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  1. Tornado service life

    I read somewhere the Germans were updating 50 of theirs, think it was in Aviation News. ian
  2. Canadian built Harvards - Internal colours?

    Hi Dave The info came from the Air Britain Harvard File. The File state's the aircraft was delivered to India/Ceylon in a batch FT179-FT206 between Dec43 and Jan 44, it went to 45 Sqdn in May 1949. FT186 was in a batch of 361 aircraft FT100-FT460. I've built around a dozen various RAF Harvards and went with RAF grey/green for the sidewalls and black for the tubular frame, several colour photo's exist but I can't remember where I saw them. Cheers Ian
  3. Canadian built Harvards - Internal colours?

    FT186 was built in Canada,went to 45 Squadron then to 1301 Flt,Station Flight Negombo SOC April 1955. My father has FT165 in his logbook which was based in Rhodesia where he was instructing in 1946 he liked the Harvard but always said it was better to bounce it rather than spin in on landing. Ian
  4. Hi Folks Another T33 from Academy,finished with Experts Choice decals,Xtracolor HSS and for the high gloss finish Windsor and Newtons acrylic varnish.Various bits of black toned down on the matt painted areas with Revell matt varnish. Aircraft depicts an aircraft attached to the 5th FIS. Ian
  5. Hawk T1a

    Hi Andy This one is a bit outside your comfort zone, it's not a fifties jet!!!!!! Nicely done though. Ian
  6. Unpopular with me as well, having had the pleasure ?of several flights during visits to the US. Dark,dingy,dirty,noisy just a few of the words I could use to describe them. I've flown on a few DC9s or MD what ever its called and it was never my favourite choice of aircraft. Ian
  7. Trumpeter Attacker

    Hi Tony Thats the one I need, thanks very much. Cheers Ian
  8. Hi Folks This is my Trumpeter Attacker complete with 'cream crackered' canopy totally my fault. I decided to fit the canopy cover as if the aircraft was being readied for the night outside, didn't glue the canopy on in the vain hope someone might have the spare from the Magna or CA kit. If any one has a spare I would be very greatful if they would get in touch. Straight forward build no problems fit wise, finished with Xtracolor paints and Xtradecals. Cheers Ian

    Hi Paul Nice builds, looks like the decal solution you bought on Sunday worked. Also looks like you've been working overtime on the kits. Cheers Ian
  10. Hats & Caps

    Not a bunnet in sight, thats a flat cap in English Ian
  11. Academy Lockheed T33

    1/48th scale
  12. Academy Lockheed T33

    The model was painted with Xtracolor High Speed Silver thinned with Xtracolor thinners which give the paint a very smooth finish. Ian
  13. Hi Folks This T33 was assigned to the 318th FIS based at McChord AFB in Washington State. The decals are from an old Experts Choice sheet,the instructions called for the aircraft to be in ADC grey but I found a photo in an old[30 years plus]Military Aviation Review which showed it in bare metal, several other photo's in the mag showed a couple of grey one also assigned to the unit. I know this kit has its faults but it built well and I am happy with it. Ian
  14. Hi Folks The last of my F86K kits this time finished in the markings of the French Air Force,nothing much more to say about the kit except the markings are nice and colourful. Ian
  15. Have we lost the Battle of Britain Hall at Hendon

    I've been fortunate enough to visit the US Air Force Museum,Pensacola,and both Smithsonian's in Washington where they have none of the the nonsense being wheeled out in our museums. They have some small video displays explaining the aircraft and it's missions, above all they are aircraft museums well presented[apart from the black interior of the NMASAF] By all means update them but don't turn them into dumbed down places. Ian