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  1. Just bought a star trek next gen klingon (vor'cha) cruiser for a tenner plus 20 quid postage from the states still sealed, which is still cheaper than a kit bought in the UK LOL So thats my star trek shopping list complete, now for some more submarines to break the 400 mark All the best Chris
  2. Well done they are simply cracking builds, the detail is beautiful. Chris
  3. Another resurrection from the cabinet of Doom, she was just awaiting decals and a stand repair. This is the original movie Batwing, its a very nice kit that goes together well, at other a foot (300mm) wide its quite an impressive model, complete with batman in a detailed cockpit. Brush painted in humbrol enamels, the decals have a largish clear surround so benefited from a localised gloss cote where the decals went ontop of the satin black paint, finished with a satin cote. Im pleased to see this has been re-released, as with all AMT Sci-fi releases the original stands were not up to the job, these have been replaced with bases with metal poles to support the model. So if your in the market for one get the re-release as the original stand will just give you grief, ive had to reinforce mine with two acrylic rods drilled into the stand and model and secured with superglue. And finally a comparison shot with the Batman Forever Batwing at the same scale. All the best Chris
  4. Mrs Plastix, same here for Babylon 5, books, figures, models DVD's etc. Chris
  5. Awesome dinosaurs, well done, a cracking first year. All the best Chris
  6. Hi Pierre, great find, they are quoted on global security as being fitted with the same propulsor as the seawolf from 751 onwards, obviously someone has got it wrong. All the best Chris
  7. Well bless my cotton socks LOL 55 today, even the wife forgot my age, birthday card reads happy 54+1. Chris
  8. Mikro Mir

    Great review Dave, Mikromir have so far produced kits of most of the American boomers in 1/350 with the exception of the Ohio Class (available by Dragon) and the Ethan Allen class which is currently not available as kit in this scale. All the best Chris
  9. Mikr Mir

    Great review Dave, cottage industries produce a 1/32 resin kit with full interior but the Mikromir one is a lot cheaper as the former is an American production and the postage is prohibitive. All the best Chris
  10. Mikr Mir

    Great review Dave, Mikromir have promised the M2 & M3 at a later date, it builds into a nice Royal Navy submarine for the collection. All the best Chris
  11. Mikr Mir

    Great review Dave, Martin Hale built a cracking version when it first came out, see link; All the best Chris
  12. Looking very good Ken, a 1/350 HMS Upholder is certainly a welcome addition being the RN's last diesel boat. All the best Chris
  13. Having built this kit, there is a lot of work involved but the end result is worth it. All the best Chris
  14. I agree Will, the vehicles were the only saving grace for Batman Forever, the batboat is built and on display but the batmobile is still in the stash. All the best Chris
  15. Awaiting delivery of CMK type IX u-boat interior Engine section, this just leaves me three to go for the full set. All the best Chris