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  1. Thank you Guys for your kind comments.I will try to improve in my next build. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, This is my first model of a tank.Panther A Tamiya 1:35 scale.It has been a real fun to build and to paint.However, the best part for me was the weathering process, with washes and pigments. I cannot wait for starting a new project.Please give me your opinion and any comments is really appreciate. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, Thank you for your comments and likes. Yes sure, this was my latest and not last project. I love too much this hobby to give up.
  4. Hi guys, This is my last project and my second uboat model kit.What a fun was to build this mode!a real mojo booster. The model is quite cheap and a few defects and gaps can be easily be solved.I think that to get the best from this kit a few aftermarket parts are necessary(rails on the conning tower)I tried my best to not break the parts when I was cutting them from the sprue.I tried some pre-shading on the hull to highlight the details between the panels. Colours I used Revell and Vallejo. I hope you like it and any comments are always very appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hi Guys, This is my last project in 1:48 scale.BF 109 E3 of the ace Adolf Galland (August 1940).The kit is very good as expected from Tamiya. I enjoyed building it.As colours as usual for me I opted for Revell acrylic and a bit of oils for weathering. I hope you like, any comments is highly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thank you Guys for your comments. Very appreciated.
  7. Hi guys, This is my latest project in 1:48 scale. The construction was quite simple, even if the model presents some inaccuracies on the wings assembly. I tried to reproduce the exausted stains using airbrush, obtaining a result for which I am not completely satisfied. However I learned something for the next project.As colour I used Revell and for some cockpit details Vallejo Air. I reproduce some weathering effects on the top and on undercarriage using oil paint. I used Eduard mask for painting the cockpit. I hope you like it and please don't hesitate to give me your opinions and advices.Thanks
  8. Hi guys, This is my latest project in 1:48 scale. What a fantastic kit, from probably the best manufacturer of plastic kits.I love that airplane, for me was the best in WW2.The building went very smoothly without any particular issue.As a lot of other modellers, I found the decals a bit too much thick and I was scared to sand them.I used oil to reproduce some weathering effects.I didn't use any aftermarket and as paint, I airsprayed Revell and Vallejo colours. I hope you like it and any comments and tips are highly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, This is my latest model.The aircraft built is a reproduction of the plane fled by Hptm. Wilhem Moritz during the defence of the matherland in July 1944. The building went on very smoothly without any particular issue a part from some issues to fit the canopy and stencils. The level of details is quite remarkable considering the small price for the kit.I painted the model by airbrush in most of the cases,adding a black preshadow on the undercarriage. I used Revell acrylics and Vallejo for the bare metal areas. For the weathering of the wheels, I used Tamiya weathering master. I hope you like it and I look forward to receiving your tips and comments. THANKS.
  10. Hi Guys, This is my latest project P47 551st FTS 1944 Maj Gen. William Kepner.The kit is a pure gem, I really enjoyed it..I have not found any problem at any stage.I had to fill in just a little gap between the canopy and fuselage. I painted the model using Revell acrylic colour and Vallejo aluminium colour for some details.I used Montex canopy mask and oil paint for creating some weathering effect on the undercarriage and wheels. I hope you like it and please give me your opinions and advices are both very important for me. THANKS
  11. Hi Bertie, For the pics 1 and 4 I used some filters trying to produce some kind effects (probably last time I do that). The others pics are as taken with my camera .I hope others don't have the same issues.
  12. Hi guys, This is my latest project, Spitfire F MK IX Eduard 1:48 Weekend Edition.The scheme I choose was the fighter flew by Irving F.Kennedy 249 Squadron Qrendi Malta July 1943. The kit is a very nice build, no issues to report.This is my second kit painted with airbrush, and I am satisfied of the results.I struggle to find reference pics for this airplane during ww2 thus I have to use a bit of imagination to create some weathering effects.As paint I used Revell acrylic.The only downside are the decals...too fragile. I hope you like it, and I can't wait for receiving your comments and advices. Thank you
  13. Hi guys, I am working on my last project a P47 scale 1:48.I wonder if any of you can help me to find some colour pics of this airplane during ww2 better if in digital format.It will be of great help for the painting and weathering process. Thank you
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