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  1. Hi Tony Nice one mate,I remember these when I worked on Masirah Island off the coast of Oman. The instructors would take a student pilot on his first Strikemaster flight to show him the ropes and end up with a VERY low pass over the runway perhaps 25 feet or less. The sight of the poor student staggering away from the aircraft was certainly one for the record books. Ian
  2. I stopped the regular purchase of magazines some years ago because of the criticisms above, they just were not worth what was being asked price wise. The obsessions with certain aircraft types bugged the hell out of me and the same type would appear in most of them over a 3 month or so period. Even my old favourite Aeroplane Monthly is heading down the route of Spitfires this month Hurricanes next month then Spitfires again,how much more can be written about these aircraft. I know they sell to 'Joe Public' but in years gone they would have interesting histories and stories of all manner of types which were not published elsewhere. Thats the whinge for the week over. Ian
  3. F-106

    Another nice one Andy,just a pity they were not regular visitors to the UK. I only saw 2 transiting Prestwick in the early sixties en route to the Paris air show and I believe this was the only time they visited the UK. Ian
  4. East Kirkby Air Show 2017

    The Mosquito moved from Elvington. Ian
  5. Hi Folks This is Monograms F80 Shooting Star regenerated from a Cat3 landing accident many years ago. I found this in the spares box minus a few bits mainly easily replaced parts and thought why not give it a go. The aircraft represents one from the 36th FBS based in Korea in 1952,decals from Aeromaster. Ian
  6. I'm back...

    Dont worry there will be plenty of time for nightshift modelling Ian
  7. T-33 77th FBS

    Nice to see a T33,you don't see too many built. I am currently building a pair of Academy kits, hope they turn out as good as yours Andy. Ian
  8. Pet hates.

    Speed bumps, no money to repair roads plenty of money for slowing traffic.
  9. Hi Folks Built this one alongside the recent F86K painted as usual with Xtracolor HSS and some mixes of the same paint.Decals by Eagle Strike. .
  10. Another F86K

    Problem sorted folks. Ian
  11. Hi Folks Another MustHave F86K this time from the Royal Norwegian Air Force's 337 squadron based at Gardermoen in 1957. Paint is the usual mix of Xtracolor,decals from the kit which really are very good and sit down well. Ian
  12. How long does it take?

    Same in West Yorkshire 10 -12 miles of roadworks on the M62 while they turned it into an 'intelligent motorway' and you would see 4 or 5 people working on it. If anything the problems are still as bad with traffic at a standstill in the rush hour,still someone made a lot of money out of the millions spent Ian
  13. F-94 Starfire & RF-80A questions

    Address for Fox3 studios is. Fox3 Studios 6837 Northpark Drive ForthWorth Texas 76180. e mail is gmasher@netzero.net Hope this helps Ian
  14. F-94 Starfire & RF-80A questions

    As mentioned before Fox3 studios do 1/72 Fletcher tanks at $4.50 plus postage and an F94 update set for the Hobbycraft kit. Ian
  15. Dunkirk

    The critics seemed to like it a lot and it appears Harry Styles CAN act. It was shot using 65mm film to give it a feeling of realism. Ian