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  1. Eat your carrots they will help you see in the dark, an old wives tale, actually comes from WW2. The RAF were using airborne radar to shoot down aircraft at night, the germans couldnt figure out how we were achieving it. So a little misinformation, RAF pilots were getting extra portions of carrots to help them see at night. The Germans believing this went into overdrive swapping crop production to carrots and feeding their pilots copious amounts of carrots LOL Chris
  2. Update, she is nearly finished, just leaving a little touch up and mounting of flag along with painting the base to complete. Assembled and undercoat Eduard 1/700 navy figures Painted humbrol Ocean Grey and matt black with figures super glued to deck, Flag on fuse wire periscope. Aft shot, props painted with Humbrol Brass, The line between the black and the grey was initially masked, with all the curves involved wasnt totally successful, so ended up cutting in with hairystick in a number of attempts to get this. All the best Chris
  3. Very nicely done, strong colours, great skin tone. The only area that i think needs attention is the eyes, to me they are too prominent at the bottom, giving her a lower eye lid would sort this, just my observation. All the best Chris
  4. Like Snapper says some of my stash need a skill upgrade, especially regarding PE Chris
  5. Thoughts with the injured and the relatives of the 4 deceased. We must never let them win, our ancestors have fought long and hard to give us the freedoms we enjoy in this land, which sees many coming to our shores to partake of these freedoms. Chris
  6. Mike i ordered mine on ebay and was delivered by post from model hobbies. It was extremely well wrapped. Chris
  7. Just picked up a Romulan Valdore from Star Trek Nemesis and an Andorian Cruiser from Enterprise. Chris
  8. You not seen whats planned for today to mark her birthday, a very fitting tribute, shame about the spitfires. Chris
  9. Very very nicely done Mrs Plastix, dont sell yourself short, i would be happy with the base's as youve done them. Cracking job, just love the dinosaurs. All the best Chris
  10. Coming along nicely Steve. All the best Chris
  11. Great job on a favourite Batmobile. All the best Chris
  12. Great job, really like what youve done with this. All the best Chris
  13. Tony, i was lucky only used my prescription reading glasses, just on the edge of requiring use of a magnifier. Chris
  14. From southern expo a rare find, Nichimo 1/200 I-19 OTSU submarine, also picked up Mikromir 1/350 project 628 submarine with V1 launcher on rear. Chris
  15. A slight diversion for me, a fun build, snap fit, but i glued mine. No filling everything aligned nicely, for a Tank version of an egg plane there was some attention to detail. Built over a number of days painting sub assemblies as i went, great fun. Painted in humbrol enamels by hairystick, humbrol matt cote finish with a light tamiya weathering powder dusting, only thing missing was the decal "Get Some" on the front, mine decided to do a somersault from which it never recovered enough to use, the GET was unreadable but the SOME was ok. The puff of smoke just seemed the right thing to do LOL. All the best Chris and yes Dave its a Tank LOL