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  1. Interesting and unusual theme for these decals. Credit to the manufacturer for trying something new.
  2. Original documentation fails to discuss how many times the racing shop drilled mounting holes in the hood before they got it right.
  3. Interior is excellent. Original cloth seats would crease and wrinkle and that's what happened to yours, very realistic. Don't obsess over screw placement. Remember these were hand assembled vehicles and variations occurred even in 1:1 scale.
  4. "Being repaired" would seem to be a rather tongue in cheek caption for the photograph.
  5. ejboyd5

    Covid Jab

    Being part of the firefighter/ambulance community, I received my first Moderna shot in December and the second in January. Absolutely no ill effects whatsoever. Despite multiple potential Covid-19 exposures from patients, not a single member of our agency has reported any symptoms or has shown positive in any test. I find it difficult to understand the reluctance of some easily defined subsets of our population (either ethnic or political) to accept the inoculation. Its value is proven and refusal is foolish. Being part of a herd, unless we are considering "herd immunity" is not always wise and sometimes comes at great personal risk.
  6. I had no idea Dropkick Murphys fame had spread to Sweden. Background: The name Dropkick Murphys came from the nickname given to Massachusetts-born professional wrestler and sanatorium owner John E. “Dropkick” Murphy. In addition to his work in the ring, Murphy operated the Bellows Farms Sanatorium in Acton, which Casey calls a “primitive detox” center. “When fighters or people would be out drinking, he would give them paraldehyde or horse tranquilizers and help them taper down,” Casey says. “I always heard old guys my grandfather’s age say, ‘Oh, I was in Dropkicks,’ or ‘They took me to Dropkick Murphys.’ We were just like, ‘That’d be a cool name for a band.’”
  7. DB 190 was the color. I have a lot of information on '417' that I can send direct and not burden this site. EJB
  8. Wonderful replica! Please consider finishing the second one as the 1955 Mille Miglia class winner and 5th place overall car driven by John Fitch. It had a graphite gray exterior with a blue/blue plaid interior and carried large white 417 numerals. Several days after the race it was used by Mercedes-Benz to verify the top speed of the 300 SL and recorded 155.5 mph on a closed section of the Autobahn. It was one of the most famous of the 300SL series and deserves your attention to detail. Thank you for reporting your progress on the silver car, I enjoyed it greatly.
  9. Looking good. By the time your car was produced (judging by the T-50 brake booster), the underside of the hood (bonnet) would have been painted black rather than body color. I haven't seen into your trunk area, but that would have been black as well.
  10. Headlights were clear lenses with silvered reflectors behind them. Actual lamps and marking on lenses too small to be considered in your scale. There was a Sonderausstattungen (SA 55335) for yellow light bulbs for headlights to accommodate those countries that required/allowed same.
  11. White lamps, clear beehive lenses. Amber came much later. Those that you see in color are not original. No difference between home market (Germany) and ROW (Rest of World) versions.
  12. Nothing special. Just a photo taken during a rest period while fighting the wildfires that ravage Long Island every few years. The only connection with aviation is the fact that the location was a churchyard fairly close to the old Grumman Peconic River complex in Calverton which, if I remember correctly, was approximately 7,000 acres in area before being turned over to civilian control by the Department of the Navy. It used to be a fairly interesting place, particularly when Grumman was building and testing the F-14.
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