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  1. Hi Ali, It’s very understandable why you can’t commit the time and effort into producing replacement clears for such a task, but I just want to thank you for taking the time to investigate the feasibility of the project. To be honest, my clear parts are acceptable as is, and I’m sure that after a dip in a bowl of lemon scented floor polish they’ll look great, but is is disappointing that Border didn’t take a little bit of time to polish the moulds on such a magnificent kit. I have wondered (as I’ve just ordered a new resin 3D printer), if it would be possible to give the parts a coat of gloss black, scan them, clean up the image in CAD and then print a mould to vac form them? It’s a project that’s ferments itself when I upgrade my creative brain via the use of vodka, and I certainly won’t be attempting it with this kit, but maybe I’ll try it with one of my SOD kits and see how it goes
  2. My only issue with Tamiya paints is the lack of FS /RAL numbers.
  3. I’m not trying to pressure you into buying this kit, but I think if you did it could be an investment whether or not you went ahead with creating new canopies. Also, I’d be happy to pay about $100 aud for a full set of crystal clear parts, after all this is a once in a lifetime kit, it’ll take me at least 150 hours to build (250 if I include my usual “plastic fondling” time) So after the grand I’ve already paid, + $100 for clear parts, another $100 or so for paint, glue, masks etc, let’s just go crazy and call it a total of $1500, if it takes me 150 hours to build then at $10 per hour that’s cheaper than beer!
  4. A link for those (like me) who didn’t know what Sealab looked like
  5. An even bigger gap for an accurate 1/24 th scale kit
  6. They look great, but in the tradition of modelling forums I’m going to have to say - “can they be scaled up to 1/32 or even better 1/24?”
  7. So, Is there any solid info, or are we wish listing /waging? If the latter, I want a 1/48 MQ-28 Ghost Bat + E-7 Wedgetail combo pack. With a special edition containing a P-8 too
  8. Woooooo hooooooo, I think… I can’t wait for mine to find it’s way to Aus, into the shop, out of the shop and track it as it bounces around from mail centre to mail centre and back again! On the down side, my Vodka budget’s going to be slashed for a year or so, but hey, I might grow a new liver in that time
  9. They should have done it in 1/35th scale (just to kill 2 birds with one poorly aimed stone)
  10. If you draw it up in CAD, create a cut list, make it from ply and / or MDF, the most expensive part will be the glass.
  11. Corky, I was just posting to try and deflect the conversation away fro WnW, Border , Sir PJ and all that other boring crap! Xtra colour should be great, but to be honest I’d prefer lacquer instead of enamel, we’ll see what’s available in 5 years or so when I finally get around to painting the exterior
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