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  1. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Are those SR.53 photos of the real thing or a model?
  2. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Okay. Turned out to be a case of "operator error;" the nut between the chair and the computer had enabled a script blocker that prevented viewing of the photos. But now I notice they can't be downloaded. That has been disabled.
  3. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Not seeing anything there but a page header, footer, and boilerplate. No photos.
  4. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Found this in a build review of the Ancient and Honourable Airfix kit at Modelling Madness:
  5. For those of us great unwashed on this side of the pond who cannot make it to Telford, when will this be available and where can we order it?
  6. Mission Models Paint NMF - Faded aluminium

    Why, oh why do people persist in using gloss black primer for natural metal finishes?? This is necessary ONLY for chrome and super shiny metallics. For a normal natural metal appearance as seen on most aircraft, it is NOT NECESSARY! A smooth gray primer will work, and so will the bare, unpainted plastic in many cases.
  7. I don't care about the box design nearly as much as I care about the accuracy of the parts in the box!
  8. Most modelers will be familiar with John’s two modeling books, Scratchbuilt! and The Master Scratchbuilders, both published by Schiffer in 1993 and 1999 respectively. His 1/24 scale DH.9A was the 1998 IPMS/USA national winner and winner of the 2000 UK Model World. He spent about six years and 8000 hours on it:
  9. 1/72 twin otter revel kit passenger seats?

    Preiser also makes sets of seated railway passengers in HO (1/87) scale. That's 83% of the correct size, but if they are on the inside of your airplane, few will notice he discrepancy.
  10. Mirage GB chat

    Which kit? Is it styrene? If it is, and you are not using a styrene cement to weld the parts together but instead using CA or epoxy, that probably explains it. You can also try bridging any seams with styrene strips on the inside of the joints to keep them from popping open. I routinely do this with very thin parts.
  11. Humbrol tins

    Soaking the lid in lacquer (cellulose) thinner solves that problem!
  12. Mr color varnish and washes compatibility

    My understanding is that Mr. Color paints are lacquers. If so, I would not apply them over anything other than a cured coat of another Mr. Color and use enamels and 'acrylics' over them.
  13. Humbrol tins

    That's basically my procedure as well. I thin my Humbrol with lacquer thinner, but not in the tin; after stirring and shaking it thoroughly, I decant some into my airbrush cup or bottle and thin that. I've also used mineral spirits with good results, but lacquer thinner seems to "cut" the paint better. I reseal my tins, after cleaning the lid and any paint left on the rim, by standing on them. Not jumping up and down on them mind you, just briefly transferring my weight to the tin, which is placed on a thick carpet. I have some 55-year old Humbrol as fresh as the day it left the Humber Oil Company factory. It still has the sweet, oily smell savored by Humbrol connoisseurs! Nice-looking F-100, by the way.
  14. Mirage GB chat

    So where did the AMK Kfir kit come from?
  15. TSR 2 colour for airframe

    Tamiya's White Primer is a great white paint for models. It comes in a spray can, but can be decanted for use in an airbrush. It dries flat but can be buffed to a satin finish. It does not yellow like some white paints.