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  1. The Sign of FOUR

    Only if no brown
  2. Fuel economy

    I had a mkii Mondeo 2.5l V6 Ghia X which was stunning, I used to drive without the radio on to enjoy the engine note - however come off a roundabout and boot it and the instantaneous fuel read out showed 2 mpg!
  3. Things I don’t understand

    I had the humiliation of being allowed to drive a racing Escort lookalike once. Back in the day Ilford the photographic firm sponsored Radio 1 DJ Mike Smith (remember B+W film and Mike Smith) in a celebrity challenge series using XR3’s. As part of their publicity they had a stock Escort to drag around their dealers. Our rep was almost at retirement age and was embarrassed to be seen in it, so at lunchtime me and a couple of other staff used it for the pub run. Of course it was red rag to every boy racer around and so gutless I simply smiled and waved ‘after to you to them’ just to annoy them!
  4. The Sign of FOUR

    You’ve gotta nerve agent
  5. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    I had a woman with alcohol related mental health issues accuse me of ‘sexual assault’ whilst performing an ecg. At the time she told me and my crew mate how wonderful we and the ambulance service in general were, giving us a bag of cake bites and a peck on the cheek as we left. A couple of hours, half a bottle of vodka and a wander to the local nick later she ‘wanted me spoken to by my bosses’ I was sent home from shift early, suspended from patient facing duties for two weeks while ‘it was all sorted’ after a total of eleven weeks, nine of them off with stress they finally resolved the complaint. Apparently the woman kept agreeing dates for a management interview, then cancelling them. When the police rang my station with details of the complaint the duty manager had to ring a senior manager for advice before suspending me, his first question? Had I had any previous complaints? After it was resolved it stayed on my record, apparently no smoke without fire is an acceptable technique in assessing guilt. The best bit of the whole complaint? My colleague was the one who did the ecg and made it clear all the way through!
  6. Jim bowen dies.

    Stephen Hawking then Jim Bowen, good to see the non dart player went first.....
  7. The Sign of FOUR

    Boris Johnson’s hair piece
  8. Fuel economy

    Given the time you’ve had it and the fact you don’t know when it was last serviced it almost certainly needs one, especially with lots of short urban drives.
  9. Stephen Hawking dies

    “A mischievous funny guy” - when asked for people’s recollections, someone told the BBC that ‘he ran over my foot in his wheelchair while I was sitting on the wall on Kings Parade’ - something he used to try and do to tourists a lot. I worked on Kings Parade and watched his nurse/assistant/wife constantly grabbing the controls to stop him.
  10. Things I don’t understand

    You are Nick Frost and I claim my £5!
  11. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Well ignorance is bliss - so some people must be delirious
  12. The Tickling Stick is Hung Up Forever

    I told my wife he’d died, she said “did he?” I said no Doddy.......
  13. FV436 conversion

    I’ll pull up a seat for this one, my late father was a Corps Cpl in AFS from 43-47
  14. Things I don’t understand

    Sat in my local hospital car park while waiting for wife and oldest to attend appointment. Across the car park is a ‘Lumma CLR RS’ - aka a Range Rover with a set of black wheels, a couple of red stripes and a spoiler on the roof. Intrigued I google it (other search engines are available) to find that Gumma Design will relieve you of almost £25k, or nearly £27k, depending whether you want 22” or 23” wheels, for what looks like the sort of body kit people used to stick on Mk2 Escorts and Capri’s in the 80’s, a bit of red piping on your seats and new letters on the boot! As far as I can see they don’t even do anything mechanical to it! Last time I saw the sticker price on a RR it was over £100k so why, just why pay more? There’s even a range of optional extras to spend yet more.
  15. We're here four the money!

    Clearly had too much