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  1. Wow to both. Must say I'd really like a model of a CMB too!
  2. Very well done and deserved! Wish I could have gotten to the show. I haven't been to a model show in....a lot of years.
  3. I've used some of Mr. Parkin's stuff and it does take a bit of work, but worth it. This is a helluva a build, great stuff! Fraser
  4. Been having a go at doing one for my Scottish maid as the actual engraved plaque I had down is really hard to read. Seems to be going well, so far ...
  5. This has been something of a masterclass in Diorama building, but then all your builds are.
  6. Oh, right, I thought they were Brass, damme sir, nice work. Having various graphics software, I shall have a go. Cheers!
  7. Yeah, really obvious when you look at the little 70 footers, and what they managed to carry in the way of weaponry. In the case of MTBs bigger was definitely better . Really enjoying watching this conversion happening. By the way, could you tell me who does your name plates? Cheers F
  8. When I was working on the old Ile de Serk - Island Commodore as she was then, we were overtaken by one of them taking the Lt. Governor to Alderney this was in '69. We were lumbering along at somewhere between 8 and 10 knots when she shot past....Cart Horse and Race Horse or what! Tenacity was a very handsome vessel.
  9. Nice! As I understand it the last couple of fast boats, Cutlass and Sabre, were used to simulate small boat attacks on our larger ships;;;totally under the radar and embarrassed a few ships... My feeling is that there's still a place for small heavily armed boats lie the Braves. We have almost no coastal craft from what I hear.
  10. I'll probably get in trouble for this, but... the chosen door?
  11. Ah, the future revealed! That's a really good plan. I'm enjoying the progress.
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