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  1. My wife and I went on holiday a few years back to lake Garda. At the southern end is a memoril to the pilots of the high speed fight squadron. I'll see if i can find the photo.
  2. I think the M-39 is one of the great beauties of the air. Looks like you're really giving it the love it deserves! Your attention to detail...wow.
  3. Nothing like muddy wellies for carving up paint!
  4. Anybody got a tin of paint?
  5. The depth of knowledge on the forum always impresses me. Thank you all, I really appreciate the guidance!
  6. Looking at some walk around shots of P-38 wheel wells and those I've found seem to either be zinc chromate or light grey. One thing Aluminium does is surface oxidize, goes paler. I have done a couple of paintings on aluminium sheet and the oxide meant it didn't need priming.
  7. Good point. Easy to forget.
  8. Is that one of those"any landing you can walk away from..." situations?
  9. Thanks for that, confirms what I thought. Thanks for that, confirms what I thought.
  10. Wow! A lot to think about. Thank you all very much for the comments. My victim is one of the new Tamiya P-38s, the assembly of which is, at the risk of tempting fate, just a out me proof. A real eye opener after a couple of testors oldies! So I really want to make a good job of the finish. As a sort of PS, if I want to get it into the cupboard with the rest I'll have to build it wheels up on a stick. Which would be a bit of a shame given the level of wheel well detail.
  11. Love the use of Lego! Yes a jig is vital. Ive done some drawings to scale from 3 view drawings of The S5 and will have a shot at making one from plastic card or similar.
  12. Can you? It seems to me that if the Alclad is well dry - left for a day or two it ought to be OK, assuming the solvent has all gassed out. Wondered if this was how some of the real good weathering effects are achieved. Assuming weathering down to bare metal...Re: my last topic, ahem... Cheers, F
  13. A while ago I saw an article about weathering , the point of which was that it generally didn't go down to bare metal. Rather it would stop at the Zinc Chromate. There were photos of modern light a/c to back up his contention. So I'm wondering if anyone knows? I don't really trust colorized photos - some actual colour shots would be great. I ask because I see some incredible shots in black and white of seriously weathered WWII aircraft and wonder if the light bits are chromate or bare alu. Something to think about anyway Cheers F
  14. I use Xara, as I've had it for years, having bought it back in 2000 for work. Not expensive, but Inkscape is free.
  15. I bought one and am in the process of working out a jig for the floats. Rather wish that Supermarine had gone with a couple of cross struts like Maachi, oh well. One thing that it seems AMP didn't get right is the legs. The S5 was asymmetrical, the starboard float offset 8 inches from the centre line, so it looks like I'll be making legs. Something to bear in mind if you're planning on building one. F
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