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  1. YES YES YES Please to a 1/24th Sea Fury! I wont bank on it though! Terry
  2. Superb example of a birdcage Corsair. You have really nailed the finish. Terry
  3. An absolute little stunner Stuart. I really enjoyed following the build. That wind pump was a noteable highlight! As others have said the base really sets it off. Hope to see it for real at some point! Terry
  4. Looks really good Stuart. Will take a proper look in RFI. Terry
  5. I'm with you @Paulaero. I rarely if ever use exact matched colours. Scale, weather, and many other factors all play a part. I've often been complemented on the colour/tone of my models, so it works for me. Terry
  6. Beautiful build of a beautiful jet, in proper USN colours! Terry
  7. Coming along perfectly Stuart. Will have to have a decent look at Telford. Terry
  8. This thread is already a key go to reference for me, and that would additionally be extremely helpful. I hope you enjoy your IOW break. The place has enchanted me since childhood, and we often still visit - a delightful backwater if you know the places to go. We have the added novelty of seeing it every day. One of our upstairs bedroom windows looks due east, and (weather permitting) we have a great view of the Needles a mere 15 miles off. It was a very significant feature during my Monday watch NCI duties, in the Swanage lookout, a couple of summers ago - something I plan to go back to soon. Terry
  9. Interesting thread this, anything on any Sabre always is IMHO! So that diagram Duncan @Sabrejet, is an excellent way of seeing where the real differences exist. From another thread some months back, on the accuracy (or otherwise) of the SH F-86H, it would be great to have a similar diagram for the H itself, that could then be scaled to match the kit profile ......... but I seem to recall that was the challenge, i.e. none existed that we could find? Terry
  10. Mine arrived last week. It does look rather splendid, but I dare not start yet as I have some last minute Telford builds to get done, plus some long running other builds on here - my signature tells all! Will follow your build with much interest. Terry
  11. I've got news for you Steve. I fully retired finally, earlier this year, and my already glacial build pace seems to have slowed down! Terry
  12. I've got news for you Steve. I fully retired finally, earlier this year, and my already glacial build pace seems to have slowed down! Terry
  13. Bad luck with the Vertigo again Tony. Really hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Take it easy! Terry
  14. Note to self: read people's posts more carefully. I thought you were talking about the Baron for a minute! Muddled of Mars Yew's been down ere in Darset tew longggg........... Well something like that anyway Terry
  15. Excellent choice of subject and a good start. I prefer the 767 Naval Air Squadron bird also, probably to do with that being the first RN Phantom's that I saw for real, being in that scheme. Re the nose weight question. I'm not sure that a phantom would need it, but usually Airfix suggest that, if that is the case. A little lead shot in the extreme nose is never a bad idea though! Terry
  16. As @limeypilot said, the decals are looking great, as indeed the whole whirly itself, and I too am looking forward to seeing this one at Telford, along with it's builder of course! Terry
  17. Hi Jan, Well I'm sorry to have asked but I have to say it all looks extremely convincing! You certainly fooled me as I was sure I could just about read it! Brilliant job! There is probably a dark pun in that statement...... Terry
  18. I agree with Bill. It's stunning and that finish looks so very authentic for Italian AF F-104's of the time. Terry
  19. Nice A-4 and brings back memories of that show in 1977 - I was there too. As @RidgeRunner says, not a toned down scheme in site, everything painted up in proper NATO colours and a huge variety of aircraft. First and only time I saw an A-6 as I recall. Happy Days Terry
  20. Very nice indeed. If mine comes out half as well as that, I'll be pleased! Terry
  21. Spooky. I was probably there with you Martin. Gatwick was a weekly spotters trip down from Croydon, then every couple of months it was a Red Rover day to Heathrow! Beautiful Caravelle there Dave! Terry
  22. Very nice indeed. How did you do the white stencilling? Terry
  23. Terry1954

    Telford 2019

    Hmm, very un-nerving having my back to you for two days! There you go @perdu, there are some strong lay lines around Block 2E and 2D in Hall 2, and given the Fleet Air Arm mob on Block 2C, the gravitational pull in that vicinity could be impressive. Dare we let @Ex-FAAWAFU in on the plan? Terry
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