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  1. Looks very good. Like the Typhoon/Tempests. In a similar vein I completed a Novo Tempest recently, talk about fits where it touches!
  2. Most memorable film scenes..

    Ditto. A Canterbury tale is a beautifully told allegory of Chaucer's original with a superb cast.
  3. Most memorable film scenes..

    I'm a big David Lynch fan and one of my favourite parts is from Blue Velvet when Ben mimes to In Dreams whilst all the time Frank is being overcome by terrible memories. So atmospheric, the lighting, the acting from Dennis Hopper and of course the song...perfection, amongst all the weirdness.
  4. Most memorable film scenes..

    Some very evocative scenes there @fatalbert. A Canterbury Tale and In Which We Serve are two of my favourite films.
  5. Love that artwork, the quality of the sea and sky are incredible. Certainly as good as if not better than Roy Cross. I wonder who painted such a high quality image?
  6. Summary of Past Builds

    There's some quality there. Lovely collection.
  7. Hobby Boss P38-L 1/72

    That's a cracker Vinnie!
  8. Watch UK Television, "60's.

    Recently saw both the Callan films on Movies4Men on cable. Very good they were too.
  9. I guess probably true. Unfortunate as I like to have an undercarriage up now and then. Was surprised when I got a little grey stand in my Academy F4F recently.
  10. Aah, those clear plastic stands that used to come with Frog and Airfix models - why don't they include them in models now?
  11. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    My son took a picture from his back yard of the Tesla going up...
  12. Nice to look back to the time when the building instructions were all written out in order rather than the sometimes confusing exploded pictures we see now.
  13. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. Those repeated discordant two notes just allude to the sonic nirvana that follows.
  14. How to remove decals?

    Yes just discovered about silvering. I've bought matt and gloss varnishes since. Learning all the time, with a lot of help from here. Thanks for the info.