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  1. Corogard on upper wing root was unit identification marking. Also seen on some Panthers and Cougars flown by the Blue Angles.
  2. I was fortunate (?) enough to once witness a run up of the XF-84H Thunderscreech. The stories about the noise level are not exaggerations.
  3. Never heard of Tomy, but seems like a good model. Here's one in 1/1 scale for comparison. It was the Mercedes-Benz Standwagen at the 1956 New York International Automobile Show. I've had it since 1971.
  4. In a more modern style: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1987-rolls-royce-silver-spur-2/
  5. Great job. If you would flatten the bottoms of the wheels a bit by rubbing them back and forth on some abrasive paper you couldn't tell it from the full sized version.
  6. Interesting. Never heard of the right vs. left distinction before. For what it's worth, here in the US we always "flake" our fire hoses outside for easy deployment before entering the fire building.
  7. "Planes" are one thing, but the airframe that had the greatest effect upon the legions of ground troops and the one that will be forever associated with Viet Nam is the UH-1 Huey.
  8. So the deck was made from sheets of plywood butted together? Makes sense, but I've never seen the issue addressed before.
  9. Neatness as depicted in those photographs is both unsettling and threatening. I could not work in such surroundings as I would not be able to find anything without several layers of debris to guide me in the correct direction..
  10. Great work. I had no idea USS MISSOURI was still operational in 1991.
  11. Let's remember that as early as 1942 the Typhoon was decorated with four 1' black stripes under each wing to aid in friend/foe identification for what was then a new type. In late 1942/early 1943 this special identification was amplified by adding white paint between the black stripes.
  12. Wait for the tide to rise and the spiles will appear shorter.
  13. Every one of you reading this thread knows more about tanks than I do so I ask what is the purpose of the vertical lines and numbers appearing on the turrets depicted by the box art and the post immediately above. I'm assuming they represent degrees of angle for the main gun with 180* being straight ahead, but how were the markings used?
  14. I've used the cat's whiskers several times - work perfectly.
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