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  1. And coming up with a few of our own...
  2. If only it was obscure to us outside the US...
  3. Any chance you will use this as a base to do a DC-10?
  4. Did the Bomarc ever get re-released??
  5. Looks great to me!
  6. Wow. This is really fantastic. Surely it can't be too long before this displaces resin in the aftermarket?
  7. f-RSIN fuselage with Revell Beluga wings etc
  8. Gorgeous! Where did you get the kit? I have wanted one for ages but never been able to get hold of it.
  9. CK stands for Ching Kuo.
  10. Lovely! Looks fab. I love the Scooter in this scheme.
  11. A 48 version surely can't be too far behind?