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  1. Thanks for the swift and excellent reply!
  2. Fellow modellers, I hope you can help me make a choice regarding an option building a F4U-1A Corsair. In the instructions there is an option using part 32 or part 34 (see this link https://imgur.com/gallery/KDdgCWz ) I don't believe it's in the difference between the two available build versions of the kit (Marine Corps vs Navy). Does anyone know what the difference is in using the two parts?
  3. I just finished this exact same kit (but build the other version). Loved it! I used the Vallejo Light gull grey (71.121) and Vallejo Ocean gray (71.273). Here are two pictures to give you an idea on how the colors work out. https://imgur.com/gallery/7VUn5Vk Good luck with your build!
  4. Thanks for your swift reply and solution! I'm gonna try a different thinner to wipe the excess. The panel lines on your model look great! For future models I'm gonna consider grey for panel lines. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Hi, new member* here with a question about using Tamiya panel line accent color (black). Before I started, I browsed the Internet and watched Youtube video's. I thought I would be informed enough to escape every beginners error, but I still messed up :-( I used acrylic paint (Vallejo, model air), followed by a gloss acrylic varnish (Vallejo). The varnisch dried a couple of days before I put on the Tamiya panel line accent color. After 8 minutes I wiped the excess Tamiya with a cotton bud dipped in (to much??) enamel thinner (Humbrol). The Tamiya comes of, but the layer of varnisch seems to get a little bit sticky (like it is dissolving). After half an hour or so the varnisch hardens back in to its old state. Anyone an idea what can be the issue? *I live in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. Relatively new to modeling (8 models in). Favorite build are military airplanes (old and new) in a 1/72 scale. Since a couple of weeks proud owner of a simple airbrush
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