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  1. HobbyEasy in Hong Kong
  2. Have the Frog version alas still sealed, but do have another kit - a different version somewhere. If I come across it, will post the instructions. Don't remember it being very comphresive though. This review has some good views
  3. Charts?? Think you guys are being a bit optimistic .... maybe a company or personal notebook (I'm sure I seen one illustrated on the internet somewhere) about harbours and anchorages, approaches, etc but relied far more on local knowledge and experience
  4. Yes indeed - used speedyhen before - first class service and prices. The first book has as broader scope, but is an v.interesting read. Especially for the price, when you consider the cost of a decent daily paper. Readers photos on amazon.
  5. I found Dazzle: Disguise & Disruption in War & Art by James Taylor (ISBN 978-1910860144) a good read for £12.35 delivered from ebay. Bought it for a pal's Christmas pressie - kept it and ordered another ... but I see more specifically Dazzle-Painted Ships of World War I by Glyn L. Evans, (978-1902953731) for around tenner, may help. Not read this one.
  6. No matter where it was, binnacle ?? .... sheer luxury! Oh and the funnel was sometimes in front of the wheelhouse! There is nuthin' rougher than a puffer. Thats why they are loved so much in these parts! VIC32 below - definitely not representative - Oban North Pier, 30th Sep 2011. Heading home from the Caley Canal, to Crinan (Canal Basin) for the Winter lay up
  7. There is no shortage of plans - there was a paper/card plank-on-frame build - 'Pibroch' - also featured in 'The Modelshipwright' years and years ago by Sandy Cousins. Found a set of plans of her on see images 2 & 3, though they've got a later motor 'puffer' in their images - this one was the famous puffer running to Islay for White Horse Distillers, and had a white horse at her mast head. Also features in the Dan McDonald book, 'The Clyde Puffer' - which is probably the definite reference. (loads very reasonable, 2nd hand on ABE Books) Steam Pibroch plans on ebay (link to auction page)
  8. BBC Store
  9. You'll probably find acrylics are more forgiving, quicker drying and easy to clean out of brushes, etc
  11. Found it Livadia and then if you put the name (ship+Livadia) into Google images, you get this selection - and note there seems to be a very nice paper kit to download, etc from Walden models - with a very comprehensive description of her - for USD27.50, here !
  12. There was a nice and impressive model of a circular vessel - not sure which - in the Glasgow Transport Museum when it was in the Kelvin Hall. Maybe in the new Clydesite building too?
  13. Though it was using the spare 'left overs' for the wooden top rails we were talking about? The printed lines not required. But obviously they'd have to be stained a wee bit or even varnished, like the originals !
  14. Thanks Mike - sorted :-)
  15. Should there not be enough spare on these dedicated Artworx sheets (there's 2 in the packet mind) after use? Probably 4 runs each side of that lower section :-)