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  1. You must be very interested indeed to post that 4 times! PM me with your email address and I'll send you a ZIP file containing that drawing and more. By the way, the drawings were sent to me by Mika Jernfors of Arctic Decals ( whose business deserves your patronage!
  2. I have just been sent some excellent, albeit low-resolution, scale drawings which should help. Send me a private message if interested. Here's a sample:
  3. From a knowledgeable friend of mine: You're not getting there at all with a Lodestar and it would be hard enough if at all to start with a PV-1 Ventura. The Howard 500 has a lot longer aft fuselage and has a longer wing with a different shape. Different engines/props/cowlings, longer nose, lower tail plane with a longer tail cone. Others including me have beaten this idea to death and can't come up with a viable solution. It would be about 80 - 90% scratch built. Howard used the PV-1 wing Center Section and PV-2 landing gear, the rest of the airplane was new metal.
  4. I don't know myself, but I have posted the question on the Civil Wings Yahoo forum on your behalf (and that of others, including me!).
  5. Excellent products and service. He's been in business for some time. Here's his web site:
  6. If you're going to gloss it before applying decals, just spray it gloss black (or satin black) to begin with. Apply decals, then spray flat.
  7. Soaking in rubbing alcohol should work. The higher the concentration the better.
  8. Ugh! Facebook! Why did it have to be Facebook??? (said in best Indiana Jones impression)
  9. You're welcome. Please let me know if you have any success with contact.
  10. See my reply to your Hyperscale post.
  11. Lone Star Models of Sugarland, Texas, has released a multimedia kit of the Curtiss NC-4 in The One True Scale. For photos, click on this link to view a post on Hyperscale's "Plastic Pics" forum: Lone Star Models' web site is here:
  12. Can anyone tell me what this Lancastrian was doing at Biggs Army Airfield, El Paso, Texas, in 1947? Can anyone make out the registration?
  13. i would also sand down those prominent raised rectangles in line with the props. They are supposed to represent ice guards (an additional dural panel which protected the fuselage from chunks of ice thrown off the propellers) but are entirely too prominent.
  14. Glad to see my years of graphic arts experience is paying off!. That is a beautiful livery for that iconic airplane.