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  1. Done!!! Would like to add a few notes; 1) Chin grills are decals. I sanded down some of the detail while contouring the nose so decide to fill in the grill and make a decal. 2) "01" is a cut stencil from my silhouette cutter. Once again the colours of the pictures are a bit off. All the colours are not that dark on the model.
  2. Hello All, I would like to join with a Revell Wildcat 1/32. This is a dedication build for me to a modeller that recently passed away here in Canada. He was very supportive of me as a young modeller, was there at IPMS meeting, taking us hobby shows in America. It's my was of saying "THANK YOU" Moe
  3. Some people were asking about the wall plug in the nose of the mustang. Here's some pic on how I use it with the stand I made for holding my projects. So far, I've only worked with 72 scale subjects. I use a drill bit to turn the plane, as shown in the pic. It's not my idea, I did read about it somewhere in the internet. (Sorry I'm unable to give a reference to where I go this idea from.) Share some of your ideas on how you hold your subject for paint and handling. (I guess you would have to post it somewhere else, since this is the GB forum.) Enjoy. Feed back is always welcomed. Moe
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Using the word "Speedy" to describe my builds!! (you should see my KUTA pile!!) Colours I used: Underside = Humbrol 147 Brown Testors Model Master Dark Tan FS 30219 and RAF Trainer Yellow (gloss) Ratio = 6 (tan) : (1) yellow Blue Tamiya (both) XF- 17 Sea Blue and XF-24 Dark Grey Ratio = 6 (blue) : 1 (grey) I actually (tried) to follow this article on HS In the article David used a 5:1 ratio. But, I miscalculated and used 6:1 I like the way the two upper camo colours turned out. They look better in person than through the lens of my cell phone. I'll try to get a better pic once I'm done. Moe
  5. Another update. Camo is on. Decal/Markings next, after some minor touch ups
  6. Just a quick update on my progress. Finished the cockpit and about to close up the fuselage halves.
  7. Hello Everyone, I'd like to join with an Israeli Mustang with code 01.
  8. Another Update, wings are on. Paint booth is not too far away., now Looks like I'll be using this option on the decal sheet.
  9. Just a progress update Going to close up and get the wings on.
  10. Hello All, I would like to join..... I'm going to contribute an Academy Typhoon (1/72) and use one of the marking from Xtradecal 72179 - a three blader and short cord tail. Here what I have for now.
  11. Here's my contribution to the gallery. Airfix Spitfire Vb Decals are from the new Airfix Vb kit (I guess it's a case of old meets new....)
  12. It's Done!! (At least, I'm calling it done.) Couple of things... 1) Prop is incorrect for McNair's aircraft. 2) Gun port tapes are missing.
  13. Yes, decals are on.... Will get this one into the Gallery later this week. Thanks for the check in. Moe
  14. Just a quick update... Camo is on. Weathering is next then decals. I'm going to be using the new Airfix Vb decals for "Buck" McNair. The "Locally Mixed grey" looks more green in the pics. (Could be my lighting) I used Steve Budd's mixing ratio from Airfix Model World Aug. 2014
  15. @Ventora3300 - here's some pics of with wings on. I glued the fuselage from tail to front in two sections. Tail to cockpit, where the joints end at the rear canopy and wings attached. Waited a day, finished gluing from canopy to front. Because I was building the spit with the trop. filter, I attached the filter to the fuselage halves then attached the two fuselage halves. I attached the upper wings to the fuselage, so that I can get a less of a joint to deal with and then attache the lower wing to the model. I don't know if the dihedral is correct.
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