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  1. Thanks for the positive words! I have read so much about using Klear as gloss coat but I’m afraid that the product isn’t available in the Netherlands, at least not in the same chemical composition. I read somewhere that there are other manufacturers that produce almost the same product, but I haven’t tried them out yet. I’m familiar with the Tamiya tape, awesome stuff. I even used it on the model in this post . For my next build I used precut masking tape for the canopy. Not finished yet, but it looks promising. (see my Work in progress post)
  2. During the time the putty is hardening I’m thinking about the best way/order to prime and paint. Quick question about masking. I see guys airbrushing with and without a (masked) canopy in place. When you airbrush with the canopy on is the canopy already glued permanently in its place (and therefore everything else in the cockpit must already be painted) or is it just a temporally hold so you can fine tune the cockpit later?
  3. Gluing the fuselage wasn’t a walk in the park. The fragile halves and parts made it hard to dry fit. It started with trouble fitting the dashboard and ended up with some nasty seams. I think I can blame some of it on my own skills but some seams are definitely caused by design of the kit (let’s call it 50/50 ). Hopefully I can repair them with some putty. I find good filling still one of the hard things to do, so fingers crossed. Oh, during my struggle putting the fuselage together I forgot to put in the extra weight in the front! Luckily I discovered my mistake before I glued on the wings. I managed to slip in some screws wrapped in silly putty. Hopefully it is placed enough to the front so it passed the center point of gravity and prevents the plane from aiming to the sky.
  4. Now I’ve got a working airbrush again, time for some action. Thanks to tips in my ready for inspection post I used a higher ratio of thinner/paint than I usual did. Because I often use Vallejo Model air I didn’t think mixing wasn’t that important. Now I did mixing in a 1:1 ratio and it looks like it did the trick. Next up were the decals in the cockpit. In the instructions no color was given to the seat cover. A quick google search didn’t give an exclusive answer but I did see some green seats, so green it is.
  5. Yesterday I got a happy little surprise in my mail! In exactly 1 week I received a (new) replacement airbrush. Because they send me a completely new set, even the accessories (paint and clean/color mix) were replaced with new full ones. Talk about good service!
  6. Combat aircraft magazine did a short article on aggressor units. Your F-16C is briefly mentioned. https://combataircraft.keypublishing.com/2018/11/22/expanding-aggressor-community-brings-welcome-variety/ It also featured on the cover of it's USA AF yearbook, probally because of it's sheer beauty. No further details on the plane in the magazine though. https://pocketmags.com/us/combat-aircraft-magazine/usaf-yearbook-2019
  7. In my Corsair Ready for Inspection post I mentioned that I have difficulties with canopies. Some members gave the advice to use precut canopy masks. For this A-10 build I searched the web and couldn’t find any that a) weren’t on lengthy back order or b) didn’t cost that much (including shipping!). I did stumble across a .jpeg file with the canopy outlines on it (I think it was of Montex - # SM 72053). So I printed that on a piece of paper with masking tape on it. Maybe I redo it to make it even better but for now I’m happy that this method worked!
  8. I was just wondering if it was possible to attach the wings afterwards and get the gears to interlock with each other and work. Painting the wings separately seems the way to go. Thanks!
  9. My bad, I read the title of the post and went straight to the pictures, missed the part being it the D kit. Thanks about the information about the vanes! Makes the build a little easier And my question about the build order of the wings? Any advice on the building/paint sequence?
  10. Hi Tony, I stumbled on this post in the intro of your Work in Progress mega post of the 10 Hobbyboss Tomcats. Great post and even greater planes, simply stunning! I see you started your Tomcat obsession with a Revell kit. I myself bought a Tomcat kit by Revell, although a different version, the F-14D Super Tomcat (Revell#03960). I was hoping you could give me some advice on the wings. In your post it looks like you already painted the wings before attaching them to the already glued and painted fuselage. Is this correct? I know the wings must not be glued, but can the wings “simply” be clicked in? The second thing I hope you could give me some advice on is regarding the little retractable flaps (I don’t know any other word to describe them) at the beginning of the wings. https://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/f14/ (see F-14 in flight with the flaps out) As is seen in the instructions there is a little pin (see point of knive) that prevents it being clicked in afterwards like the wings. It looks a real hassle to get this nicely painted. I’m strongly contemplating just gluing the part. How did you deal with this part during your build? I don’t to see it on your Revell model so maybe it’s only on the F-14D and you never had to deal with it? Cheers, Gommert
  11. I use the Basic airbrush set by Revell (single action airbrush). Other members also mentioned it could be the brand of paint and/or the mixing ratio thinner : paint. I definitely look in to that with my next build. Thank you for your insight!
  12. Meanwhile I already glued some parts that don’t need priming right now. I also went ahead with attaching the pylons on to the wings. I looked at the site member @Parabat mentioned ( https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/a-10.html ) but it seems to be about missions during Desert storm and I’m going with a version that ran during (the later) Operation Iraqi Freedom. Too bad because that site is awesome! For now I think I’m going with the loadout as mentioned in the kit instructions.
  13. Like I mentioned, I think grey primer went ok. Much better than with the white primer. Still have to do some tidying up on some areas (sanding and re primer) but that will have to wait till I have a working airbrush again. The online shop has good customer service so I hope the warranty covers it and there will be a swift solution. Fingers crossed.
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