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  1. Yeh, I know what you mean. I just spend some time last week getting the nacelles and engines to fit. There is a bit of sanding on each cylinder head to get it to fit. I used this build by MattG as a reference for the nacelles.
  2. Now, that my Tenner GB is moving to the paint shop, I've got some room on my table to work on the Blenheim. Nothing to write home about..... But, I have started!!!!! I think my AMS is kicking in....
  3. Just a short update. Aileron have been shorten to MK. VIII specs. Getting ready for the paint shop. I've made a decision on the markings. American Spitfire Mk VIII HL * K - "Fargo Express". Microscale decals for this aircraft, are coded HL * X. I'll have to cut a "K" to replace the "X"
  4. I got out the airbrush, and thinned down the (black) paint and shot away.....then dry brushed with a light grey, and re highlighted with a white colour pencil. Here's the result. Thank you again to Troy for his assistance.
  5. Thanks Tony for the suggestion and picture of the IP. (I think I forgot to paint the IP before drybrushing. The Tamiya plastic is close to RLM 02{to my aging eyes} [if you look at the edge of the IP the colour of the plastic is the same as the unpainted plastic], so I just went ahead and drybrush. - My Bad!! I'll see if I can airbrush some black on it.)
  6. @col and @Graham Boak Thanks for the information. I'll leave a seam from the cockpit back to the tail. But, I wouldn't offset the seam. I don't think there's a seam forward of the cockpit, both on top and underneath? Thanks again. Maybe German aircrafts are easier to build.... less seam filling...
  7. Does anyone know if there are natural seams down the top and bottom of the 109E fuselage? Or direct me to any website that have good reference(s). I'm piecing together the cockpit and will soon close up the fuselage half. Thanks for looking, Moe
  8. @DaveyGair Thanks for the update on the decals. I haven't started the kit yet, trying to working on Tenner GB and Bf109 GB, but have looked at the instruction sheet (several times).... I'm leaning towards assembling the fuselage then attaching the wings. I'll have to get the tape out and test fit as I go. I'll try to find some more examples of people who have built the kit and see what their approach was. @MattG Thanks for the heads up on the engine nacelles. Moe
  9. Thank You so much for the decals, DaveyGair. Much appreciated. I've heard/read a lot about the glazing on the kit. It sounds like what you have described is the best approach in dealing with it. Test fit.... Test fit.....Test fit..... on the main wing, then.
  10. Hello Everyone, I have waited awhile for this GB. I would like contribute a Bristol Blenheim Mk. 1 in the markings of 62 Sqn. L1134/FX-F (Arthur Stewart King Scarf VC) I'll be using the Airfix Mk. 1F kit, and source out the markings. (Markings found - Thank You!! DaveyGair) I am interested in this particular aircraft because it was based in the town across from the little island where I was born. Remembering my days as a very young boy on the island, watching RAAF Mirages fly around the skies. I've since immigrated to Canada, but there's a little bit of the island boy in me still. (Sorry... TMI)
  11. Thank you very much for your generous offer. PM sent.
  12. Hello Everyone, I'd like to join with a Tamiya 1/48 Bf109E in British livery. AE 479. As you can see from the pic, I've been doing some researching into the markings. I'm going to print the AE479 on the laser printer and source out decals or cut out insignia stencils. The kit is old, so it could be the one with the wonky nose. Does anyone know which boxing has the wonky nose?
  13. Just a quick update. Cockpit is done( to my liking.) I punched out some different size disc and use them on the IP for instrument dials, added oxygen tank, pressurized air bottles and voltage regular behind the seat. So much for OOB.... I might the seat adjustment lever later and there's a brace that runs from the back of the headrest armor plate to frame 12 which I'll add later. It's just a simple piece of plastic. Seat belts were cut from transfer tape, using my electronic cutter, so now I have a file to cut future seat belts and painted.
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Yeh.... We'll chalk it up to time zones.... Moe
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