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  1. Airfix 2018

    On sale in your LMS at £19.99 in 24 months time?
  2. RAF High Altitude Flight colour(s).

    Having lived in Cambridge pretty much my whole life, including working for the university ‘Cambridge Blue’ is most definitely not blue! Possibly some of the confusion comes from Cambridge University Air Squadron, many aircraft seem to be shown as having light blue markings, perhaps the aircraft were painted with standard paints, rather than having paint specially mixed to match a fairly little used colour?
  3. Nobody Mentioned The New Airfix 1/48 Blenheim Yet?

    It’s a 2018 release, probably the end of 2018, so I doubt if it will be on pre-order until well into 2018
  4. Bomb trolley size ??

    It opened straight away for me?
  5. Airfix 2018

    There’s always Telford for an announcement
  6. I’m trying to work out how many I’ll buy! Hopefully the fact the article shows a MkIV means that will follow too?
  7. Bomb trolley size ??

    So by the time the drawbar is included it’s even longer than it should be?
  8. Bomb trolley size ??

    So according to those dimensions Selwyn (if my maths is correct) and assuming the width is frame not across the wheel the Flightpath C Trolley scales out exactly right width wise, but is around 13mm (or 2’ too long?)
  9. Bomb trolley size ??

    Sadly I don’t have a photo (partly because I don’t use Flickr photobucket etc) As modelled by Flightpath the rear section is an X shape open frame, the rest is a solid floor. The dimensions as I’ve made mine is 24mm length by 20mm wide open area, the cross X brace 2mm wide and starting from the solid floor which ends 24mm from the rear axle, so there is an unbraced section approx 3mm long in front of the rear axle. The last support is at the very end of the solid floor, the supports are 23mm apart. Once the Cookie is on, very little is visible apart from the X braces, supports and front tapering section. hope that all makes sense?
  10. Bomb trolley size ??

    Measurements from mine: frame length - 112mm “. Width - 24mm width to outside of wheels - 33mm wheel diameter - 10mm drawbar length - 22mm frame width is slightly varied (probably due to my poor folding skills) but 24mm is taken across the frame just in front of the rear axle.
  11. Road rage

    Any member? Do they not need a specialist driving course to learn how to drive under emergency conditions? I'd hate to meet a speeding motorist with just a visor sign, even in the quietest rural area
  12. Road rage

    That speeding driver has no excuse if they are a member of the emergency services, the exemptions claimed by any driver of a vehicle being used for emergency services purposes would almost certainly be thrown out in court. The important phrase being 'used for emergency service purposes' an on call retained firefighter is only operational once they arrive at their station and sign on. Unless their vehicle is a fire service vehicle, using a private vehicle would almost certainly invalidate their insurance. Whilst an emergency vehicle doesn't have to be using lights or sirens for the driver to claim exemption, without giving other road users advance warning their case for speeding would be very weak. The visor signs stating ''RNLI CREW' 'On Call Firefighter' etc give no legal ability to claim exemptions. If any retained/part time firefighter etc fitted blue lights to enable them to speed they would be committing further offences alongside speeding, unless they somehow registered their vehicle as an emergency vehicle.
  13. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    While cutting my lawn had a Griffon engined Spit pottering around overhead
  14. Loved the guy on Look East who said he thought his kettle had 'blown up' then said he looked round for the 'nuclear fall out' -