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  1. This all very interesting. As a committed user of enamels, I have always followed the rule that lacquer should never be applied over any other kind of paint, lest it dissolve it. And now I learn that both Gunze's water-based paint and lacquer use the same thinner. What is the chemistry of both that allows this to happen? I'm stupified!
  2. Thanks for the replies and recommendations. An ebay seller had a new paperback copy of the Jones book for $20 and free shipping, so I sprang for it. The Hygate book I will have to put on my wish list for the time being.
  3. From 1979/1980, per
  4. Possibly Hasegawa, Hobbycraft, or Matchbox.
  5. Is this a good book? i don't have any books published by Crowood and I am unfamiliar with the author.
  6. I fold! You can't beat a hand like that.
  7. I'll see your Canberra with a Red Beard and raise you an Air Force One with Orange Hair. (Sorry. Couldn't resist!)
  8. Creepy Pete beat me to it! So as a consolation prize I offer this image of a Martin-Baker Mk 5 ejection seat:
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. Love Colo(u)rcoats paint!
  10. My references are not handy at the moment, but I believe, but am not 100% certain, that they were the same color gray used on US Navy aircraft of the period: Light Gull Gray (FS 595A: 26440) with white (FS 595A: 27875) undersides and control surfaces.
  11. Frederic Hultberg, proprietor of Fotocut, and known by his email signature, "oletcherfred," died last September at age 70. In association with the late Harry Woodman, Fred developed sheets of photoetch details for World War I aircraft models in the 1970s, and expanded the line to include photoetch details in other scales for specific models from different eras as well as sets of generic photoetch products.
  12. If you Google 'Minicraft Boeing 727 review' you will find many reviews.
  13. What you propose is Standard Operating Procedure among builders of model airliners, especially in the smaller scales.
  14. That won't help either, I'm afraid, as their web site has gone belly up and the business is no more. In August 2006 the owner posted on Hyperscale that he had only 5 F-100D scribing sets left (no Mirage sets) and that nobody was interested in buying the line so these were the last ones.
  15. The Aero Model Beech Musketeer is a little gem, but is missing the nose strakes. There was an excellent build article of the kit in a recent IPMS-Canada magazine.