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  1. The tracks are individual links, an assembly jig is included in the kit
  2. Just surround it with red lines, that’ll keep the rivet counters happy.
  3. I’ll be happy with a stretch J, or an A, H, E etc, as long as it’s reasonably accurate and well engineered. Even if it’s a ), a little bit of whiffed will turn it from plain old gray into a nice bright and shiny red and yellow water bomber or something similar, so I’m not worried about suffering from the dreaded J gray syndrome
  4. They’ve done enough winged Mustangs, I’d like them to do a 1/12 scale Ford Mustang from any era, even from the ugly eighties
  5. I realise that this is a huge oversimplification, but I’d be happy to pay 15% more for my Airfix kits if it meant putting them in the black.
  6. For the accountingly challenged among us, what’s the bottom line, have they made a real loss, or one of those “We made a loss but it’s actually a profit” type loss?
  7. At 1/72 it would be bigger than my first real boat...
  8. The more I read this topic, the more excited a get about a model of the QE that may or may not eventuate, so I’m thinking of taking matters into my own hands and build a 1/144 scale model of her (r/c). That’d be a great size (just shy of 2m) and with a little bit of luck I’ll be able to find some F35b’s and Merlins in that scale. Now I just need some plans, some motivation and above all lots of cash
  9. The new US carriers, with the aft mounted superstructure remind me of a game fishing boat, they just need a tower and a set of outriggers and they’d be the ultimate gin palace Is anyone making 1/350 F 35’s?
  10. Compared to the RANs new LHDs, the QE class are the supermodels of the flat top naval world
  11. I’ve been thinking that I need a large project, this would be right up that alley!
  12. You get a better ROI if you part them out rather than selling them whole.
  13. I hope JETMADS do well and manage to release all of the aircraft on their list, I’m in for the Wedgetail, Neptune, Lear, A4 and A37 if and when they’re released. I’d best be off to the Casino, putting this fortnight’s pay on black to pay for it all. Smokey P.S. If the E7 does get released, I can imagine many middle aged Aussie men asking their better halves and kids for a little Wedgie for Fathers Day
  14. As no one has said it yet - OK Tan, wheres me Buccaneers!
  15. I hear you get more for them if you part them out
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