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  1. Now that is wicked good!
  2. Many years ago I drew several lines on an upstairs windowsill of my parents' house to correspond with the location of sunrise at the times of the winter solstice, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes and the summer solstice. This morning I called on what little of Druid there might be in my Scottish heritage and stationed myself at the window to await sunrise. I'm happy to report that the sun rose exactly in line with the equinox indicator that I drew so many years ago. Apparently all is right with the World for at least another year!
  3. Very hard to tell from many Hornet pictures as the actuator housing is quite small, but it appears as if they were situated on upper left and lower right surfaces. From their size it would be hard to fault you for their complete elimination.
  4. Was a live weapon ever deployed from one of these airframes or did the capability exist as a design concept and inert carry only?
  5. I've done a number of Frog kits over the years and still have quite a few to go through. The choice of topics was superb and offered just the right amount of detail to look complete OOB yet was able to provide a good base for those interested in detailing. Here are some of my favorite subjects:
  7. Still have my Calgary White Hat from the mid-'60s. Not so white or crisp anymore, but I'll visit it on the top shelf of a closet where it has rested for many years.
  8. Split among multiple circuits, of course.
  9. Equally annoying are those who do exactly as I am now doing by posting something that takes a thread in a new direction having no relevance to the topic being discussed instead of starting a new thread referencing the new topic.
  10. Green.
  11. Don't miss the video on the H.P. Victor that comes after the one on the Scimitar and Sea Venom. Wonderful films of an era that we will never see again.
  12. Ever since receiving a book as a child in the early '50s (I believe it was Jet Aircraft of the World), I've been smitten by the H.P. 80 and its spectacular two-tone paint scheme replete with red cheat line. Would retrofitting the B.2 kit to appear as the prototype be feasible or is there an alternative starting point that might be easier?
  13. Fantastic work. I'm particularly impressed by the wing walk lines done with a black Sharpie. Could you share your secret for keeping the lines so uniform?
  14. Looks like you found some "propeller" lettering to adorn the red stripe.