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  1. RC135 Rivet Joint

    Thanks for the help guys
  2. RC135 Rivet Joint

    Obviously having a brainfart I should have considered the 15/20 min gap would make sense as a circuit and bump
  3. RC135 Rivet Joint

    Anyone know how many Rivet Joints the 95RS at Mildenhall fly? So far this morning I've had a constant stream departing over my house. Not seen them all, but I think it's at least 6, possibly 8 aircraft. As there's apparently 32 aircraft (according to wiki) I'm guessing that's all the Mildenhall aircraft out?
  4. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - it must be a word, the OED lists it!
  5. 1/48 Revell F-15E 48FW

    People keep tempting me with all sorts of loveliness from Suffolk, I've seen enough of the 'Hall and 'Heath over the last 50 years, but I'm resisting and sticking to Cambridgeshire - mainly because I'm having doubts I'll live long enough to build examples of all types from Cambs bases, plus SWMBO will kill me of I buy yet more kits to nclude all the Yank stuff! I'll just sit and watch this one.....
  6. Hong Kong 2 stage Merlin Mosquito variants

    Hmmm, two Wyton aircraft, get thee behind me Satan.....
  7. Crew for Airfix 1:48 BP Defiant?

    DJ Parkins (Flightpath etc) do a pilot being helped into his cockpit as part of their Dartmoor Military Models figures
  8. Interpreting RAF colours from black and white photos

    Having worked in the photographic trade I sold at one point lots of vintage collectable equipment and accessories. Much of the 'serious' 35mm equipment was German, mainly Leica and Contax, however there were also British copies around. However filters were almost a 'de facto' fit to many cameras, even those used by what might now be termed 'happy snappers' lots of the filters were what used to be known as 'series fit' these were generally push on and would fit appropriate size diameter lenses. The UV/Skylight filters were uncommon pre and during the war, most photographers used a pale yellow, sometimes known as a straw filter as their standard filter. As mentioned in the US Kodak supplied Wratten filter gels, originally for the movie industry, which could be trapped in a holder and fitted to still cameras too. Unlike the 70's until the pre digital age when companies like Hoya took over and restricted the colours commonly available, the 30's, 40's and even into the 50's saw massive variation in shades available. Yellows filters ran from straw, light yellow, what became the standard 'yellow' through to quite dark colours. Again red had many variations and green was commonly used as it gave better tonal renditioning for foliage in landscapes. We've become used to filters being consistent and a much more restricted choice, for those who even now still use film, but in the past things were much more complicated and while tests show the effects well, without a great deal of caution don't aid interpretation a great deal in my opinion.
  9. Possibly a US state might fight back?
  10. The Dambusters Great Escape.

    Did they mention 9 Squadron?
  11. I'm not suggesting Jeffery Quill 'made it all up' the article I referred to appears fairly in depth about the comparative tests, no where does the author quote tests other than between individual aircraft. I apologise if I appeared to be questioning a race between aircraft. The article suggests that due to adverse weather and a rough engine tests were curtailed, several types appearing to have very little comparative flying at all.
  12. I'm sure I'm repeating information you already are aware of, but the March 2017 edition of Aeroplane has an article by Ben Dunnell on the FW190 MP499 tests, in which it states that due to engine roughness there wasn't time to carry out full tests. He states the Typhoons used were one from Hawker and one from 'a squadron' and suggesting that DP845 was even less thoroughly tested due to adverse weather. There is nothing in the article which suggests that there was a race between all three types?
  13. Is Wingnut Wings over?

    No that's Camelot you're thinking of - "tis a silly place"
  14. F104 car...oh yes!

    Can't see any indicators? Did BMW build F104's?
  15. Mosquito Individual Code letter

    Someone on here posted a list of s/n / codes of all known Mosquito aircraft, unfortunately DZ712 isn't listed, along with DZ714. Whether as you surmise it didn't last long enough to get a code, or simply isn't listed I have no idea. I do know whoever compiled the list had used every source possible and spent a very long time on it, so if they didn't source a code I'm not sure it's possible to find out. Sorry I'm not more help.