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  1. Hasegawa P-47 1/72 - 70's Classic

    Looks good to me. Nice build.
  2. A-4B Skyhawk 1/72 Airfix

    Superb. Really outstanding build.
  3. Nakajima Type 97 KATE B5N2 ( Hasegawa)

    Hasegawa kit builds into a very nice Kate. Good work.
  4. F-86E, Academy, 1/72

    Excellent build. Looks really good.
  5. Cyrille Regis R.I.P

    A great footballer. A great man. God bless.
  6. What have you purchased / been gifted

    "Stuka Attack" Andy Saunders and "Battle for the Channel The First Month of the Battle of Britain" Brian Cull.
  7. Beautiful build of a favourite aircraft of mine. Great work!!
  8. 1/72 USCG Grumman Albatross

    Top class build. Superb finish. The Jayhawk ain't half bad either!
  9. An oldie but certainly a goodie. Great build.
  10. AZ Model DHC-1 Lebanese Chipmunk, OOB

    Lovely build. Very nice finish.
  11. Another fine build. Very impressive finish.
  12. Junkers G 23 Plastikard 1/72

    I like that a lot. Really well done.
  13. Condor 1/72 MiG-25PD Foxbat

    Really super job on a not so super kit. Have one lying in wait,so to speak. Yours is magnificent.
  14. Built a few of the Italeri Hind kits. Can't say I ever found them ill fitting. Maybe it's just me. You did a superb job. Great colour scheme.