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  1. A problem, known as"color drift," occurs in paint manufacturing when a lazy quality control technician matches the latest batch of a particular color to the previous batch instead of matching it to the recognized, approved standard for that color, whether test panel or colorimetry data. If this habit continues, over time the color will drift away from the standard. I'm told this has happened at Humbrol more than once, and it has probably happened at other paint manufacturers as well.
  2. Will you also duplicate the trash can (just to the right of the hose reel) seen in the last photo?
  3. Found their website and bookmarked it, and sent an email inquiry but so far no response.
  4. I'm looking for a couple of Classic Plane resin kits (HF.320 and Helwan HA-300), and it seems to be the only source for these.
  5. Wot's an "ambut"? Some sort of British 3-wheeler?
  6. There are 1/72 kits of the Harrier 2-seaters, you know. Sword has released 3 different boxings, and even the old Heller Bobkit version (still available, I think) was not bad. See here for all things 1:72 Harrier:[]=Kits&q=1%3A72+Hawker+Siddeley+Harrier*
  7. My artist wife says that synthetic brushes will hold more paint because the bristles do not absorb paint as natural fibers such as camel or sable hair tend to do. She suggests that a good-quality art student line of synthetic bristle brushes will do just fine; Liquitex is a good but inexpensive brand, The Winsor & Newton Special Value sets are also good. She also suggests that you visit some of the art supply stores in your area. Sydney should have plenty of sources. Natural bristle brushes can also be used, but these tend to wear out over time regardless of quality. She suggests you get a small Winsor & Newton brush and try it. Regardless of the type of brush you use, they should be cleaned thoroughly after use and stored bristle end up between painting sessions. For long-term storage, they should be kept flat.
  8. My information is that NYC Mulberry Street nail polish has been discontinued. I was searching for some myself last year for another modeler and even contacted the manufacturer, only to be told it was no longer available. But yes, nail polishes should be sprayed. They are lacquer-based and will dissolve the plastic of your model if applied too thick. And a primer is advisable when spraying them. An easy way to mix paint is to convert the percentages to "parts." A part can be any convenient unit of measure, but I have found drops to be most convenient. In your case you would want to mix 15 drops of White Gloss 04 with 4 drops of Orange Clear 730 and 1 drop of Aluminium Metallic. Repeat until you have sufficient paint. Any dropper or pipette can be used; just be sure to use the same size dropper for each color, or, if using the same dropper, clean it thoroughly between colors.
  9. Don't know where you live, but here in Trumpland (formerly the United States of America) Revell paints are almost impossible to obtain. Hence other brands are widely used.
  10. Definitely not. He TEMPORARILY closes down in the fall when deer hunting season comes around, and announces this TEMPORARY closing every year. I think he also posts a notice to this effect on his web site. But he is NOT REPEAT NOT out of business! I trust i have made my point! :-)
  11. I believe Cobra Company once offered a KC-97/Boeing Stratocruiser "upgrade" set of resin parts for this kit. However, Cobra Company recently sold all its masters and patterns to Lone Star Models of Texas. Lone Star has plans to put the entire Cobra line back in production, but I don't know if the KC-97 set is available just yet. See here for details:
  12. Well, thank you for your service in any case.
  13. How do you know it isn't?
  14. Acrylics are not a cure-all for health/environmental reasons. "Acrylic" refers to the chemistry of the pigments. Acrylic paints can be enamels or lacquers as well as water-based. Most of the "acrylics" used by plastic modelers are actually alcohol-based enamels.
  15. You can't go wrong with Hasegawa. Some of their kits are a bit fiddly but with care make up into beautiful models. The only exception would be Tamiya's F-16, which is head and shoulders above Hasegawa's in terms of detail.