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  1. No that's Camelot you're thinking of - "tis a silly place"
  2. Can't see any indicators? Did BMW build F104's?
  3. Someone on here posted a list of s/n / codes of all known Mosquito aircraft, unfortunately DZ712 isn't listed, along with DZ714. Whether as you surmise it didn't last long enough to get a code, or simply isn't listed I have no idea. I do know whoever compiled the list had used every source possible and spent a very long time on it, so if they didn't source a code I'm not sure it's possible to find out. Sorry I'm not more help.
  4. I remember them filming it at Duxford during the summer. I was at the paddling pool near Marshall's Airport, Cambridge and still get transported back 47 years every time I see multiple Spitfires flying across the sky!
  5. That is indeed the image I saw, but originally I saw it on't interweb.....
  6. Thank you, that's very helpful!
  7. Thank you, as I say I stumbled across it once and typically I can't find it again
  8. Some time back I saw a photo of Hurricane P3707, NN-A from 310 (Czech) Squadron RAF following a mid air collision on 29/10/40 between F/L Josef Maly and P/O E Fechtner. I'm looking to model P3707 after it crash landed, however despite googling I can only find a low res online from Hurricane Squadrons In Focus. Does anyone have a link to the photo online to save me buying the book for one photo? TIA
  9. That Asr Turas example takes me way back, they used to fly race horses to Marshall's Airport Cambridge. My sister had a house right on the perimeter with a car port that I could sit on an plane spot! Somewhere I've got some photos of it.
  10. Scalemates didn't show it on my search, but I'm guessing that the Airfix 1971 kit isn't as good, but then compare a 30/40 year old Tamigawa with a new release Airfix kit and I'm sure it's the same story!
  11. I was sure somewhere in the depths of my mind I remembered the first time I ever heard of the A26 was in an Airfix catalogue. Sure enough according to Scalemates the only 1:72 A26 Invader was, yes, Airfix - originally released in 1971! So unless Scalemates have missed an Italeri kit Airfix are the only mainstream manufacturer to release one. Of course Italeri and Airfix have swapped moulds in the past, but then Italeri's version would be of a similar quality?
  12. Judging by the sales of the Victor, Lancasters, Meteor, Defiant, to name a few recent releases I'd say yes they do know what people want. The Lancasters for example are probably the best models available, the same could be said about the P40.
  13. Soup Dragons?
  14. Tom ive had a word with the Burgess Hall, if you're bringing it to the Brampton Show this year they've agreed to keep the bowling alley in the leisure centre next door free for you!
  15. Look straightforward enough to me, but then I grew up with that style of Airfix instructions