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  1. The aircraft pictured on the box art is the top one shown in the markings options.
  2. In my experience with Airfix rrp and preorder prices are usually the same.
  3. The upper surface of both wings has the top cowling panel attached. Nothing that a quick slash or two with a razor saw can’t fix.
  4. It’s too squat, which is a shame. If the pilots seat is correct and at the right height it shouldn’t fit. Have a look on YouTube (Nigel’s Modelling Bench). He’s done a fix by merging parts of the HK and Tamiya canopies!
  5. I bought the IKit version of this at Telford yesterday. Research beckons .
  6. Initially the undersurface of the Trident fuselage was bare metal, this changed to Light Grey in the 1960’s, see AMB’s post above (thank you . Also, I found a picture today which illustrates that the wing fence, while slightly longer than in the kit, does stop short of the wing leading edge (on the 1c at least which is the subject of the kit of course).
  7. The intakes on the real aircraft aren’t seamless, they have removable access panels which would be almost impossible to model, especially in 1/72.
  8. Got you! Neither kit supplies retraction jacks for the crew access door, which is odd as they are rather substantial. Unfortunately when @stever219 and I were there yesterday the crew access door was shut so I couldn’t take any pictures. The museum are hoping to start aircraft cockpit tours soon.
  9. The doors are there, they need to be fitted before the undercarriage legs. What’s missing are the rods connecting the doors to the legs. There’s one either side of each leg.
  10. The pictures were taken on Thursday afternoon in searing hot temperatures with bright sunlight, neither of which are helpful when taking photographs. The aircraft is painted in the same 44 squadron scheme she was in on arrival from Waddington in February 1983; I wasn’t there but I really wish I was! Dark Sea Grey/Dark Green camouflage over Light Aircraft Grey. The bays are very definitely white, the contrast in real life is actually greater than it looks. There is a tan coloured panel to the rear of the retro fitted raised Doppler radar (which is Light Aircraft Grey). I should have taken a picture of that also; that may explain why the transfer on the kit sheet is tan. It needs trimming because it shouldn’t cover the raised panel, which needs to be removed (as has been written elsewhere) if the kit scheme A is being modelled.
  11. PM inbound. The pictures are on Flickr now but but the copy link function doesn’t seem to be working.
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