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  1. Pacific Pair - 1/72 Corsairs

    Great looking Corsairs, Cookie! -d-
  2. Beautiful job Davey. Between you and Cookie i'm tempted to pull my partially-built one outa the stash. For me its been largely a matter of which "G-Symbol" i want to depict on my model, as i am slowly building a collection.... -d-
  3. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Cool! Are there some kind of red support rods, that run between the wings and the fuselage to buttress the wing when folded? I didn't say anything about it earlier but i really like the tail skid. -d-
  4. Yeah i imagine it would be; you need a backdrop large enough to make a good cylcorama, with a minimum of edges that need to be cropped out, plus you gots to get the camera down low and in close; a tripod is a necessity. -d-
  5. 1/72 Academy SB2C-4 Helldiver

    Hey Cookie, A fantastic-looking "beast". I was wondering exactly how it would look all painted up, as i've considered the paint scheme myself. Mike, thanks for the Heads-Up about the propeller. I have a Tamiya Razorback Thunderbolt in my stash doing nothing and i could certainly requisition the prop for my needs. Finally, i like the shade of Blue. I didn't know that Colourcoats made the WWII vintage Gloss Sea Blue. With the possible exception of the old AeroMaster enamels, this nuance in colour is one of those things most paint manufacturers whiffed at. -d-
  6. Crimea River?? Wasn't that a song by Julie London? Very nice looking Beaufighter; hear nothing but good things about that kit. -d-
  7. Hasegawa P-51D "Nancy Lee"

    Nice looking Mustang! I built the kit back in the 80s (?) when it first came out, and aside from the momentary lapse of sanity Hasegawa took when they insisted you install the exhaust stacks from the inside, i found it a remarkably fast build. The model definitely benefits more than average from aftermarket, but its still a nice kit, especially for those who are "meh" about Mustangs, like me. -d-
  8. I love the finished Lincoln. A Hardcore conversion, done the way nature intended. If you can get some low angle photographs those would be lovely to see, but like you said its size makes it difficult to photograph. And the Manchester...... TBH, not a fan but i love the quality of the work going into it. And i grudgingly admit it looks better than a Lincoln. -d-
  9. Hawker Sea Fury FB 11 canopy shape

    Two people you might want to ask are Paul Fisher and Roy Sutherland, both of whom maintain a presence on Facebook. -d-
  10. Very good depiction as to how the Goodyear-Applied GSB weathered in the field. IIRC, Dana Bell said that the GSB did not hold up in the combat environment as well as the Navy liked, and maybe not as well as we'd been led to believe. Seems the paint not only went from gloss, to semi-gloss, to flat, but it may have faded as well, though that might be explained away by flat finishes reflecting more light and appearing light in colour. That paint scheme BTW is a relatively recent discovery and hasn't yet been done to death.......unlike a certain Corsair, based on a certain aircraft carrier, where the pilots needed a direction telling the pilots where they should go after they take off..... -d-
  11. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    No further questions. This reminds me a lot of a "Navy Bird" (Bill Gillman) project. -d-
  12. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Coolio! Does the photography exaggerate the depth of the panel lines?? -d-
  13. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    I for one don't mind the protracted nature of this build at all. Going back and re-doing things like adding the leading edge barrier guards might take time, but if the end result is a cleaner-looking build i'm all for it. Anything it takes in order to make things come together easily and cleanly in the "End Game". Ironically, i'm willing to bet that by folding the wings and building them up separately it'll make handling the model easier..... -d-
  14. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Looking very, very nice! I just re-read Tommy's write up on the Sword Fury kits last nite. -d-
  15. Matchbox F9F-4 Panther

    I echo what Tommy said. Brilliant job turning around the Matchbox kit. Serious model building- You have my respect and admiration. -d-