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  1. Very nice! I have the kit at home (red-tail version) and your build is indeed an incentive to start on it sometime.
  2. Superb built. Large though they often are, I love airliners in 1/72! I'm not the complete modeller, having never built a vac-form, but I know enough to say your finished plane is a fine tribute to your skill and patience.
  3. NA T-6G Texan,G-BKRA

    Looks great! I rather like the plain-and-practical look of the Texan/Harvard aircraft. Looking at your build, I am reminded of the "Tora, Tora, Tora!" film - I think Texans stood in for "Kate" torpedo bombers in that movie.
  4. Excellent! I think it looks much better than the one I built and yet you're the one who says he hasn't built aircraft before!
  5. I followed the link to the Birdcage Corsair - Awesome!! May I ask what scale? Brand of kit? Just superb.
  6. Wow! That is the kind of delicate and clean workmanship I can only aspire to. The subtle shading and weathering make it a real winner.
  7. Revell He-219 (1973 issue)

    I like it. Always found this plane interesting to look at. In spite of its name, it has a rather insect-like look to it, IMHO. Can only guess how much work is in this, if it is a 70's issue.
  8. Brilliant job. The F-111 is a favourite aircraft of mine (though I've never modelled it) and your build is superb.
  9. Must say, I'm very taken with your Halifax build. This version certainly has a well-balanced look to it. I haven't seen your WIP posts, but I assume that a lot of work was needed. It turned out a very excellent model. I too like seeing the crew members within.
  10. 1/72 Revell B-17 F

    Yep, always good to see a B-17 in 1/72 scale. Must admit, I still think the Hasegawa kits are solid renditions, even though this Revell and the latest Airfix kits are now on the market. Suffice it to say, the lack of interior detail in the Hasegawa kit does not bother me much. Nonetheless, your Revell build has turned out very nice.
  11. Shiden family

    Your work (like many others on this forum) takes the hobby to a new level of art! Just amazing how realistic those Shidens look.
  12. Fantastic work! Your painting and weathering look spot-on. I particularly the grey/dusty look to the tyres - also the subtle chipping on the prop blades. Inspires me to buy this kit, although I'd be very hard pressed to get it looking as good as yours.
  13. A few NAVY birds

    Fantastic builds! You appear to have a penchant for bright liveries on neutral grey aircraft, and they are really eye-catching indeed. I would stress out about the eagle graphics on the nose of "Chippy Ho" but you nailed it. Any tips or tricks you'd care to mention about it?
  14. 1/72 P-47D Hasegawa

    Thanks. I tend to try different things depending on what's close to hand and including a little guesswork. Your technique is another one I can try on my next plane model.