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  1. I'll sit in for this one also. My first ever Hasegawa kit was the Seagull, when it came out around 1969/70. Lovely kit. I recall I built a wheeled version. Terry
  2. My colleagues before me have said it all, and indeed left me a bit short on superlatives Steve, but........ An absolutely superb job all round. A true masterclass in modelling at its best, and certainly one of the best Spitfire models I have yet to see. Love it, and thanks for the entertaining and educational journey. Oh, and look, just 23 pages................. Terry PS note absence of any comments relating to a pair of ...................
  3. Yes, European Cargo I believe Martin. Ooops! Sorry to hear that. Bit of a pain I imagine right in the middle of new type training. Hope you shake off the virus quickly. No specific builds for those spare canopies, although I used a couple more up getting this one to fit. My rationale for making that many was to give me the most chance at getting a good one, and also, since each production run takes up a 130mmm square chunk of PETG, I might as well use it all! And if I do make another Viking (which is likely) I have some spare. Thanks Giorgio. Do I get a badge for joining the vac-forming club? The leg is getting sorted. I saw the specialist yesterday and she is lining me up for further scans and the Op itself. So I should get a date soon at least. With Varicose veins, these days they tend to use laser treatment, and do one leg at a time, with an interval between each, but we decided with wait times being what they are, we'll do one hit zapping both legs at once, A bigger short term impact, but gets it done! So work on the Viking has started again. Here is a last look into the pit before the canopy goes on for good. This one was for you Cookie @Cookenbacher, as you seemed so taken by the blue interior! Although the canopy dry fit was good, it still sat proud of the fuselage on each side, so filling work is in order Glued on with Roket Odourless super glue and no fogging! Thanks Chris @bigbadbadge the glue works a treat. After a quick brush around with Mr Surfacer 500. It doesn't look pretty yet, although that dark ridge below the canopy along the side, wasn't as bad as it looks, honest! After the above shot, I protected the canopy with some masking tape in order to apply lots of diluted green stuff. I tend to dilute it with liquid poly to keep it workable and more easily spreadable. A bit like Utterly Butterly! Left to dry overnight then a good sanding (with tape on) gave us this after removing the tape.. Then another finer coat of Mr Surfacer and another rub down and some polishing ........ I need to get some airbrushed micro filler on, so will have to make up the proper canopy mask for that. Tomorrow's job. While I was at it today, I started to make up a mini brass spar to go through that rear hole, and into corresponding holes drilled into the wing. Can't drill the front hole out as the risk of cockpit damage is high! Test spar fit seems good.... And a test wing fit for good measure.... I don't intend to fit the wings until I have the cockpit masked, and I'm happy with any further smoothing required after some micro filler coats. Next up, a bit more progress on the two Grunau, one of which is soon to become a Prefect. @621Andy has kindly offered to provide some further detailed info on these. So, the major parts are off the sprue and cleaned up And work has started on the incredibly complex cockpits. Each cockpit has a total of 6 parts. Not sure what happened to the joysticks in this pic! There is a very neat I/P with each that has some nicely detailed instruments. I'll do a pic of that next time. Need to get the stick onto a front to back placed rod which runs under the floor, and connects the rudder pedal section to the seat pan, plus maybe a seat cushion and some straps. And in other news, this arrived last week ........ A comment from my aviating friend inspired me to build a model of the Robin that we fly in now and then. Looking at the contents the kit quality leaves much to be desired and we are talking a serious challenge I think, but I like a challenge and after all, that's what we do isn't it and I can get as many actual detail reference shots as I like too! A WIP will happen for this one ...............one day....... That's all for now. More soon. Terry
  4. Lovely job Alan, absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed watching this come together, and i must say learned a few things on the 3D front. Terry
  5. That's looking good. I love the 102, and the 6. Have both in the stash. Unsure of their position in the build queue at this stage! Terry
  6. Looks really great as she is. I'd say you call that done! Now what about that F-102A I can see in that last picture .............. ? Terry
  7. That must have been a heart wrenching brief moment Steve. Just reading it had me going there for a bit....... But excellent save, and the closing activities are looking grand. I especially like that open cockpit door. It's not just the door in that example, but also everything you see around it, perhaps the worn inner wing too. All totally convincingly real. So, coming to a close, I'll look forward to that and the RFI, but then, what next............ Terry
  8. Me too although substitute coffee with porridge! You should be on the stage Pete @Pete in Lincs Terry
  9. 100 pages, that's not bad, but Dickens's (aka @Fritag) "a Tale of Two Hawks" was steaming through page 140 last time I checked, so still a way to go yet.............. Those two Avons look awesomely splendid Tony, we likes them very much indeed! Terry
  10. @Cookenbacher @Navy Bird It will be great to see you three again and this time join your road trips more fully! Terry
  11. Very nice TU-124. The metallic finish looks especially well done and realistic. Great job. Terry
  12. Hi John, The Comet is a way off yet for me, but will be done at some point! That's a very nice selection of 60s/70's Transports. That Herk scheme is the scheme they were in when we were at camp at Fairford, where the Herk wing were based temporarily in August 1970. We got many flights in the good old C-130 that week. One of the few days we didn't fly in the Herk, was when they put us on a bus, to drive down to Lynham, and take the Comet flight I mentioned earlier. Fairford at that time was also host to Concorde G-BSST (002) so we also got to watch test flights there daily! Such happy days! Terry
  13. Thanks for the advice John @Viking and also for the very useful links. I reckon I might go for the Welsh Models version, given what I've read. I look forward to seeing the VC10 completed. I wonder, is there a link to your Brittania? Thanks again Terry
  14. She looks lovely Adrian, you should be right proud of that! Terry
  15. That does help a lot thanks Alan, and printing the blades vertically is obvious when you consider how the printing works, but less obvious to the newcomer.......... Also, this picture gave me one of those light bulb moments, especially when you pointed out the supports needed for those bolts sitting below their relevant surfaces - with the printing actually taking place from bottom to top, anything hanging down like that will have its lower parts printed first, so will need support. Conversely, same principle I guess when using printing that prints from top downwards. You can't print anything in mid air! Very simple basics, but initially not so obvious to us newbies! Thanks for explaining and getting my brain to think logically again! Who knows, when I eventually get a 3D printer and start messing, I might actually have a tiny tiny inkling of what is going on! Terry
  16. How spooky! Let me explain........... I was doing some research on google, as to the best way to make an RAF Comet 4C and I found your WIP, which led me to this excellent RFI. The reason I was researching being that I'm considering a future build the RAF Comet 4C that I had two hours and 15 minutes Air Experience in as a Cadet, back in August 1970, out of RAF Lyneham. I was even more fortunate to get around 15 minutes in the cockpit during the flight. My log book entry tells me it was XR395 the very one you have modelled. You have made a superb job of this, but I'm wondering if for me, the Authentic Airliner release would be easier. Do you have any views on that? Thanks for sharing such a superb build, and bringing back some very happy memories. Terry
  17. Lovely rotor head and blades there Alan. Would have been interesting to see/understand how they get support whilst printing? I can see a couple there connected at the inner end, so are there other connectors going outwards between those two blades? Terry
  18. Very nice build indeed Don. Absolutely love it! Terry
  19. Looks great Stuart. Lots of detail in there, very nice. Were the tracks as supplied? They look very good for that scale. Terry
  20. Looks like you've made some very nice progress there Matt. Those flap track fairing look particularly neat. I assume you will paint all the engines before fixing them to the wings? Terry
  21. Well no one was more surprised than me Steve. I'm slightly frustrated that I didn't approach the whole process more methodically. I heated the PETG for "a bit" until it drooped "quite a bit", then when I "felt the moment was right", I switched on the suction, pulled the lever and kept it sucking for about 15 secs remembering to swing the heating element clear. No telemetry whatsoever, so I have no idea how to precisely repeat it ......... but it worked! And no damage to any of the bucks! Beginners luck I reckon.......... And as Bill suggests, what you call your incompetence........ I'm inclined to think he has a point! Yes indeed, it seems you can make canopies that way, you should try it Bill! Thanks Stuart. The bucks started life as one from the original failed cut out from the kit (I made it too small), pushed into modelling clay, and resin poured in, with the second being a resin cast from the remaining good canopy in the kit, which then actually got ruined as I pulled the buck out. So then I had two bucks, which were then both copied using silicone moulds, to double the bucks. Then, given that I was unhappy with the curvature of the originals, I enhanced the copied bucks with milliput, and re cast those, etc etc, until I had "a good few"! The aim was to get as many bucks as I could, to vac form a few in one go, so I did a mixture of originals, and extended ones. In the end, the extended ones came out better, as they matched the fuselage profile. Does any of that make sense...........? In other news, no modelling today cos I went flying again, this time, in this old chap........... We stayed fairly local and a dodgy transponder meant we were a bit restricted, so we stayed low and flew largely to the east of Bournemouth, then on return did lots of holding and orbiting whilst trying to get back into the circuit due to some training occurring with an A340 coming and going. That meant some good practice was had at flying accurate (of course) race tracks when over Hengistbury head, then Sandbanks, then back to Hengistbury head etc etc! So an hour and twenty minutes airbourne, included almost 30 minutes holding over some place or other! The A340 training made me think of you Matt @Back in the Saddle, hope the Dreamliner course is going ok! So not many pics today, first POW in Pompey..... And a sad looking Type 23 (Monmouth I think) sitting all alone on the west side, perhaps mothballed? A great day was had by both! More modelling soon. Terry
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