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  1. Well this youtube video is just ideal for you then (Best pull back the volume a wee bit)
  2. Which version? Fairplay I (Antwerpen) or Fairplay III, (Rotterdam) or Fairplay X (Hamburg)
  3. Copy the link https://youtu.be/bKaVhXn49xY (get it via Share, then cut'npaste it) then plug it into your favourite YouTube downloader program. Most browsers have adds on/extensions tools available for the job. https://www.wikihow.com/Download-YouTube-Videos-in-Chrome will help
  4. There is a Billings kit of the Andrea Gail from the film The Perfect Storm http://www.billingboats.com/46/16/boats/discontinued-models/P-bb526-andrea-gail.html - discontinued, but there are usually some found on ebay
  5. They tend to bleach out with continual exposure to daylight, so pick anything approximate!
  6. Maybe of use to somebody - there is an Android app Hobby Color Converter available to "Find color equivalences between Tamiya, Revell, Humbrol, Vallejo, Gunze Sangyo, Citadel, Testors, AK Interactive, Ammo Mig and Federal Standard paints. This application helps you to find equivalences between colors of different brand paints used in model kits, dioramas and historical or fantasy miniature painting. It also is useful as a complete color chart." In the Play Store
  7. Flickr should be improving as Yahoo is elbowed out and Smugmug introduce their changes - ie the pending new log in. Note though, the FREE account limit of 1000 images kicks in very shortly.
  8. I like the Swedish navy's modern corvette 'Visby'. Resin kit by Orange Hobby in 1:350 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adNtzIKd_ZI
  9. clipper

    HMS Manchester

    There is a Revell kit in 1:700, #05012. One on ebay at present in France at ~£33 quid at present (inc postage) so pretty pricey, no bids yet. eBay item number: 183354315533 ps And a Pit Road kit - Sold Out - but details here https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10019205
  10. Always fancied this one - or maybe just the section with the bridge/accomodation, but too much like the real thing. Taking me way back to college days and Naval Architecture ... intercostal beams, etc, etc - shudder!!
  11. clipper


    I suspect a LOT of their models are in storage. Was the QE2 not a tank test model - rather than display?
  12. clipper


    Indeed, the model displays in the Clyde Room, while in the Transport Museum was in it's previous home in Kelvin Hall, were FAR superior.
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