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  1. Best Su-27 build I have ever seen. Congratulations!!!
  2. No I haven't applied any sort of washes or weathering products, and it could be possible to have a "bad" batch of decals.
  3. Hello all. I am having some issues with the decals on my Airfix Spitfire. The decals are cartograf. I painted the aircraft with AK RC and then gloss coating with Tamiya X-22 and left over night until fully dried. I then went to apply the decals using microset and sol as usual but after applying microsol there appeared to be a black stain forming around some of the smaller decals, I tried to remove this with a damp cotton bud but with no success, I then thought when I went to gloss over the decals again this would remove the stain, but this did nothing. I am rather perplexed as to what is causing this, I didn't think microset and sol where that strong, I am thinking to switch to tamiya lacquer gloss as hopefully this can provide a more resistant coating but if anyone has any insight as to how I can prevent this in the future or what is causing this that would be much appreciated. Regards
  4. Yes I used AK Interactive heavy chipping medium
  5. Thank you for the kind words, on the next sunny day I shall defiantly have to take some shots outside and see what results I can achieve.
  6. Here is my build of Meng's Panther, lovely kit no issues at all, the tracks where a paint but nothing out of the ordinary. I attempted some new weathering techniques with Ammo enamel products. Critique and criticism more than welcome.
  7. Indeed yes they are R4M rockets included with the kit, I choose to batter these up a bit with some simple chipping
  8. Here is my completed build of Tamiya's 1/48 Me262 A-1a. I used AK RC Lacquer paints. Comments and criticism more than welcome.
  9. Hi all, Im looking at investing in some A. Mig and AK enamel weathering products to improve my weathering to both aircraft and AFV builds, but I have heard mixed opinions about their lifespan, that they can go off after being opened. Im just curious if anyone here has some knowledge they can possibly share with me about the rough time it takes for these products to "go off" and by that I have heard they can form a sort of sludge in the bottle. For reference I was looking at getting both washes and heavier "mud" type enamel products. Thanks in advance.
  10. Lovely build, love the slightly worn look
  11. Lovely looking build is this the hobbyboss kit?
  12. Hi all, Im wondering if someone can help me with modern US Navy and UK Navy colour schemes, I'm looking too build a US Ticonderoga-class cruiser and a UK Type 45 Destroyer, I'm wondering if someone can provide me the FS colour's for each of these ships if at all available. Kind regards
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