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  1. do if tiger lilly
  2. thankfully doctor a modeller
  3. only snout goes in Pickled bottle nosed dolphin
  4. So further to above, here we have a prime example, honestly thought only in Sci-fi had they cracked the flying sub (Voyage to the bottom of the sea) Groannnnnnnnn Chris
  5. That is a cracking job, beautifully detailed and well done. All the best Chris
  6. Just got a bargain from France, Nautilus 1/72 Type VIIC wooden deck and Yankee model works upper pressure hull for the same U-boat kit. All the best Chris
  7. Just simply stunning Bob, a joy to behold. All the best Chris
  8. Another submarine model of sorts, 1/24 Bond car submarine by fujimi from the spy who loved me. All the best Chris
  9. Ill be there with West Middlesex, drop by and say hello. Could be a very interesting show as taking over from Yeovilton. Chris
  10. Got nothing against spitfires, just dont build them but i do hate the morons who list them as Submarine Spitfire, even though it says Supermarine on the box. Being a submarine modeller it is immensely infuriating when looking for models of my subject and keep getting wingy things. chris
  11. Brad sorry to hear about the problem, had a similar problem with burning Yankee candles, poisoned some of our tropical fish, even though over 3 feet away, even lost our large pleco through it. Wife loves candles but her fish more, so no more candles. Chris
  12. Again many thanks to all for your kind replies. All the best Chris
  13. I too have been following this with awe, cracking job. Simply amazing recreating one of star trek's most iconic scenes. All the best Chris
  14. Many thanks to all for your kind replies. All the best Chris
  15. Really looking forward to building this. Chris