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  1. Nice build Tony,glad to see you've got your mojo back Ian
  2. Another nice pair, if you will excuse the pun. Ian
  3. NASM On The Mall

    Hi Folks The last stop on our US tour was in Washington DC,I've visited here before but on a very short visit as I spent most of the day at Udvar Hazy.Its a bit crowded in places but still very interesting,I had read that part of it was closing for refurbishment but it seemed to operating OK. Cheers Ian https://i.imgur.com/CBH7qgU.jpg[/img
  4. Valiant Air Command

    Hi Folks A few from Florida on a day when it was hissing down, just my luck. Last time I was here was around 26 years ago when there were a quite a few hulks around, it's been tidied up and looks the part ,nice museum very friendly people willing to give up their time for visitors. Cheers Ian
  5. A few from USS Intrepid

    The Scimitar moved on some years ago along with a couple of other exhibits when the Space Shuttle arrived. From what I can gather it it now resides in an upstate New York museum. Below decks the following can be seen,Avenger,FJ4 Fury A4 Skyhawk and an HUP2 helicopter. Cheers Ian
  6. Good build Tony,two for the price of one. Did the other half stop you buying two Halifax kits? Ian
  7. USS Yorktown

    We used the water taxi from Patriots Point by far the easiest way to get about without using a car,parking charges are way more than we pay in the UK. Ian
  8. Hi Folks Taken from the other side of Intrepid a few different views of the aircraft. This was our second port of call after Boston and our ship docked right next to Intrepid,I visited the carrier a couple of years ago and it looks as if the only new aircraft is the F16 so I didn't visit again, instead I went with my wife shopping only to stop the credit card suffering from friction burns. Cheers Ian
  9. USS Yorktown

    Hi Folks A few more from my recent trip,Yorktown is docked at Patriots Point a few miles outside Charleston. Unlike Intrepid in New York most of the ship is open to the public and shows very well the conditions the crews had to work in and also how the ship worked. I was struck by how small the stairwells and corridors were, images on newsreels show aircrew running out of doors and up ladders,all I can say is there must have been a lot of banged heads and knees. This is a very impressive museum and the Vietnam experience which only opened this year is excellent if you are in Charleston go and visit.Recommended. Cheers Ian
  10. Hi Folks Slowly working my way through the holiday photo's. Boeing build the 787 in Charleston but the line up was too far away to get to in the time I had at the airport but it was pretty impressive, the Dreamlifters were parked closer but there was too much in the way of buildings and equipment to get cleaR photo's, however it was interesting to see two of them. The 787 in the previous post was brand new out was performing taxiing and braking runs on one of the runways, if you look closely you can see locking stats on the U/C. Cheers Ian
  11. RAF Sabre F.4

    Looks like I'm late to the dance again, hope the following helps, XB727 Went to 422Sq RCAF,then to 234 Sq as Y,then to italy.This aircraft flew with both types of wing. XB772 Went to 112 Sq as P,to USAF May 1957,then to Yugoslavia.Only flew wit the 6-3 wing. XB837 K and XB694 N were both with 92 Sq and had the high demarcation PRU blue undersides and flew with both types of wings, there may be other 92 Sq machine with blue undersides. As far as I am aware most 92 aircraft had HSS undersurfaces, as always a photo is the best form of ref. Cheers Ian
  12. A few from Charleston

    Hi Folks Had a couple of hours at Charleston waiting for a flight to Washington DC on our recent holiday[or should that be trek]as my wife would say. I was allowed!!! to visit a few museums along the way so I must have been a good boy for a change. I will post a few more when I get some time Cheers Ian
  13. Canadair T33

  14. Canadair T33

    Hi Martin Thanks for replying,I already had that picture you sent the link to in fact it may well be the next project to show the same aircraft in both schemes. I was a young aircraft spotter in the early sixties and have great memories of hovering around Scottish Aviation and creeping through dozens of RCAF aircraft on the airfield and incredibly saddened to see the Sabres and CF100S chopped up en masse. Great days though. The build is now well advanced and ready for decalling,thanks o those who replied to the query Cheers Ian
  15. Canadair T33

    Hi There Sorry not to be in touch sooner ref. the T33 query,first of all thanks for the assistance. I have printed off the info ref the Belcher decals and seem to have opened a can of worms, the info says that there were two camo schemes but I seemed to have discovered another two variations. However I have enough now to finish the model and would like to thank you again for your help. Cheers Ian