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  1. I use Gators Grip. It's PVA with extra, er, grip. Marvellous stuff.
  2. Tremendous work.
  3. Aviation Archive Merlin bookazine. Really interesting as well as being a useful reference source.
  4. Invariably wheels down, especially now that so many are available as white metal and therefore stronger.
  5. Purson, Desires Magic Theatre. Brilliant 21at Century Prog, can't believe they have folded already.
  6. Some of us haven't seen the first one yet!
  7. As did the Stirling, Lancaster, B17 and others of that size and vintage. Just love those old instructions "Locate and cement pilot, part 1, to seat, part 2, after first painting if desired"!
  8. I was wondering the same thing.
  9. Indeed Dave but as is mentioned above the wing tips and ailerons (together) are separate parts. I just think it is a shame that the fin root hasn't been moulded separately too as then virtually all marks could be modelled.
  10. That link has a virus attached to it.
  11. I got that on my Airfix MR.2. The upside of that I suppose is the shrinkage should be easier to fill as there are no "rivets".
  12. 1/72 Airfix B17 and Revell Shackleton.
  13. Pictures in the 2017 calendar given with the recent Airfix Modellers World would certainly suggest that.
  14. That sounds very similar to what happened to the Hendon show.