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  1. I don’t know the exact designation, but the shoulder harness was blue and looked similar to a “Q” type. I’ve got this kit on my bench right now. Where is this bird now btw?
  2. How ‘bout one in 32 scale. What a ballsy jet.
  3. http://www.ejectionsite.com/frame_sg.htm The text has the answer
  4. I’ve seen that photo a number of times over the years and wonder why no one has ever mentioned it in any of the model forums. I recently saw a pic of a different usn jet minus the mlg door.
  5. What is a good match for the Pastel Green on the LR.? I’m doing the new Revell kit and want as close a match as possible.
  6. Great dio but augmentor nozzles should be open to burner in case of bolter, yes?
  7. Model Master Burnt Metal looks the treat. Just don't spray it over acrylic or enamel. It shines up nicely and looks like real heat stained metal. Try using Tamiya clear blue and amber to heat streak darkened metal areas to add interest.
  8. I go from one scale model website to another schilling for Xtracolor. I think their RAF colors run pretty true but moreover gloss enamel has benefits. First they spray like nothing else and produce super well blended borders. They dry super smooth and hard. Decaling, weathering and masking are made easier. Oh, and when dry they can be wet sanded. The downside is enamel smell and drying time.
  9. If you want to make your life easier and still produce a first rate outcome, consider Tamiya rattle can silver. You can get about 5 shades in their range. They spray amazingly, dry fast and hard. Metallic Silver and Silver Leaf are bright, Mica is bright but more matt, Gloss Aluminum and Bare Metal look more like stainless steel or clad aluminum. Light Gunmetal is for steel or darkened areas. I love the stuff for appearance and ease of use
  10. Julien,

    Like that model loads. I used those Xtracolors on some 48 builds and they look good to me as well. There’s only one place that sells them in the US since they cant be shipped anymore. I just love ‘em. 

  11. wschurr

    Mirage 2000c

    I just rec’d the new KH kit. It really looks a treat. I need to confirm cockpit color for the French. Gray, Black, what? I guess struts look silver laquer; same for wells. I’m going with Xtracolor Mirage 2000 grays for the airframe. Thoughts.
  12. I can’t speak with any authority on the Mitchell but I have a photograph of a Mustang lll with the standard US harness installed. I tend to think US harnesses were left in place as they were simple and the inertia reel was installed on the seat. I’m not sure how Sutton’s inertia reels worked. Maybe the “Q” was compatible with US seat anchor points. Interesting topic.
  13. Fins on the AIM-7s were titanium color. Radomes are an egg shell color vs pure white. I believe there was a white plastic cover on the rocket motor nozzle as well. Better check photos on that though. Cant tell you anything about AIM 54s as I’m former USAFer. Oh, the gray on these missiles in 36375. That applies to all US air to air stuff at that point.
  14. What was ‘Sky Base Blue” and “Flight Blue”? I’m wanting to do the 32nd kit as Hangover Haven.
  15. Since Tam’s ‘38 has two types of turbos, I wonder if one style is the GE B-13 and the other the B-33. I need to find out if either kit parts would be appropriate for an H.
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