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  1. Raided evilbay for some Gunze Sangyo paint from the UK, for a kit ive had delivered from japan, 17 colours @ £2.00 ea and a single postage fee of a wapping £3.65 LOL sorted, first pot paid postage the rest post free Yippee. Bit of a learning curve as never used them before, fun time. Also ordered a Star Trek Nemesis Scorpion fighter from the states. All the best Chris
  2. The stash is growing faster than im building them, Gulp ill have to join KCA (Kit Collectors Anonymous). My name is Chris and im now a collector, 3 no 4 more kits on the way, i did have every intention of building them all, or rather i do!! I dont know when it happened but it has, the only therapy for me is to build and build. OOHH another one for the stash (not collection) Chris
  3. Cracking job Kallisti, was sorely tempted to get one of those, as its a really cool and colourful ship. All the best Chris
  4. Just picked up a Mr X 1/72 Welman craft, one man midget submarine. Chris
  5. Just a minor point should it not say in the thread title Aircraft? As theres a whole bunch of us with horror stories that dont do wingy things. Chris
  6. A lot of Japanese manufacturers produce superb kits; these are the standard to achieve. Fine Molds, their Type A IJN midget was a dream, with even the welded seams recreated. The others waiting in the stash are just as good. Bandai Dark knight Tumbler was a work of art even for snap fit. Also just got their 1/48 Shinkai 6500 submersible, just wiped the drool away, its an awesome kit at first glance Aoshima Trton submarine superbly molded no fit issues, only lacking a crew. Tamiya I-400 a work of art and so on. Chris
  7. Signed Chris
  8. Really looking forward to this, will be in attendance with West Middlesex for the first time having been the last 2 years and displaying for Britmodeller. Great show, well worth a visit for all things Sci-Fi, Matt and Paul are great hosts. All the best Chris
  9. Two purchases, one was a bid i won, 1/48 Shinkai 6500 Submersible exploring lab with LED lighting for £30, bargain as they sell at £80 upwards from Japan. two was an impulse buy as i thought it looked so cool and unusual, Aoshima 05712 1/24 Cyber Formula Aoi Ogre An-21 Circuit Mode from Japan, futuristic racing car. All the best Chris
  10. Large tin full of bits removed from sprues, simples
  11. Ill have to have words with Q, meanwhile Panzer can give me a lift in his. 00chris
  12. Picked up a bargain at the poole vikings model show on saturday, airfix 1/72 E-boat for £15 Chris
  13. Very nicely done, love the finish, have one in the stash and would be very pleased if it came out like yours. All the best Chris