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  1. CAT4 do resin conversion bits. Nose, intakes, antennae etc. You can find them on ebay.
  2. That’s really fabulous. Who needs the Hasegawa Cruze hey?
  3. HAL HF-24 Marut Cheetah C SOKO Super Galeb SOKO Orao all in /48 pls
  4. Whatever happened to Hobbycraft’s moulds? They made some good nice things but it’s all disappeared.
  5. The Fennec and the Sabre are my faves - really fabulous
  6. Stunning. The 757 still looks good today - the design remains fresh.
  7. They had no choice but to convert back to Atar. It was the only engine available to SAAF apart from unreheated Spey. Sanctions precluded use of J79. The fuselage extension is related to avionics space and centre of gravity issues. RSA had insufficient Mirage IIIEZ airframes to convert to C standard - there were 38 Cs but only 17 IIIEZs and they were almost entirely converted to E standard. Conversion of the legacy IIICZs was impractical and there werent enough of them anyway (16). A significant “tell” about the airfame source being Kfirs was the sale of 4 Atar 9K-50s to Israel by SNECMA in 1989 for use on “prototype Kfirs”.
  8. Only if you want to spend lots of money for a tiny bit of resin and you like working with resin. I dont like either. So personally i am pleased i’ll be able to do it with styrene alone. But you do you.
  9. The mods are insignificant when compared with starting from a Mirage III, which has been the requirement to date. Particularly if you have a donor Mirage III for the exhaust nozzle and fin. Much easier than sculpting a Cheetah C nose from Miliput. Thought i forget that we are all kit assemblers and not modellers nowadays.
  10. The Cheetah Cs are rebuilt, zero houred Kfir C2s with the Atar 9K-50 back fitted. They werent modified Mirage IIIs. They’re essentially Atar powered C10s. The Cheetah Es were modified Mirage IIIs. The C and E programmes were entirely distinct. The Cheetah Ds and Bs were a rag bag assortment of two seat Mirage III, 5 and Nesher airframes of varying provenance.
  11. Wiki is right on this. See also the Matterhorn Circle website: “From the early 1970s it was decided, that all Swiss military aircraft had to be equipped with an IFF transponder. The Venom's cramped avionics nose bay had no space for any additional equipment, which meant that a new styled pointed nose was designed, which provided the required space. This nose was unique to Swiss Venoms and was retro fitted on the remaining Vampire single seaters.” http://www.mc-one.ch/Documents/right stuff/dokuments/venom/venom1.htm
  12. A day of sitting around in a hospital bedroom today allowed me to study this thread in details. I think it’s one of the most exceptional builds I’ve ever seen on this site. Absolutely fabulous.
  13. If i bought one of these, it would almost guarantee Airfix announcing one.
  14. Without the Continental traders, clubs etc. it doesn’t feel worth it to me so i am taking a rain check this year. I hope they’ll be back - though i do wonder.
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