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    Hemel Hempstead, UK
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    Herpetology, Mathematics, Medieval History and of course Aircraft + Modelling 1/48th 50s-60s Cold War jets, Vietnam and a few modern birds.<br /><br />Busty woman (.)(.) are also on my HUD!
  1. Xtrakit Meteor F8

    Looks smashing sturgeon err surgeon, really nice!
  2. Parc Fermé

    Wow you vroom vroom types are so talented Really, hats off to ALL of you! Mish that dio of yours is superduper lass!! Please come around and teach me your tricks
  3. Prizes Prizes Prizes

    Well seeing as the motor builds have been really cracking and there are some hugely talented modellers doing their bike and car stuff, i'll donate a 1/48 Monogram F-104C. Great kit, lots of detail, raised and recessed panels tho, but then it is a 25yrs old release!
  4. New JASDF Agressor scheme

    Agreed, i really do find them boring as , unless they're 2 or 3 tone.
  5. SU-27

  6. Le Bourget 200708

    Stunning! all of them ,esp the Hun, Thud, Concorde, Zipper, Scooter, and that Russian Fencer!
  7. collection of past builds

    Nice eclectic collection there, you can see how you've made strides in the sequence of builds.
  8. Lockheed Constellation. Pan American.

    Nice start BAC! The Connie is one of those idyllic icons of yesteryear which still look sexy today. My fav airliner by far! I'll be following this closely, got the Heller kit in my stash too.
  9. Bombcat

    Not toooo bad Mark, but hurry bluddy up will ya!
  10. Shooting Star

    Mmmmmmm, "you are my shooting star" O.K i'll get my coat Seriously tho, lovely stuff!
  11. Farnborough

    Superb angle shots, love the lines. That Vulcan is mean!
  12. Revell 1/32 Tornado ECR

    Spiffing Al, really lovely build there, certainly did her justice,and that scheme is to diiiie for!
  13. F-105D Walkaround -

    Thanks for posting, I never tire of its brutish look. Hail the Thud!
  14. B*****ds..... not for good for F4 Phans.....

    I wouldn't pay £2 pounds for it, waste of space, fugly jet.