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  1. I'm taken by the logic embodied in, "Model viewing distance = approximately 2ft x the scale of the model. In 1/48 that's a hundred feet away." It seems a practical way to determine the degree of detail to be applied.
  2. I well remember the Christmas when my parents gave me the book and I read it straight through before lunch. Let's hope the short movie will be as entertaining and riveting.
  3. Holy $%#&! What an impressive level of detail. I can't find the crewman. Is he still on leave after the last mission?
  4. As it often was in real life. A fraternity brother of mine had one with a small block Chevrolet installed. Although it was quite fast in a straight line, none of the A-H components, from radiator to rear axle, were up to the stresses put upon them by American horsepower and torque.
  5. We can all agree it's a Zero, but Matchbox did trenches, not rivets.
  6. Thanks for teaching me something about the plane's post-war use as well as making a nice replica.
  7. I would be happy to assist as I did with "722," but I don't have easy access to a 300 SLR like I have to the 300 SL. I do have many pictures of the 300 SLR from the '55 MM, so I'll chime in where appropriate.
  8. What is the intended use for the heavy wood cribbing stored on the rear fuselage walls and on the starboard side of the nose compartment?
  9. For a display chassis only (the factory made several) the tubular support for the gear shift lever is correct. On complete cars this support was not needed as the shift lever was supported solely by that part of the body's floor that served as the rear of the transmission/drive shaft tunnel cover.
  10. Not to be hyper-picky, but are we sure that the star and 300 SL emblem on the trunk lid should be applied over the "1" of the "417?" It seems hard to believe that when painting temporary racing numbers the M-B team would have taken the time to remove these items, paint the numbers and then reinstall the trim. I know that's how M-B did it when they recreated "417" for show, but there are serious questions as to configuration of the original. The many pictures I have amassed of the 1955 MM are inconclusive on this point.
  11. Informational, educational and entertaining. Thank you.
  12. Impressive work and an impressive workplace. Thanks for sharing. From its location relative to the ship may we assume that the Swordfish is making an unassisted take-off into the wind.
  13. They were blue, but wear items do get replaced.
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