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  1. Hello Everyone, I'd like to join with a Revell Sea Hurricane IIc. 1/72 Built OOB. (I hope...) It's been 6 months since I touched a kit, so this would be good for me to get back into the groove.
  2. Recently inspired by this GB, I dusted off the Mirage from the SOD and finished.
  3. PK-22 P-47 Thunderbolt SEAC Thunderbolt FL749 One of my laser printed decal disintegrated, so the starboard side does not have FL749.
  4. Done. Paints used (all enamel); MM 1728, 1764, 2018 (scribbled with 1742) Added tail wheel doors Spinning prop shot More pics in gallery This was a lot of fun!!! Thoroughly enjoyed this GB!! Three contributions to one GB, with time to spare. I've never built so fast!! Now, off to the Malvinas... Moe
  5. Quick update just before completion. Mask for markings and insignia are done. I've laser printed the serial number FL749 on clear decal. Reference for this TBolt are; https://www.raf-in-combat.com/downloads/october-2018-republic-thunderbolt-mk-i-20-photos/ Photo 13 - I don't think this picture show a roundel on the side. Squadrons! No. 2 - pg 30 (same picture as above.) http://www.fw190.altervista.org/P47D-Razorback.html (Near bottom of page.) Warpaint Special No. 1 - Pg. 72 Moe
  6. PK-6 FW 190 MM enamel paints RLM 65, 79 & 82.Camo free handed. Kit decals, thin black outline cut out. 1 & - are cut stencil. Added new cannon barrels (because I broke the original ones), additional outer wing MGs and antenna.
  7. Done... Wow!!!! My second for the GB, a personal best.... More pics in gallery.
  8. Quick update. I just this TBolt is build for a short pilot..... (I glued the head rest below the coaming!!!! DOH!!!!!) This GB has been too much fun!!!! This is my third kit in a GB (which is a personal record...), but more importantly (almost) completed. Moe
  9. Decals and yellow paint. Then final touchup(s) and landing gear. It'll take me another month!!! (Better not....) Moe
  10. Just a teaser... Unit marking are cut out, just have to mask and paint the yellow.
  11. Hello Everyone, I had started this in the Tenner GB (2021) but didn't complete it. It's very clean for a desert scheme, I'm just glad is done. All the markings are from Microscale 48-498, except for the "K". That is a stencil cut from vinyl and painted on. As you can see, it's slightly larger than the decal "HL". My bad...
  12. Hello Everyone, I would like to join with a skyhawk. I started this kit back a while, but I don't think it's more than 25% done. (Mods feel free to let me know.) My build will be mostly OOB, apart from what I can gather around the Internet on these birds. Been looking forward to this GB. Moe
  13. Done... More pics in gallery, I missed the memo on the colour and scruffy repaint. I had originally finished it in MSG, so I tried to "scuff" it up by going over the grey with a diluted matt black. Enjoy.... Moe
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