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  1. 1:144 XY Junkfighter Kitbash

    I like the asymmetry personally. The pod on the end of the wing just looked like one of the laser cannons with the ends domed off. More like some sort of ECM pod or fuel tank looking thing than an engine to me.
  2. BV222 - she's a big'un!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing this progress. I too was going to do the BV222 for this GB after being gifted it by a very generous club mate but unfortunately my being laid off earlier this year meant we had to pull out of a house purchase with a massive two car garage which was to be mine, aaaaall mine! But as it stands my little modelling room is just too small for the beast and it has been relegated to the attic. As such I fear I shall be living vicariously through yourself.
  3. If compatibility mode fails you can either: -Run it in a virtual machine -Acquire a disk image of the PS1 version and run it through an emulator.
  4. Should be GK-M that was a typo on my part: http://www.shop2000.com.tw/GK-M/
  5. I mean that's true, there's no avoiding it. Though in many cases how else is the rest of the world meant to get hold of kit 'x' that was limited to 250 units and only sold at one hobby show...in Japan...and was out of production within 30 minutes of the doors opening? If you're not willing to widen your audience them someone else will, with or without your consent. Regardless; HK-M are a much better company than e2046 I'm led to believe and have licensing deals with some of the original creators.
  6. I've never used e2046 myself, but I hear ok things about casts of 'organic' models (ie figures, anime girls) and pretty horrible things about any time they try and cast a robot or vehicle.
  7. It is. Don't have any contents pictures and it's in the loft so I can't get any. Here's the store page though. I think I paid about £20 for mine.
  8. dragon momoko shut down

    Though the Bandai/Sunrise thing is a little more complicated by the fact that they're both subsidiaries of Bandai Namco Holdings.
  9. Well it does say "Vehicle Model" on the pic you posted. I'm actually starting to come around to the design just a little. Still doesn't say 'Star Wars' to me though. But as a stand alone it's kind of nifty.
  10. Cool. Looks like an evolution of the Val Walo.
  11. dragon momoko shut down

    That they are doing so is undeniable, but is it not the case that the likeness of the F14 belongs to Grumman? Did Tamiya pay them any royalties on their recent 1/48 release? That's a genuine question by the way I'm not a lawyer of any sort but I would have thought that it was comparable. There's a million and one models of the king Tiger (half of Hannants warehouse must be made up of that wretched thing ) do the rights for its likeness not belong to Tyssenkrupp? Just saying that from my view it appears that most of the model industry is profiting from another's IP. Also it would appear to be a false alarm; a bumfight between DM and Daban in concert with Chinese New Year with the cherry on top being the usual FB poo-stirring from people with some odd agenda.
  12. A TT Hongli/GG Zaku II High Mobility type which I bought to be the sacrificial frame for the resin sniper dress-up kit (didn't want to pay full price for something when most of the kit will end up in the bits box) before realising that the HM has a diffent inner frame in the lower legs, not just different armour :/ Also got this little Haro ball kit, with LED eyes, for $20. It's about 1/3.5 scale or something.
  13. mechanicore

    Kind of want the Tief Sturmer, but there's such a thing as too much detail. I think it looks naff.
  14. I've been meaning to pick up the TT Hongli/GG Kampher for a while now. I just think it looks a little too skinny and stretched. But I'd peobably like it better in person. How much did the bridge thing set you back? I had a couple of things come through from my favoured Amazon Seller today. An HGUC Zaku II FZ (from War in the Pocket, the best UC OVA and also the one in which the Kapher features) and two sets of Bandai decals, one for the MG Ball I bought recently and another for the 1/144 Unicorn which I don't actually have but will probably pick up at some time in the future.
  15. Macross: help & advice appreciated

    Welcome to the Blastvader pedantry hour; with your host, Blastvader! *crickets* The MSM designation puts that as an aquatic type Mobile Suit from the Gundam Universal Century timeline. Nowt to do with Macross/Robotech. It also appears to use an MG Dom (MS-09B) a ground type MS as the base, but is marked as a variant of the Gogg aquatic MS. Thanks, and that's all we've got time for today. See you next time for the Blastvader pedantry hour! *coughs, murmuring*