do find them well great but thanks for looking.
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