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  1. A remarkable kit! Never heard of thim till now. You're build is very beautiful!
  2. Really nice work - and incredibly neat...Mine, at a similar stage is, untidy
  3. It occurs to me that once the engine is in situ, the simplification of the front of the engine isn't going to be much of an issue. providing a multi-piece front end would have probably added to the cost for little gain. Then add the pile of exhaust headers.. the bolt heads in reality are really tiny and at 1/24th...http://st.hotrod.com/uploads/sites/21/2014/07/1966-Ford-GT40-engine-blocks.jpg The engine on the right has what looks like maybe 9/16th heads
  4. Started mine a few days ago, delayed due to cataract surgery on my right eye.... It's a really nice kit to work on parts fit is very well engineered. I was going to do do Ken and Denny's Car, but since you're already doing it, I think I'll go for the black one! One question - painting all those eyelets in the seats...damn! Glad to have separate seats, makes handling them a bit easier. Your engine is a treat!
  5. I get wire for rigging from the Scientific Wire Co. They do useful stuff like white or black enameled copper wire, which is useful for ships... they do stainless wire too, not sure without looking what thicknesses are available, but if you don't have a better source they're worth a look
  6. Looking good! I've been debating either a Bentley or an Alfa 2300 and a jig would, of course make 'accurizing' wheels a lot less frustrating. I notice you're using brass wire, would steel not be less prone to unwanted bends? Great work, whatever!
  7. I used a rattle can of gold I got from the local hardware store, which I'd used before on a curtis Schneider cup job. I thought I might have a problem with adhesion, but it worked well, to my eye anyway. The brand was plastikote, apparently a 'fast dry enamel.'
  8. Something I found out, having lost the dashboard part...duh. While making a new one from scratch I found some good interior shots and realized that the main instrument nacelle has 3 instruments house in it, plus there's a single a bit over to the left side of the cluster. There's some good info here. At this point I'm not sure where I'm going to find dials for them :. Hoping I can get close to the finish you've got on the bodywork!
  9. I wouldn't be in the least surprised... It has happened before, maybe some sort of morphic resonance or a leak between here and the Dimension of The Lost...
  10. Thank you! Yes, it's not a very difficullt piece to make - if you have the dimensionns, size and shape and a good straight on photo! The bigvent(?) is a feature, obviously, and I think the ends might be tapered slightly to match thecurve of the bodywork? Fortunately I have a stack of plasticard scraps and strip.
  11. Somehow, and I'm getting to the point of suspecting aliens or something, I have lost the dashboard for my Fujimi Ferrari P4. Last thing yesterday evening I had dotted theinstrument positions with gloss varnish, planning to apply the decals this morning. Placed thepart on the cutting mat next to the front coaming to which it should attach. When I went to work on it this morning I couldn't find it. I must have done something daft but all I can remember issetting id down and leaving thework area. So, if anyone has one and can give me a good scan, I'm hoping I can cobble up something that will look OK. Alternatively is it possible to get parts for anolder Fujimi kit? Thank you Fraser
  12. My wife and I went on holiday a few years back to lake Garda. At the southern end is a memoril to the pilots of the high speed fight squadron. I'll see if i can find the photo.
  13. I think the M-39 is one of the great beauties of the air. Looks like you're really giving it the love it deserves! Your attention to detail...wow.
  14. Nothing like muddy wellies for carving up paint!
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