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  1. Barring someone finding a written order for it, I personally don't think there was an official deliberate attempt to give Ark Royal a third scheme. I'm with you in thinking that it was just the crew or dockyard workers painting as much as they could in the time they had. Thus a rough, de facto third scheme sort of appeared. RN ships were worked too hard with too little maintenance during the war, and I doubt that during that time Ark Royal would have been pulled off the line for a proper painting. But I do think that it is a little too even to be strictly patchwork painting. M
  2. I did my own black and white test out in the sunlight - inspired by Jamie Duff's many postings in his back yard - and I think the results are not too bad. One thing to note, I definitely should have laid the salt on thicker. The hull definitely should have shown more chipping. I had to improve the weathering after the picture above was taken.
  3. A few general construction and finishing pictures. Salt applied and painted Some dot filtering like a nerdy armor modeler And the result. As Crisp noted in his Sink The Bismarck thread, the anchors really are atrociously under scale. I have some USN anchors from Black Cat, but they definitely didn't look right, and I didn't know about the ones from North Star, so I just used the kit parts. It occurred to me last night that I could have used the anchors from my Trumpeter Rep
  4. The figures from North Star are absolutely amazing. They actually look like scale little people walking around on deck. But what an absolute pain to paint them up in enough numbers to look realistic. I did about 150 figures. No 1/350 scale model should be able to survive this level of enlargement, but the figures still do surprisingly well.
  5. One of my great finds was to discover Black Cat models out of France. They were just starting up when I was midway through this build - or at least that's when I heard about them - and they have some really amazing detail parts. I got their carly floats to replace the ones on the model. The kit parts certainly aren't bad, but the Black Cat ones are a whole new level of awesome. Here are the kit part, an unmodified Black Cat part, and a modified one (I cut out the bottom so that it could sag like on the real thing.. Here is the real thing
  6. Here are some of the guns from the Tetra set compared with the kit parts. And a primed one vs. the bare brass And a shot to show just how tiny some of these pieces are
  7. Thanks Whitewolf. If you go to this thread Jamie Duff posted some excellent info on some possibilities for Ark Royals colors.
  8. Thanks for your comments Rob Yes they are NorthStar. Amazing little buggers but a real pain to paint. I used about 150 of them. I'll post a bit more about the figures tonight or tomorrow. Bruce
  9. This is a really nice build Crisp. I wish you had started yours about 6 months before I started mine. I would have done some of the things you did.
  10. Last post of the night. Just some pics of the funnel pieces. This is one of my favorite things about PE sets, the nice detail on the funnel. I didn't worry much about alignment till I got to the last step I think I fixed the unpainted brass and removed the cotton strands... But I may have to check on that before IPMS nationals. If we ever have nationals again
  11. Like Crisp did, when I got to the bridge and the wind deflectors I bent them the wrong way, and when I carefully and very slowly bent them back they fell apart into about 1000 tiny brass pieces At this point I just about quit. I had already cut the kit parts off and trashed them so there was no turning back. I actually dug them out of the trash and considered gluing them back in place, but the kit parts for the wind deflectors sucked sooooo bad I couldn't do it. I looked for another PE set on line, but I really didn't want to drop that kind of cash just to fix it, but it's a
  12. Fo'c'sle and Fantail. Is it really a fantail when it's all enclosed?
  13. Here are a few pictures of the clamping methods I used for the degaussing cable. I really liked the cable in the Tetra kit, but I put it on too early in the bulid. There were some other modifications I wanted to do to the hull that were not possible after the cable was attached. I used the foam wedge to get the PE to sit tight around the curves.
  14. The Merit kit is pretty good. Like most Trumpeter kits, it is pretty good, but not great. Seriously though, a 1/350 Ark Royal? I'm not going to complain too much. Outside of Tamiya's new Yamato or Dragon's Scharnhorst all ship models need a lot of extra care and attention to make them look good. Here's hoping for an Illustrious or Victorious some time in the near future. In case you don't know the relationship between Merit and Trumpeter, it was explained to me by the owner of my local shop, who is also a wholesaler (used to own Douglas Models). Here is what I know - or at le
  15. I am going to post a few work in progress pictures in the next few posts. I won't bother posting that many because Crisp has done almost everything I did plus much more in his Sink the Bismarck thread. Anyway - here are a couple of pictures of the first day. It's all pretty exciting at this point... Before millions of hours of bending tiny brass parts.
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