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  1. What have you purchased 9

    just picked up Airfix Vosper MTB in 1/72 for £15 for a project i have in mind, having recently finished reading Above us the Waves. Also my Chibi Maru (egg sub) I-400's arrived from Japan, great deal you get two in the box complete with Seiran's All the nest Chris
  2. HMS Splendid - 1/350 scale conversion

    Hi Mike, fraid not, still waiting, reference Churchill class submarine, with a bit of work Mikromir's model of the Resolution class could be shaped into a Churchill class as they were modified Valiants. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resolution-class_submarine All the best Chris
  3. Revell type 7c to 7b conversion

    Hi try this link, a bit hit or miss but there are photos on there. http://www.subsim.com/radioroom/showthread.php?t=149950&page=4 theres also a facebook link now they may be able to help. Thats a major undertaking converting a revell VII C, different saddle tank sizes for a start. Not thought of getting the Amati 1/72 VII B, which builds up as U-49? All the best Chris
  4. Telford Shopping List

    Well fingers crossed, anything submarine (full hull) i havent got, at a reasonable price and a CMK type IXC rear torpedo room( if i havent got one by then. Last years Telford shop ended with just some brushes and paint. All the best Chris
  5. I've joined the Dad brigade.

    Congrats to you you both, first two years teaching them to to walk and talk, the following 16 telling them to shut up and sit down LOL All the best Chris
  6. Hats & Caps

    I have two hats, baseball for summer when out for long periods (on the left) and my Russian Ushanka for when it gets really cold. The baseball cap is H.M. Submarines, the Ushanka has the Russian Navy badge as worn by Sean Connery in the Hunt for Red October. Yes there is a theme LOL All the best Chris
  7. Humbrol Varnishes

    In the past i have had no problem with Humbrol clear cotes, until now! My bottle of satin cote finally finished, dropped into LHS and noticed large bottle (125ml) of Humbrol clear satin varnish, thought bargain over cost of smaller bottle. (Also noted it was water based, acrylic?) Mixed thoroughly and applied with brush over ferengi marauder, to my horror after drying it looked like it had been frosted!! Tried a second cote, frosting disappeared to reappear when dry, not a happy bunny after all the decal work. Finally found a Humbrol Gloss cote, (old bottle fixed the problem). The Varnish seems to be very hit and miss, as followed advice elsewhere, sometimes you can get a good clear cote then on others it frosts. My bottle is going in the bin. Anyone recommend a good replacement? I note that Humbrol still do the 28ml Satin cote on their website, any thoughts on these? have they become poor quality, like some of their recent paint tins. All the best Chris
  8. What have you purchased 9

    Just snapped up an encyclopedia of British submarines from 1901 to 1955, as the price was dropped by 16 quid to a tenner on evilbay, result all the best Chris
  9. The Ten Commandments of Modelling

    i call for an amendment to VIII, for those of us who dont airbrush, it should read; "Thou shalt clean thy brushes thouroughly" So speaketh the Whitestar.
  10. Airfix 1/350 Trafalgar Class HMS Tireless

    Well done, great seascape, nice to see a well done Trafalgar class. All the best Chris
  11. What have you purchased 9

    Picked up some bargains from the Avon show; Kageroo Type II u-boat 3D book for a tenner, Zveda's new release of the Borei SSBN in 1/350 Moebius Tumbler with rocket launcher and Bane figure from the Dark Knight Rises All the best Chris
  12. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    A big thanks to Nick and the crew, a great show and a great day out to boot, well done. A firm favourite on the show calendar, already looking forward to next year. All the best Chris
  13. 1/700th Aoshima IJN Nagato 1942, Retake

    Just to echo the other comments that is a stunning piece of work, well done. All the best Chris
  14. HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Parramatta 1/700 scale

    Cracking builds, the whole thing is awesome, your friend will be proud to own this, well done. All the best Chris
  15. I'm a disgrace...

    If it was only wingy things and targets available i would have come out empty handed. Chris