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  1. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    the bridge in afternoon
  2. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    Nice! I don't think I could 1/144 as well as youcan. Very nice work so far! DennisTheBear
  3. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    When it takes you four tries and fifteen minutes to figure out how old you are. DennisThe(NotYetElderly)Bear
  4. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    meeting at Number 9.5
  5. Nice! Couldn't tell it was a struggle from the results. DennisTheBear
  6. Haha! Recently finished the Matchbox 1/72 Sabre (with the other markings). Beautifully done! DennisTheBear
  7. Phantom FGR.2 Fujimi 1/72

    That is absolutely beautiful! Very well done! DennisTheBear
  8. Airfix 1/72 A6M2 Zero (new tool)

    Nice! I've seen profiles of A6M2 with green upper camo so it looks fine to me. DennisTheBear
  9. Why are companies opting for stupid names?

    Used to frequent a small bar in Korea that only played jazz over the sound system. Ordered a Singapore Sling one night and it took so long I joked that it must be coming from Hong Kong. Soon after they changed the name on the board to a "Hong Kong Sling". DennisTheBear
  10. What are you reading?

    The Empire Strikes South: Japan's air war against northern Australia 1942-45 by Dr. Tom Lewis OAM. Very interesting read, detailing all of Japan's 200+ combat sorties over Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland during the war. Interesting photos and some nice profiles. DennisTheBear
  11. Coffee lid series: 1 - Watching the ducks

    Oh, I really like that! Simple, environmentally minded, yet elegant!! DennisTheBear
  12. Lindberg P51

    Wow, cheap! Don't know much (or anything) about this kit, but why not build it to the best standard you can and try any techniques you'd like to on it. DennisTheBear
  13. Aussie P-40N

    Like Beard I have one in the stash so I'm in! DennisTheBear
  14. Coming along nicely, I think. This has always been one of my favourite inter-war fighters, and your dad is doing a stirling job so far. DennisTheBear
  15. Lovely Anson, and with a great choice in markings! DennisTheBear