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  1. Hi Folks This is the Italeri reboxing of the Kinetic kit which I bought from trickdicky in his recent sale. The kit goes together well, decals from AirDoc which are very good,depicting an aircraft from 1JaboG 31 'Boelke' based at Norvenich in 1960. I have only seen one of these in Luftwaffe markings at the museum in Berlin but I remember when the Berlin Wall crises died down a few dozen of the F84F and RF84F routing through Prestwick on their return to the States taking a good 80% plus of the runway to get airborne. Interesting to watch. Cheers Ian
  2. Test Pilot School de Havillands

    Hi Keith The Otter was stil at Pax when I did a tour of the airfield around 4 years ago. One thing that was notable were the number of airframes up poles and on grassed area's,one of them was an A5A Vigilante if I remember correctly Cheers Ian
  3. It's about time you finished that Spitfire,have you been slacking? Very nice all of them Ian
  4. Monogram F102

    Straight from the box. 1/48 Scale
  5. Hi Folks The latest F102 from the 526 FIS based at Ramstein,unfortunately the sunburst markings did not last long as the unit markings were replaced with less flamboyant ones after a couple of years. Xtracolor ADC grey was the paint used and the decals came from an old Replica In Scale sheet,to say they must have been 20 years old behaved very well. Ian
  6. The Seven Ages of Modelling

    There coming to take me away HaHaHa,HoHo,HeHe
  7. 1/48 Harvard

    According to Air Britain 7732 was in a previous life EX405 the subject of Johns picture and sold to the Belgians as H.216 in 1953. Could be the one shown has been restored or the wrong serial has been applied and its obviously been allowed to rot a bit, the individual history shows no record of it serving with the SAAF. Ian
  8. F-106B

    Wiser!!!!!!! Ian
  9. Very rare bird

    Didn't Aurora do one as well around the same time as Revell did? Ian
  10. F-106B

    Hi Andy Another nice sixties jet, like the decals a lot. Like you I had a few problems with the one I built, a lot of fiddly bits to knock of while other things are being done. I also think the canopy sits too high although I'm not sure if anything can be done about it, must admit I haven't looked it too seriously yet for the other one in the stash.
  11. Hi Folks This is the CA MeteorT7 which has resided on the shelf of doom for too long, it was almost finished but removing the masking from the canopy the paint came with it so I lost interest for a while. This aircraft was one of the last T7s built for the RAF and had the large bore intakes fitted, the one on the model are leftovers from an Airfix Meteor and when cut to the right length fit almost perfectly. WN311 as shown was attached to 1Grp Com Flight and scrapped in 1962. I found a photo of the back end of sticking out of a large pile of Meteors a bit of a search found another one but I couldn't determine if the trainer bands were on the aircraft,Tony O'Toole came up trumps with a good side view but it had no trainer bands. While searching for something else I came across a tiny side view which showed the trainer bands so it was finished as the photo,I do like trainer bands[Hate painting with yellow] Ian
  12. DIY project: plasticard printing/cutting machine

    Toxic vapours in ANY quantity is not good and would be against the law in Europe if they were above the levels set by the relative standard agency for the industry concerned. To do it as an individual in a small room with no extraction would be foolhardy in the least. A lot of the fumes created are carcinogenic if you fancy that good luck to those that want to do it. Ian
  13. DIY project: plasticard printing/cutting machine

    I would think very carefully about this exercise,I was a manager in a company that operated laser cutting machines in the sheet metal industry and all our machines were fitted with extraction equipment for the fumes and dust. We were often asked to cut plywood and plastics but our extraction systems would not cope with the resins in the plywood which would give off poisonous fumes or the fumes created by cutting plastics. I assume the plastic being etched on the video would give off the same fumes and thus create a danger to the operator. Companies who cut plywood on laser machines have invested some serious money in extraction systems which is why during the period before I retired so few were doing it. You can see many souvenirs in gift shops where the edges of the plywood are black, assuming that the majority of them come from China or other far eastern countries the question would be are they interested in the same Health and Safety rules which responsible companies would abide by. Ian
  14. Hi Folks D.H. Hornet finished as an aircraft from 33 Sqdn based at Butterworth Malaya around 1954. IMHO this is probably the best fitting CA kit I have built,I know it has its problems accuracy wise but it is built straight from the box warts and all. Finished in Xtracolor HSS and Xtradecals. Cheers Ian
  15. New Year TV festivities

    I remember that well,I never saw Jimmy Shand smile, did anyone? Ian