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  1. Looks pretty spiffy to me. You could always take it up a notch by highlighting the bottom edges of the some of the chips with your edge highlight to give them a bit of depth.
  2. Looking good. When it comes to 'traditional' hairspray vs purpose made chipping fluid; you can still find hairspray in old-school pump/mist bottles which at least saves you having to decant it. In my not very scientific experiments into the differences between £1 hairspray (in a can) vs AK normal and heavy chipping effects I found the £1 can slightly better. Only because I found the chipping effects capable of activating itself and 'bubbling' if you were trying to get a heavier coat on (built up in layers obviously, I wasn't just sploshin it on). The 'proper' hairspray also stayed chip-able for, quite literally, months. Even when using Tamiya thinned with lacquer thinners I could still go back and chip the paintwork with a bit if water and a brush, whereas the AK stuff seemed to lose the ability to be chipped relatively quickly (which they warn against themselves in their painting mecha book, I seem to remember). Not a problem for most but if you're the kind of person who sometimes only gets 20 minutes at a time to model the fact that you can lay the hairspray down, leave it then spray the paint coat and leave that whilst being able to come back several days later and actually do the chipping.
  3. They're what the Zenrtradi officers bounce about in.
  4. That is stunning and your painting is incredible. Those blends are just so smooth. Very Andrea in their style.
  5. Looking great Kev. I never fail to fins inspiration in the Maritime Modelling section. Also @Paul E PM sent also.
  6. I'm looking forward to giving it a go (though I have tried one out at a show last year). I went with the 0.2 and 0.4, I don't intend to try and paint Wargames miniatures with it so the 0.15 felt like overkill. The Deep Striker is a bit bonkers isn't it? But that's Gundam Sentinel for you. There's more pictures of the studio painted build in the link below:
  7. Aye, don't get me wrong I'd love it if every kit were Bandai/Tamiya level of quality but the wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the community around the odd fit issue is tiresome at times. Having watched two unboxings and the subsequent reviews it seems ok to me and £70, though not a small amount of money, seems pretty good for what you're getting (which appears to be a scaled down copy of the G-Systems 1/100 resin kit).
  8. Had one of these delivered today: The new(ish) HGUC GM Ground Type, to add to my 8th MS Team collection. Looks a really nice kit from looking at the sprues with the only seamline being the tops of the shoulders as the thighs are single piece mouldings, which is nice. Though I in fact ordered two of them, this being the second, as the first was delivered by Amazon into my recycling bin, which was by the side of the road...waiting to be picked up. So I'm guessing that that one's in the care of the local council's recycling centre now. Got a fairly swift refund from Amazon though and a couple of extra months of prime into the bargain so it's not all bad I suppose. Also, as it was my 30th just last week I recieved a present off of the missus in the form of one of these: Which is a beautiful piece of kit (as it should be for the price) which I've yet to have a chance to use. Lastly, this hasn't arrived yet so I'm stretching it a bit here, but I finally went and bought the ACE Model Deep Striker which I've been on the fence about for nearly two years, the reviews are 'average' but I find that with a lot of 3rd party gunpla stuff as large portions of the community only snap-build the kits so when it doesn't quite go together as well as a Bandai kit the dummies get spat out. I'd love to see their take on a short-run Eastern European kit... Anyway, even at 144th scale it's a beast at around 24" long and 18" or so tall. Here's a piccy:
  9. RLM 23 is pretty pinkish anyway. For red Zakus I've always preferred Johnny Ridden's one anyway. Char is too much of a Mary Sue.
  10. Not that cool. We both know that when it comes to giant robits that one eye is cooler than two (the fact that it was based on my favourite design, the Zaku, helps too). The Ground war set appears to be OOS on HLJ and Banzai Hobby at the moment, but there's always backorder. I have the other too, with the dodgy Zaku II (if they'd waited 6 months it could have come out with the far superior F2 variant kit). I did a naff job of it (with even more naff photography) a month or so back:
  11. One of these, which I've been after for a while and was recently re-printed by Bandai: And one of these, which is much cooler than Gypsy Danger: ...and a 22 quid ransom charge off of Royal Fail.
  12. Not one but TWO of these: The Bandai re-release of the 1/100 Macross Armored [sic] Factory. Originally released by Imai (and Licensed by Revell as the Robotech Factory) in the mid 80s. One of the sets is incomplete as it is missing two of the boom-trucks but as I only wanted for Macross stuff I'm not bothered (the other will be used for HG 1/144 scale gunpla stuff). Also, for the princely sum of 35 quid for both (shipped) I really can't complain, especially as they seem to be going for between $80-110 on ebay/Amazon. The Armored Valkyrie is a bit ropey, but that comes with the territory. The Destroid on the other hand is really quite nice, especially compared to what Bandai was putting out at the same time (have you seen 80s gunpla kits? *shudder*), but is still very much of its time as sub-assemblies are a no-no unless you do quite a lot of work to it. Being that I now have two I'm considering fitting one out as a Destroid Defender with a pair of the NG 1/144 Gatlings from the Endless Waltz version of Gundam Heavyarms. I've also ordered one of the 1/100 Wave Valkyrie Production Types to go with the Hanger as my limited collection of Macross stuff is all, of course, in the wrong scale.
  13. Not any more, he's moved to a production role. The guy that's doing it now has worked on things like Buffy, Angel and Sparticus. I hope he leaves most of the cheese at home.
  14. I think the Hasbro version looks far too busy and has lots of detail that isn't on what you see in the film. Also its proportions look all over the place. Though the cargo container looks a little better, you could aways drill out the hikes that are meant to be there and then back them with some plasticard as they look pretty deep on the 'real' thing. The Revell kit is missing some detail at the front of the chassis, under the neck. There's a thing that looks like a big idler wheel of of something. There's a drop in replacement available from shapeways that can fix that I believe. Just my two penneth worth like, based upon your photos and without me going upstairs to look at my version.
  15. The Pelican looks pretty cool. I'm not a fan of Halo (though I did play through Halo 3 on Hard whilst off sick from work many years ago) but I do like some of the vehicle designs. It's good that they've stuck to 1/100 as it's in scale with the miniatures game and the McFarlane productions stuff.