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  1. I received my set from Scaleworx last week. Beautifully designed and casted.
  2. The bigger wing of the C is aesthetically more pleasing
  3. What are the alternatives? 4 isn't a very large fleet....
  4. SAAF dumped it too.
  5. I get it. I am surprised it's so hard to get Ratel stuff though, it having been so ubiquitous. Is it that stuff has simply been lost over time or a reluctance on the part of the manufacturer to share?
  6. Surely a Ratel must be on the way?
  7. Lovely! Great work!
  8. I'd buy one
  9. Yep, curbing one's enthusiasm to buy early is usually good for the wallet
  10. In stock at Lucky Model. Don't all rush at once...
  11. One can only laugh... All these years we have waited and now two together. Mad. Oh well I shall not complain! My resin Han Models Ching Kuo will now be moved to the "collector's items" shelf!
  12. Who is the race between? Don't think anyone else is doing a 1/48 Ching Kuo?
  13. That's very sad. When my old house was for sale a few years ago he came to view it. Nice man. Didn't put an offer in mind.