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  1. I didn’t think that the flare rack was fitted to Mk1’s.
  2. Many thanks, Jan. A friend of mine also needs some so I will let him know. Hopefully we can get an order together and split the postage.
  3. If they are anything like Hasegawa or Tamiya decals I use warmer water than usual. That helps to loosen the transfer without damaging each particular item.
  4. Excellent, thank you. What I actually want is a second set of Mk lla wings for the Tally Ho! set. There are 8 markings choices but only one set of wing parts. It would be great but I doubt that they would be sent free of charge!
  5. I thought that as well at first but then I noticed that the engine cover, separated on some kits, has been moulded as part of the wing. If some nice aftermarket company produced an engine the cover could be hacked off (very carefully ) to enable said power unit to be seen in all its glory. The second wing gives the builder some security if they make a Horlicks during the the cutting process. Alternatively of course the Sea Harrier wing could be left out of the box completely.
  6. I suspect that the weapons fit sprues are multi-functional, Steve. It makes economic sense to produce one sprue with parts for several kits rather than multiple kit specific items. It’s been a long time coming and will look excellent displayed alongside Lightnings and bricks.
  7. I did but it’s the only reference build to the kit I could find. Sorry if I have opened a can of worms, that was not my intention.
  8. I have bought one of these today so will follow this with interest.
  9. The new tool Tamiya Spitfire contains both types of undercarriage retraction device. What it does not contain are the head and body armour parts.
  10. The Brassin cockpit is already available. As are replacement undercarriage legs and etch brass flaps.
  11. The sad thing about this (if my memory serves me well) is that during the development of the 1/72 kit Airfix displayed a 1/48th test model which looked spot on. The resultant 1/72 model sold like a Beatles record in the sixties and became rare very quickly; the errors weren’t obvious until boxes were opened, etc and so on. When the 1/48 version was announced I for one was delighted and had visions of the original 1/48th development model being produced as a full kit. What I didn’t know at the time was that said model wasn’t around anymore and regrettably the production kit was even less acc
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