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  1. From Failure to Failure

    Dampened paper towels/facial tissues/toilet paper work, too. Toilet paper, however, should be dampened only with tap water!
  2. From Failure to Failure

    A perfectly good word, "actually." I actually use it all the time! Although down here in The Lone Star State we tend to pronounce it "ack-shully."
  3. From Failure to Failure

    Nice to have a face to go with the name, even if you do look like a refugee from a Star Wars convention. :-) And if it's any consolation, it's been cold down here in the Dallas-F.t Worth Metroplex as well, although the temperature for Saturday is forecast to be a balmy 73° (that's Fahrenheit for those of you of a Centigrade frame of mind).
  4. Navy-ating Bucc's fizzzing along

    I've long been curious about the Royal Navy's catapult system. Were the bridles caught and re-used, or were they one-time, expendable items? The entire method seems overly complicated and labor-intensive when compared with the current U.S. system, although I understand the our navy once used bridles as well.
  5. From Failure to Failure

    I have read that the cowlings of the Airfix Blenheim are not the only Bolingbroke-like parts in the kit; namely, that the nacelle shape is more Bolingbroke than Blenheim. Comments?
  6. Navy-ating Bucc's fizzzing along

    Good man! This is coming to you courtesy my steam-powered FrankenMac: A positively ancient dual-processor G4 (the "mirror drive door" edition) running OX 10.5.8. Like me, it's old and slow but still (mostly) functional.
  7. Navy-ating Bucc's fizzzing along

    I recall seeing, in an old issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling, that green described as one of the two Luftwaffe WW II greens: RLM 70 or 71, but can't remember which.
  8. Navy-ating Bucc's fizzzing along

    Actually, it's spelled "thinga-ma-jig" (that is, it is spelled that way here in HM's Former Colonies). A derivative of "whatcha-ma-callit." Related to "whatzit."
  9. Airliner wraparound liveries - how to draw for a decal?

    I've tried masking tape as Dave suggests, but had trouble with the tape stretching and/or the separate pieces coming apart. A combination of the two should work; masking tape along the wing roots and trimmed to fit per Dave's suggestion, and the tape(s) holding a piece of paper tightly encircling the fuselage. Landmarks such as doors, windows, panel lines, etc., can also be marked on the paper. A good grade of draftsman's tracing paper will allow you see some of these landmarks.
  10. Airliner wraparound liveries - how to draw for a decal?

    You're welcome! It can also be done using some complicated, time-consuming descriptive geometry or sheet metal development drafting, but this way is much easier. :-)
  11. Airliner wraparound liveries - how to draw for a decal?

    Wrap a piece of paper around the fuselage. Cut away the portion that overlaps the wing roots so the rest of the paper fits flush to the model. Use tape to attach the paper to the model. Sketch the design on the paper and redraw as necessary until it looks right. Remove the paper, unroll it, and scan your sketch and import it into your drawing program for refinement. Or, if you are just doing it once, tape your drawing to a sheet of colored decal film and cut along the drawn lines.
  12. Navy-ating Bucc's fizzzing along

    Just discovered this thread and have spent a couple of hours trying to catch up and am only about a third of the way through it, right-clicking and saving stuff as I go! I've first learned of the Buccaneer when I was about age 12 and have been fascinated by it ever since. I was home from school ill with the flu, and my dad, well aware of my interest in things aeronautical, brought home for me the latest issue of RAF Flying Review, containing an article on the Royal Navy's latest, the Blackburn NA.39. Now this was in a small town on the Texas gulf coast, circa 1958-59, and I have wondered to this day why a newsstand in Freeport, Texas, would have been stocking that magazine on a regular basis. That magazine also introduced me to Airfix kits, and one of the first Airfix kits I ever built was – you guessed it – their Blackburn NA.39, although if memory serves, it was the US Airfix-72 release with its flaming Zero fighter on the box art! I was really proud of that model, until a visiting cousin mangled it by trying to fold the wings incorrectly, broke them off, then attempted to repair the damage with ugly blobs of tube glue.
  13. Excellent news! I've been wanting a kit of this aircraft for some time, and my attempts to obtain the Classic Plane resin kit have been futile.
  14. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Great photos! Thanks for taking them and making them available. The SR.53 is relatively unknown on this side of the pond except to hard-core enthusiasts. I've been intrigued with it since building the original release, bagged Airfix kit many years ago, one of the first Airfix kits I ever built. I knew nothing about the airplane at the time, but bought the kit (mail-ordered from Arthur Mullett Ltd. along with some then exotic Humbrol enamels) simply because it looked so cool!
  15. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    Nice to see your work again, Nigel. When y'all comin' back to Texas for a visit?