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  1. Wow, a great choice of subject and a really beautiful build!
  2. Thanks chaps! I'm very busy now, avoiding modelling crew for it....
  3. Progressing... The boat is now attached to the base and I spent a good few hours creating the bow wave and wake with white milliput, gesso and acrylic paints.
  4. 300mm x 200x245 - with extra for the 2mm glass. Really important not to forget that!
  5. Been otherwise occupied for a bit... The base was carved out of 15mm Lime. Then gessoed fingerpaint style, which avoids brushmarks. Painted and varnished with artists acrylics. The bow wave and foamdown the sides will be done when the boat is mounted on the base. Got the glass cut for the case from the local framing guy in the village. Glass glued with silicone. Rather like building an upside down fish tank. Thanks for looking.
  6. The duckboards are brilliant. When I did WWI aeroplanes in plywood, my aim was to understate a lot, scale wise you can't really see grain.
  7. On with purring up and rigging more sails... I applied the metal rope bolt ropes using thin contact adhesive. And this is the state of play tonight, mostly there now, but a surprising amount of finishing to do...and then there's the crew, which I think I'll need to make myself, joy. I've made armatures to build a crew on...any cracks about a skeleton crew will have consequences, up to but not excluding keel-hauling. Thanks for looking.
  8. If you can remember the 60s, you weren't there. Or so they tell me...??
  9. Smack yer legs! Just keep taking the Dried Frog pills...
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