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  1. Another nice build Tony,you must have more Spitfires than Airfix now!!!!!!!! Ian
  2. Hanger 3 is closed at present for remodelling [no pun intended] all the older exhibits were relocated to the restoration/storage hangers. I was told by the people on the gate that hanger 3 was closed until May next year,eventually all the hangers will be used and all exhibits are to be brought inside. The Sabre BB+150 is an old acquaintance I first saw this aircraft as a 10 year old aircraft spotter at Prestwick in 1956 one of over 500 Canadair Sabres that were seen, previously it was 23102 with the RCAF
  3. There is a photo of the last RAF Hercules movement from Gatow in the control tower,from memory it was the last large aircraft movement to leave the airfield. Ian
  4. As the title says a few more from the Luftwaffe Museum,not technically the correct name but easier to spell Ian
  5. Here is the real thing at Udvar Hazy a few years ago Ian
  6. The Dakota is still there,no Hastings or Chipmunk seen. Some of the hangers are used for storage of airframes but are not open for viewing which is a shame. Just for you Tony I will post some more when I get time. Ian
  7. I don't think they would have made these. You can have a Berlin 'Safari' in these little things,they disappear up the road emitting large clouds of smoke so those following can't see a thing. Interesting museum there are dozens of them in it all painted in colours from the Dulux catalogue Ian[ URL=][/URL]
  8. Hi Folks A few from the above museum,a bit cramped but some very nice stuff to see. If you like ships or trains this place should be on your bucket list,the ship models are incredible and the trains kept in the engine sheds are worth seeing Ian][/URL]
  9. Hi Folks Spent five days in Berlin last week and was allowed by SWMBO to visit the Technical Museum and Gatow Very easy to find despite being right on the outskirts of the city,public transport is brilliant and got me there in around 45 minutes from Charlottenburg Hope you enjoy Ian
  10. That is very nice,makes me want to finish my ICM kit which has found its way onto the shelf of doom. Ian
  11. Very nice build,my memories of these are they had to be the noisiest aircraft I have ever heard when taking off. Ian
  12. Hi Andy Very nice,you and Paul have a lot to answer for as I have just started another one of these. Cheers Ian
  13. Hi Paul Nice build,as you are aware I like this kit a lot,so its maybe time to dig another one out. Hopefully it will be as good as yours. Cheers ian
  14. Last night around 7.30 pm I passed three low loaders heading south in convoy around one of the the Barnsley turn offs. Didn't notice what was on the first two but the last had a ME109/Buchon loaded on it,anyone know anything about this? Cheers
  15. Nice to see you back onto Sabres Andy,I've not seen those decals before,nice build. Cheers Ian