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  1. I like this a lot but then again I like any Meteor especially as well done as this one. Ian
  2. The colours are Dark Green/Dark Grey over HSS This aircraft was the CO's machine and had a dark blue stipe thinly edged with white on the fin from the undersides of the tailplanes to the curve where the fuselage starts. The wingtips were painted dark blue with a white stripe bisecting the blue on the centre line The aircraft also had a Squadron Leaders pennant under the windscreen. The individual code letter E was in white and was applied to the fin on top of a blue oblong. Gun ports were black. The port engine nacelle carries the the white rectangle with blue zig zags sandwiched between two pairs of Squadron Leaders Pennants,it is possible the starboard one carried these as well. It also had the aerials fitted on the topside of the wing. Info comes from Cold War Shield Vol 1 Hope this helps Ian
  3. Stunning,nothing else to be said Ian
  4. Hi Tony To be honest I threw half this kit away, the etched parts are a pain in the you know what. I sat the seats on pieces of plastic card, you can't see the etch underneath them anyway so why bother with it? The plastic was a bit brittle and did not like liquid poly too much and the parts for the engine bearers were very fiddly and again you can't see them. Go on man get it built, after some of the things you have built it should be an easy one for you. For Jonners,watch this space. Cheers Ian
  5. Hi Folks Yet another one,I really like this kit as you can probably tell.I just like Meteors full stop This one from 245 Squadron at Horsham St Faith when undertaking aerial refuelling trials.Probe came from a Revell F84E kit. Painted with Xtacolor HSS and decals from Xtradecal Ian
  6. Hi Folks Busy old time in the assembly shed just now. This one depicts a C45 attached to 724 Squadron of the Fleet Air Arm based at Bankstown in Australia.This aircraft was luckier than some the others based there which were to have been dumped overboard from an aircraft carrier. It was returned to Europe and given to the Italian Air Force.
  7. Hi Paul I use Galeria gloss and matt artists acrylics. These are easy to mix and thin down very well and spray easily. Normal thinners don't work well with these so I use the manufactures thinner. The big bottles 330ml I think cost around £8 and have lasted me nearly 2 years now. See you at Hudderfield Cheers Ian
  8. Lovely build Tony,must be nearly out of black paint now after the Fortress and this!!!!!!!! Cheers Ian
  9. Hi Folks This one painted as the personal aircraft of of Sir Richard Atcheley and assigned to12 group Comm Flt in July 1953. This Air Vice Marshall had at least two aircraft for his 'personal use',the other being WK818. The nose decals were home made and the rest cobbled up from generic sheets, painted with Xtracolor paint. I found it odd that the inside of the intakes were painted green but there is a head on photo in Cold War Shield that shows it . Ian
  10. i have traipsed around Loch Doon many times with my fathers uncle in years gone by, never fails to impress me with its beauty. Spent many happy days around Burnton and Benquhat[now no more]where my father was born. There was a Miles Master wreck on the hills around Dalmellington but I think someone has removed it. Happy days for someone from Ayr also known as townies to the locals. ian
  11. Hi folks Recently made a visit to Malta for a week and visited the Air Museum,nice friendly place to visit and it can be thoroughly recommended .
  12. Hi Richard I have a couple more to do and then I may do the one which is in the Turkish Air Fore museum. I took quite a few pictures of it a couple of years ago. Cheers Ian
  13. Hi Folks Another F102 from the Monogram stable of Century fighters. Finished with Xtracolor paint and Superscale decals,I really like this series, easy to build and finish. Cheers Ian
  14. Another nice one Andy,cant help thinking you have too much time on your hands these days!!!!!! Ian
  15. If the aircraft on the decal sheet is WS844 the complete tail assembly was painted black. The CO's initials NP on the lower fin which was believed to be pale blue. A Wing Commanders pennant was situated on each side of the nose and most aircraft had a Squadron badge on each side of the nose below the windscreen. Info from Cold War Shield Vol1. Hope this helps Cheers Ian