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  1. Hi Jean, I made a typing mistake, yes P-38.I would like to make a P40.I probably go with Airfix 1:48.Have you ever built one?
  2. Hi Werdna you spot the issue.I have just realized my mistake. I don't want to try fixing the issue since the wheels were attached with superglue and I am worried to make a big mess.thank you for your comments it helps me to improve.
  3. Hello Jean, thank you for your kind comments and advice.To be honest I don't know which model start.I am not sure between these three:P30,Mosquito or P40. Any suggestion??
  4. Hi Guys, this is my latest project BF109 F4 ZVEZDA 1:48 in tropical camo. I really liked building this model. Firstly, the price is great for what is offered in the box. Two different variants are offered and very nice details of the engine Daimler-Benz DB 601E. I didn’t have any particular issues during the construction process, everything fitted very well. I would suggest this kit to anyone. Instructions are very clear for each step of the building. I used oil paint for reproducing some sand effect on the undercarriage and along the entire fuselage and upper wings. To create a bit of engine staining, I used “Engine, fuel and oil” from MIG. As canopy masks, I used KV Models, Eduard seat belts and Xtradecal as decals. The model was brushed painted using MIG acrylic paints. I hope you like it and I looking forward to receiving your comments and advices. Thank you guys!!
  5. Thank you guys for all your comments and suggestions. I will continue to work hard to improve my skills.Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, this is my last project. Avro Lancaster in scale 1:72 Airfix. The aircraft I tried to reproduce in scale was the "S for Sugar" No 467 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force ,Royal Air Force Waddington, Lincolnshire 1944. The model has been very well designed by Airfix and it didn't present any particular issue for a young modeller like me. I completed the item with seatbelts and a few bombs after market (the Airfix ground crew was not considered since I didn't want to build a diorama). The model was hand painted. I tried some dirty effects on the undercarriage with oil colours and using Tamiya master weathering for the engine exhausts. I hope you like it and as always I cannot wait to receive your comments. Thanks
  7. Fantastic model Giampiero.Have you got some pics of the interior?Saluti
  8. Very nice model.I like the panel lines on the wings.Which washes did you use?Great job mate.
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