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  1. seadog

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    And thanks for the comments. Right now I'm working out a technique for putting on bolt ropes with the least torment. Best candidate so far is soft iron wire painted 'rope' colour and using minute quantities of thick superglue to keep it on the edge of the sail. Seems ok on the test piece, fragile, but useable with care....therein lies the rub!
  2. seadog

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Peacefully one Hopes
  3. seadog

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    A tentative start on the Bow rigging today. I must remember to deal with that little gap on the cutwater! Incidentally, the side stays on the bowsprit are a tad slack on the real thing, just in case you wondered! Thanks for looking
  4. seadog

    TID Steam Tug

    Definitely getting tuggish Keep up the good work!
  5. seadog

    18th Century 28 Foot Longboat

    Just stumbled on this 'un...NICE. Should be very attractive when finished!
  6. Silver solder? Wow, good idea!
  7. seadog

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Pencil, just a normal HB on the main. Lined the fore sails in the computer, using Xara, my vector drawing programme
  8. seadog

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    I've got one of those rolling rulers which makes even spacing a bit easier.
  9. seadog

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Me neither, but 'Peace' has a red main sail. The red isn't quite so loud in reality... Ah, hang about, you mean the hull? The drawings I used show the original build, but I had nothing else to go on. No details, no old photos, so I went with the way she is now.
  10. seadog

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    OK, Haven't actually been shirking, honest. I've been sorting out the sails. Found that I could tape down layout paper to an old canvas stretcher, I could paint it with a few layers of artists acrylic red oxide, thinned with a bit of water and flow improver... So now I have sails, red and white. Next step is to glue on bolt ropes, put in grommets at the corners, and get on with rigging. Onward.....
  11. This has been a total education in scratchbuilding amasterpiece.
  12. seadog

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Looking very good indeed!
  13. seadog

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    I think so... I'm thinking of doing bolt ropes with twisted wire, painted buff, then they'll aso function to hold the shape, after I manage to get some belly into the sail!