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  1. glatisant

    Mig-23ms Academy 1/72 Libya

    Magnificent. Really superb.
  2. A very good looking machine. A very good looking build.
  3. glatisant

    civil mustangs...NX-1204 VH-IVI

    Beautiful looking Mustangs. All of them!!
  4. glatisant

    Corsair F4U-4 Revell 1/72

    That's a really great build. The weathering and exhaust look good. The colour scheme is superb.
  5. glatisant

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    "Stone Age Romeos" Hoodoo Gurus.
  6. Really nice build. Have one in the stash. Thanks for the heads up regarding the inaccuracies of the kit.
  7. Lovely. Those were the days,good looking aircraft,colourful markings.
  8. Magnificent,really super. Have recently acquired one,and about to get an AC119K so with a bit of luck... !
  9. glatisant

    IDF M50 Super Sherman

    www.friendshipmodels.org.uk. Should come up on google,or ebay.uk. A good source of stuff. As for builds it's in the pipeline!!!!
  10. glatisant

    Me262 RAE/RAF 1/72

    Odd,but nice. For all it's faults and failures the Me262 is one hell of a good looking machine.
  11. What a great build. A magnificent camo scheme.
  12. That's little gem. Have a few in the stash. Ancient but always worth a go!
  13. glatisant

    That little Fokker...

    Super little 'un. Great rigging.
  14. Superb as always. Fresco is a lovely looking aircraft. Osprey "MiG 17 and MiG 19 Aces" full of good profiles of NVAF.
  15. glatisant

    IDF M50 Super Sherman

    I have some lovely resin castings by Friendship Models of M50 turret with white metal gun barrel,hatches and cupola rings. Also a couple of M4A1 cast hulls again by Friendship models, really nice,crisp resin moulds. I have a set of HVSS suspension,again in resin by S+S Models. So as you can imagine,along with the spares box and various Shermans by every manufacturer ever, I am like a Frankenstein! But then again it's fitting it in amongst myriad other projects such as my Japanese Special Attack Sentai aircraft, or the Ness Gun battery at Scapa Flow, or Chinooks, Austin Tillys, Byzantine Infantrymen. I could go on! Happy modelling.