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  1. 1/350 USS Lassen - DDG-82 (Trumpeter)

    Cracking job, very well done, an awesome paint job. All the best Chris
  2. Round2 or Polar Lights Retailers

    Hi Tom heres a link to a UK stockist https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/shop/plastic-model-kits-space-scifi-film-kits-c-27_38.html Ive personally sourced mine from ebay. Chris
  3. David Cassidy

    Sad to hear of his passing, takes me back to my primary school days. The girls were divided into two camps, David Cassidy & Donny Osmond, they were always scrapping over who was best. True 70's heart throbs for the girls, guys just wished they looked like either. Chris
  4. Model of a model club display 1/12

    Many thanks to all for your kind comments, Chocksaway ill take you up on your panel line advice at the next meeting, sharpie in hand. As for the idea of a table on a table, ill leave that to someone braver than me, 1/12 and scaling down aircraft etc was a big enough challenge for me, using the tips of cocktail sticks to add details, smaller doesnt bare thinking about. All the best Chris
  5. Clubs

    Are you spreading dispersions about our President Dave T, thats fighting talk well send Panzer Vor in. Chris
  6. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    When you watch a band you enjoyed in your youth, doing a spot on TV and the lead singer is bald and wrinkly. Chris
  7. So after Telford were the model got a lot of attention, cor, ahhhs, thats brilliant and laughter etc. heres some pics of an idea i brought to fruition. The table and chairs are by Aoshima 1/12 plastic kit. The figure is a resin dolls house repainted in acrylics and a club badge printed in paper and applied. The models themselves are a 1/700 type 205 submarine by OKB, Babylon 5 White metal Chronos frigate, figures both by Revell 1/72 U-boat captain and Confederate soldier, Armour models Trumpeters 1/350 Marine corp accessory set. Trumpeter 1/350 Corsair, Hellcat and Arado 196, Aoshima 1/700 Ka-25 Hormone and Yak Forger. Bronco 1/350 AV-8B and a couple of egg plane zero's from a Chibi Maru IJN Carrier and a Bronco 1/350 Schnellboot. All hand painted in humbrol enamels. First pic taken at Telford Some close up pics All the best Chris
  8. U-Boat destruction - 1:350 scale

    Cor blimey and in 1/350!!! thats tiny 8 inches of u boat. Thanks for sharing
  9. New Ship Related Releases

    Strange choice, as theres a Mikromir one already available. Having picked one up last week. Also Hobbyboss are still showing a 1/350 Golf class Russian submarine, which still hasnt materialised after 2 years? All the best chris
  10. Remembrance Day

    Starfighter, i was also at Telford, the two minute silence was observed, a whstle was blown and last post was played followed by a whistle to end, everyone within sight froze and observed the 2 min silence followed by a round of applause i was in the reception area at the membership desk, hall 3 and 2 observed it, cant speak for hall 1. Chris
  11. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Heres some photos of the West Middlesex display, models from Shar2, Panzer Vor, Wiley Coyote, Whitestar12Chris, Snapper_city, Chocksaway, Dave Turner, Tim Evans, Alan Hausmann & Colin Long All the best Chris
  12. 1/6 Spiderman by Horizon

    Cracking job Nick, what can i say except to repeat the base really does set this off, well done. All the best Chris
  13. What have you purchased 9

    Telford i bagged Special Navy's 1/72 Biber german midget submarine and a Terminator 2 Hunter Killer Tank at a reduced price. Chris
  14. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Whofan, it probably was me you spoke too, multicoloured lanyard around neck. Andy i run out of filler for Panzer Vor, thats my excuse and im sticking too it LOL, modellers licence and all that. Glad it made you laugh, that was the general reaction. Great show, grabbed a couple of bargains, thoroughly enjoyed meeting many modellers of all nations. Chris
  15. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Im glad you liked, many thanks for the comments, it certainly did its job, lots of smiles, giggles and oohs during the two days. All the best Chris