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  1. avro683

    1/48 Lancaster B.III (Special)

    The pilot’s headrest was omitted from all of the dams raid aircraft so if you haven’t fitted it yet you needn’t bother. They were required to get rid of as much excess weight as possible!
  2. avro683

    1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.III HK Models

    I notice that the bomb bay roof has holes for 4 bomb racks across the bay........
  3. I feared for a second that you were going to stand on that!
  4. Apparently all of the aircraft are in post war colours. Camouflage was applied to the Medium Sea Grey on the Upper surfaces of the Lancasters and because the film was shot in black and white they sort of got away with it. The bomb dropping scenes are genuine Operation Chastise footage and the main reason for shooting the film in monochrome.
  5. avro683

    1/48 Lancaster B.III (Special)

    The undercarriage legs on the Tamiya Lancaster seem to be somewhat of a conundrum. The 1970 first issue, which I got for my 17th birthday in September 1975, have you build and fit the legs and wrap the nacelles around them yet the latest version has you installing the gear after the nacelles are fitted yet the parts are the same. Most odd.
  6. It’s one of the extremely rare occasions where being stuck at the back in a wheelchair is an advantage! Really wonderful to see the film in the cinema again, just a shame it was only for one night.
  7. avro683

    Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    Sea Furies did have hooks as they primarily operated from aircraft carriers. One is provided in the kit.
  8. avro683

    Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    It's the camera pod.
  9. avro683

    Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    I do Duncan. In fact as far as I am aware they all have to some degree.
  10. avro683

    Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    It looks like the starboard fin is short shot. I have seen other examples too.
  11. avro683

    Aoshima Thunderbird 1

    My lovely wife bought me an Aoshima Thunderbird 1 for our Wedding Anniversary this year. The obvious thing for me then was to watch Trapped in the Sky to see which version of Thunderbird 1 was used as the kit provides both wheels and skids for the undercarriage, which hopefully will be strong enough to support the model. Continuity must have been a nightmare for the model makers and film crew as when TB 1 arrives at the danger zone the gear changes three times during the course of the landing! The kit is basic but there is sufficient detail to make this a very good model. I’m really looking forward to building the kit as despite being 1/144 scale it is impressive in size. It will be good to finish a model!
  12. avro683

    The Percival P.56 Provost 1/48

    That looks lovely
  13. avro683

    1/48 Eduard Mirage IIIC

    I believe that Lifecolor produce the correct blue. I was discussing exactly this with a friend yesterday.
  14. Are there any other platforms than Flickr we can use for pics please? I ask as a fellow member clicked on a picture and it corrupted his laptop to the extent that it's not useable.
  15. avro683

    The Percival P.56 Provost 1/48

    If it's as good as your Argosy it will be a fabulous kit.