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  1. ejboyd5

    Gunval F-84F?

    Immediately upon reading "Gunval F-84F" I thought of a trials program to fit 20mm cannons to the Republic airframe. Unfortunately my aviation reference works are spread over two locations as part of an extended house move and the catalog system is in total disarray. If something more concrete comes to mind I'll be sure to post same.
  2. ejboyd5

    D-Day: 75th Anniversary of Normandy Landings

    Moving up to 1:1 scale, it was very depressing that there was hardly any mention of D-Day in the US this year. Perhaps we're just too preoccupied with analysing every bit of made up news to remember the things that are really important.
  3. In addition to appreciation of your modelling skills your clear, correct and engrossing writing has kept me riveted (in a good way) to every page.
  4. ejboyd5

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Roundels look fine to me. I particularly like the three dimensional nature of the clouds. Good luck with the show.
  5. ejboyd5

    British nuclear weapons - what colours?

    Perchance they even forgot to deactivate it.
  6. ejboyd5

    The Queen settles a jammy situation

    "The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday - but never jam to-day."
  7. http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2017/08/relying-on-museum-pieces-for-accuracy.html
  8. Got to give top marks for reproducing the stressed aluminum on the fuselage.
  9. ejboyd5

    British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    Going completely from memory as it was many years ago, but I seem to remember removing the ball from a Matchbox clear plastic base, cutting it in half, polishing the cut edges and having two observer's windows. Whether these were used on an FAA Avenger or an early Sea King I can't recall. Using two balls might yield a slightly greater window diameter as one would not suffer from the diminution caused by the width of the kerf.
  10. ejboyd5

    Show us your modelling space / stash

    Fantastic job with the Tigercat. In many of the flying shots I was taken with its resemblance to the earlier Westland Whirlwind.
  11. ejboyd5

    SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    And all this while I thought we were the country with many more lawyers than necessary. Seems as if its a worldwide plague.
  12. Threads about battery life are very popular on our side of the pond. As I'm constantly amazed by the short life span experienced by so many I checked my records for a recent post on a specialist website that I repeat here to document my batteries' histories: 1955 M-B, Sears Plus Start 60, installed 10/09/00, 17 years in a few days, still going.1956 M-B, Sears Plus Start 60, installed 03/03/01, 16 years, 6 months, still going.1961 M-B, DieHard Group 24, installed 03/10/99, 18 years, 6 months, still going.1969 912, DieHard Group 58, installed 10/01/02, 15 years, still going.Due to the across the board decline of Sears, Roebuck & Co., I have no idea where I'll get my next battery when the need arises but I'm fairly sure it will be a conventional (old-fashioned) lead acid type as they seem to work fairly well for me. No climate controlled storage, trickle chargers or tenders involved. just well functioning electrical systems and battery disconnect switches for all vehicles As stated in that post, there seems to be no difficulty in keeping a battery going for a long time if the electrical systems are in good order and, most importantly, if one has had the foresight to install a battery cut-off switch to completely isolate the battery from the electrical system while the car is not in use. Granted, the above histories are bests, but of the baker's dozen or so of vehicles that I maintain the average works out to a little better than 10 years. My only concession to true preventive replacement is in a dual battery boat where I have established a 4-year cycle, replacing one battery every two years. That battery then goes on to serve the remainder of its life in an automotive application. For decent battery life, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of a battery isolation switch.
  13. ejboyd5

    North American FJ-2 Fury

    Did the red door interiors and green wheel wells appear on the few planes that were finished in GSB or did those planes have those parts finished in GSB? There seems no question about the red and green appearing on the NMF aircraft.
  14. ejboyd5

    North American FJ-2 Fury

    Thanks for the photographs of 754, 755 and 756. Several of these I had not seen before and have now been printed to add to my collection of materials on these three aircraft. The appearance of a Sabrejet in GSB simply can not be topped.
  15. ejboyd5

    Weathering clear parts! Who has done it?

    Matte Clearcoat sprayed on the inside should do the job just fine.