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  1. Great progress there. I'm in awe at the ambition of building a model ship of such scale and detail. The Seahawk looks great - something I now associate with fond memories of holidays on the Lizard driving past Culdrose - but you really need to save that for your follow-on builds of Eagle, Albion or Bulwark off Suez. Looking forward to your Sea Vixens/Sea Venoms, Whirlwinds and Gannets. Actually, have you decided on a precise date and air group?
  2. Very nicely done. The seascape looks excellent, I'd never have guessed it was your first go - the foam around the hull is especially convincing.
  3. Very impressive, as always. The detail and blemish-free finish on the island with the PE attached is just incredible. I was considering having a go at a 1/1250 Ark Royal myself but now I'm wondering about just selling a spare kidney or child to be ready to buy one of your eventual production cast versions!
  4. Here are the finished* photos of my 1/1250 HMS Queen Elizabeth, from the earlier WIP thread. The basis of the ship model is a Mountford resin kit but most of the visible surface and all the details are scratch built. The F35s and helicopters are from SNAFU on Shapeways. The finished model is just under 230mm long and dwarfs almost everything else in my 1/1250 collection. * The aircraft and deck vehicles aren't fixed in position yet - I want to get some more information on likely operating arrangements before I do this. I also need to make the four DS30M Mk.2 30 mm guns
  5. I wanted to represent the crane, aircraft tow trucks and loader that can be seen in photos of HMS Queen Elizabeth on Westlant 18 and 20 but, whilst they are very visible in pictures of the ships, I needed better references for the vehicles. Happily davecov on Britmodeller kindly told me exactly what the vehicles were, based on information he'd gathered for his build of HMS Price of Wales 4 x Schopf F59 Tow Tractors 2 x JCB 541-70 Telescopic Handler 1 x Terex AC35 Crane From this I found plenty of reference photos and even plans for the crane and tractors that I could simpl
  6. Yes, I really wanted to avoid having exactly 12 F35s for exactly that reason. The Carrier programme certainly has attracted its share of cynics. Since it was begun, I've been reliably informed that: - Nothing I'm seeing makes me think the UK is serious about building new large carriers - at best they might get a couple of converted container ships. - They will be cancelled and scrapped on the stocks. - They will be sold on completion. - Prince of Wales will be sold to India at a bargain price. - F35B will be cancelled and we'll be left with two expensive LPH. - Th
  7. I'm continuing to catch up with documenting this and have just finished sorting out photos of the aircraft. I want to capture something of the business of an aircraft carrier deck, crowded with aircraft and vehicles. As well as F35s, I wanted to have a variety of Merlins and a Chinook to represent the range of aircraft you would normally expect to see onboard. After checking out the various options in metal and 3D prints, I decided to buy printed aircraft and helicopters from SNAFU on Shapeways. The detail on these is quite remarkable and, printed in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
  8. With the basic hull and island structures done and primed, I started working on the flight deck markings and other decals The most striking features for me in photos of HMS Queen Elizabeth's flight deck are the yellow-black hazard markings around the lifts and the rectangles of different greys. The photo above is from an article on Save the Royal Navy and provided the main inspiration for my colour scheme and the reference for the deck markings. https://www.savetheroyalnavy.org/what-are-they-for/ I ordered a couple of sheets of Xtradecal XPS2 simple white line tra
  9. I recently had the chance to look round HMS Belfast on a rather wet day and was struck by how dark the wet parts of the deck were. Now I appreciate the wood wasn't freshly holystoned so may not be fully representative of an in-service ship but the wet parts certainly weren't yellow or grey. I took this photo to include fully dry (apart from atmospheric dampness), damp and (a tiny bit of) fully wet wood.
  10. Thank you Dancona, rather less ambitious than your current build - I showed you photo of the hull on a patio table to my wife and suggested I might like to build a bigger model next time. That got a very firm no. Some more of my little build; the islands. Whilst I was struggling over the hull, I kidded myself the islands wouldn't need much work but closer inspection showed that this was not the case. Although the basic shapes weren't bad, platforms were in the wrong places, badly proportioned or missing, the exhausts were completely wrong, the radars looked little nothi
  11. You've made a magnificent start there on your audacious enterprise. I'll watch your build of this illustrious ship with great interest - whatever formidable challenges along the way, I'm sure you will emerge victorious in the end. Yes, I did see what you did and probably like a pun more than is healthy! :-)
  12. As this seems to be the season for scratch built RN aircraft carriers, I thought I'd add my small contribution - very small compared to those in 1/200 or 1/350. I followed the protracted gestation of CVF / Queen Elizabeth class with huge interest and anticipation and was very pleased, having seen HMS Queen Elizabeth taking shape in the distance at Rosyth to have the chance to see her in Portsmouth in the summer of 2018 from the deck of a ferry, just before she left for Westlant 2018. I was keen to add her to my collection of 1/1250 waterline ships and obtained a copy of the Mountfo
  13. Thanks very much Doom3r. I have a bit of a plan now. I'm going a bit paler and more blue for the deck (dark sea grey) than usual - this matches with photos from Westlant 19 - paler again for the Merlins (medium sea grey) and darker with a hint of bown-violet for the F35s over a metalic base. Hopefully that will give clear differences and not be too far off the true colours.
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