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  1. Cockpit looks realgud. Great shout on using a dark grey rather than a black for the cockpit so it can be seen. I would have unthinkingly gone with NATO black, but your way works a lot better.
  2. Will be following this thread with interest. Having all the reference pics in this thread will be very useful in the future too
  3. Lovely subtle weathering on the tank. Amazing paint job on the figures.
  4. Gorgeous model, great weathering, and the figures are fantastic.
  5. "Waste is the currency of war, and it must be spent for military objectives to be achieved" General Dwight D Eisenhower.
  6. The mud and the figures are outstanding
  7. Sounds like some form of sensitisation to me. You can go years around something with no effect, then one day you get an allergic reaction to it. The thing about sensitisation is that it only needs a microscopic amount to trigger the reaction. I was sensitised to one of the chemicals - a drug for high blood pressure - where I used to work, and even just handling a document that had been used by someone working on that process used to cause my face to start itching. I hope you are able to find a workaround to this, it sounds like its probably one of the solvents used in these glues but I don't know an easy way of narrowing it down.
  8. When I cataloged my stash during lockdown, the breakdown for aircraft was approximately 1/32 ~10% 1/48 ~ 50% 1/72 ~ 40% 1/48 is definitely my favourite. I love the "chunkyness" in that scale that makes them look less toy like than 1/72
  9. Decals? pfffft! A real modeller would have masked that by hand! Joking of course. Great job, think I would have gone blind trying to decal that
  10. Nev

    Ray Rimmel

    Wow, I remember that. Over 100 mags in the collection IIRC. My grandad had the entire set, and as a young boy I used to love going round to their house at weekends and disappearing into the spare bedroom where I would pore over them for hours. Happy days
  11. Well, that is simply superb. The water and the grass look real, and everything else down to the little details like the sweat stains down the soldiers backs is amazing.
  12. What breed of Burmese is that Steve? Those are very Siamese colours
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