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  1. According to Derek Meddings the original green used for Thunderbird 2 was a bespoke mix. When it ran out they were in trouble because nobody could remember what the make up of the paint was.
  2. avro683


    That’s where I pinched it from!
  3. I have one of those. Great book. I’ve also just acquired one of the new ICM Gladiator kits and have to say it looks great value for money.
  4. That’s correct. Even the early machines were fitted with underwing guns on the lower wing. Apparently there were discussions around fitting .303’s under the upper wing surfaces too.
  5. The parts to model the kit with the bay open are on sprue C and J.
  6. Adam, the first kit can be built as a pure bomber from the box, albeit sans hardware. I am doing one now.
  7. That’s excellent work. I have just bought one of those and was interested to note that the fins and top of the ‘skirt’ should be painted Phtalo Cyanne blue, available in the Gunze range. Footage from Sun Probe disproved that.
  8. I plan to do the same to mine. Such obvious errors shouldn’t be made these days, especially on such an expensive model.
  9. Sort of. For accuracy, the solid triangles on the inner surface of each nacelle need removing as does the plastic at the rear of and parallel to the in line edges of the forward recess. The radiator flaps can then be fitted in either a closed or open position.I hope that it’s easier than I have made it sound.
  10. Both of them. On the real aircraft you can see the rear face of the radiator through the nacelle. The solid wall requires removing too.
  11. They do indeed, it’s something that I wish Tamiya had done from the start. The implication is that there will be a later mark issued in the future if this one sells well.
  12. The markings provided in the kit are all for early Lancasters which wouldn’t have been fitted with the blister. The conundrum there of course is why parts for the later radio fit are included .
  13. Peter, use a very dark grey, something such as Tamiya 69 Nato Black or Revell 09 Anthracite. They still give the impression of black but are less harsh.
  14. Definitely metal gun barrels (please leave one for me !) and I would also recommend the masking set too as there is a lot of glass!
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