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  1. The airfix Buccaneer S2b

    Very nice Buccaneer. A fav of mine. Terry
  2. Boeing 737 pair!

    I like them both a lot, but the 200 just gets my vote .............. they were the only ones around when I grew up! Cheers Terry
  3. MiG-25PDS 1/48 Kitty Hawk

    Brilliant! Terry
  4. What a beauty! Absolutely love it. Well done and thanks for sharing. Cheers Terry
  5. Lovely pair of JP's there Martin. They have inspired me to put my two on the build schedule soon! Cheers Terry
  6. This is really good stuff. I love the way you have applied the decals and then the general overall finish. Its splendid. Will watch this one evolve. Cheers Terry
  7. Avon Sabre Conversion 1/72

    Decals are coming along and the canopy masking is off. Its co-habiting the workbench with the T21 build! And some close up shots of the cockpit: I used a vac form canopy. They are a nightmare to fettle and fit but worth the patience I think. Thanks for looking Cheers Terry
  8. Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    I decided to cut the lower surface of the wing into four I have also cut a few mm from the trailing edge of the centre two sections. This is to help with the trailing edge thickness (needs to be thinner). I'll deal with the outer trailing edges differently. Ive also put some curvature into the parts. This view shows one of the centre parts being held in place. Note it falls short of the trainling edge as intended. This will be clamped in tight and help to form the under-camber ...... well thats the plan! A quick shot of a test fit of one of the outer lower wing panels This shot shows that I have been able to apply some curvature to the centre wing panel using a stainless steel rod of suitable diameter and finger pressure. I think thats me done for tonight, a cold beer is calling! Cheers Terry
  9. Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    Hi Chris, Thanks for this. I'm going to work through a couple of ideas for the under-camber, yours sounds quite good actually. Will post more pics as ideas evolve. I'm splitting this workload with another WIP on a 1/72 Avon Sabre conversion which is nearing completion, so thats a bit of light relief from this one! Cheers Terry
  10. Canadair F4 Sabre 1/48th scale

    I would say well back into the grove Howard. Great model and great paint finish and subtle weathering. I am a bit of a sabre freak with quite a few in the stash, albeit 1/72. Cheers Terry
  11. This one was started about 3 years ago, then until early this year had been left in the cupboard. I decided to push towards completion so that my Special Hobby 1/72 F-86H was no longer lonely ...... The model is a very old Hasegawa F-86F (I think) mated to the Tasman Avon Sabre fuselage. It was a major surgery job getting fuselage and wings joined up. A lot of detail was lost especially under the fuselage/wing join. I took the opportunity to include some aftermarket resin details in the form of CMK wheel wells, and Pavla cockpit details. As I have a number of Sabre's in the stash (7 more after this one) I did some re-casting of these parts to help make ends meet! I'm afraid the only picture I can find pre paint shop is this one: You can just make out the Aden gun ports which are appropriately placed alum tube, sanded to profile. Also, keen eyed amongst you might notice the wing tip surgery which happened after I realised the wing span needed shortening! That episode caused me to venture into wing span/chord variations of sabres ........ a whole new world out there. The casting programme also, well some of them! A few of these are rejects. Much fast forward now to the task of painting. This machine will be finished as an aircraft which served with the R&D unit at RAAF Laverton in 1960. Model Allience decals will be used .......... The dayglo areas were airbrushed over white undercoat, then masked out ready for some Alclad silver. This shot shows the resin re-cast wheel interiors quite well: Then onto the airframe silver Then its time to start the decal process This is where she is at today Still quite a bit to do on both deals and finishing touches. The undercarriage is all being scratch built given the poor quality of the original doner kit, but an Airfix Sabre is providing a good subject to model from Airfix on left, scratch on right. This needs more tidying up at the moment. Stay tuned and I'll post more as decals and final touches take place. Cheers Terry
  12. Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    The latest pics showing slow progress. I have several other models on the go, one of which I will also RFI here soon. I have completed the spar and its glued into the top wing half. it has very slight dihedral from the mid point of the wing, but then runs straight out to the tip. This one shows (I hope) that better ....... what do you think @stringbag ? The trickier part will be the lower wing. I decided to do that in three parts, the centre section where there is constant chord, then each underside outer part as the undersurface slopes very slightly upwards as they run to each wing tip. I've yet to stick the centre underside wing onto the top as I want to build in the very slight under camber towards the trailing edge. Similarly with the lower outer parts. I want to achieve the thin trailing edge so I think trimming the trailing edges of the underwing sections at the rear will help achieve this. This picture shows part of the plan I'm working with which has been immensely helpful. Credit here please to @stringbag Advice/Ideas/Inspiration welcome! I think I'll start another RFI on my long in production Avon Sabre now, that ones close to completion! Thanks Terry
  13. For a moment there Bill I thought there were some low level antics happening above your house .........................
  14. RRAF Hunter FGA9: Matchbox/Aeroclub

    Very nice build indeed. Terry
  15. Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    Hi Chris, Yes you are correct, its a bit misleading calling it double dihedral. I think I get the whole geometry of the wing from your descriptions and the plan. I'll post some pics later to show how I'm tackling it. I may even be able to build in some slight under camber ........... Thanks again Terry