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  1. I think you will find, and I hope the collective wisdom of my colleagues on here will agree, that this makes you a seriously addicted maritime modeller. Welcome to the club! Terry
  2. That is looking rather special Beefy. Your build speed is impressive (using me as a yardstick that is!) but you never let detail, accuracy and quality suffer. You really pushed the boat out with the oil canning on this one as well, and it has paid off immensely. Top job. Terry
  3. Excellent indeed. I'm off over to the RFI as we speak..... Here we go...........! Terry
  4. Another splendid FAA masterpiece Bill. I very much admire the neat, precise and tidy finish on your creations. Another top class winner here! Terry
  5. Looks fantastic Bill, looking forward to the RFI. Terry
  6. If I could achieve that in 1/350, I'd be extremely pleased........... If I could achieve that in 1/700, I'd say you are having a laugh.......... I doubt I could ever achieve that in 1/1250. Brilliant! Terry
  7. Indeed, me also. A potential route to my 1/350 Kotlin pipe dream......and also even HMS Bristol which I've always quite fancied - the Jecobin plans have arrived And if you look over here Crisp there is an excellent example of a maritime build using these technologies. Maybe a route to HMS Blackwater for you perhaps ........I think that was yours? But much to get my head around. Nice to see some brass and solid lumps Tony! Terry
  8. This is looking truly splendid Ian. Really like the attention to detail and the overall finesse of your work. Come on @AdrianMF, you know you want to ......... there are two booms at least..... Terry
  9. Absolutely agree with @beefy66 and @brianthemodeller. Definitely do not give up! If this is what you can achieve after a 60 year break, I'm envious! As Beefy says, each model gives us more learning and experience for the next. Carry on modelling Frank, you must! Terry
  10. I've been pondering this one. With 3 Sabre builds under my belt now, and a further nine in the stash, plus two Fury's, I guess I should put my name down for this one............. Terry
  11. They said it all but I'll say it too .............absolutely outstanding and really fine results. Your talent and abilities are clearly not in question! The mind boggles at what you might achieve, given a decent set of plans, and a maritime subject like HMS Furious for example ................... just saying Terry
  12. Great stuff Bill. Can't help there, but I reckon you could knock these up no problem. This feels like showing a master how to suck eggs, but I found this video which uses a technique I have not seen before where aluminium foil is embedded between masking tape. The advantage seems to be the end straps when bent, stay bent. Worth watching I reckon? Adds at the beginning possibly Terry
  13. Hi Roger. I've not been in the AFV section much since finishing my AMX-13, but I just found this one. What a brilliant idea to do a range wreck. We often drive over the "seaward" road between where we live and Lulworth Cove, and I'm always fascinated by the old Chieftain wrecks. Indeed, there are now a few Challenger wrecks too it seems! The Lulworth ranges are a fascinating place. Will follow with much interest. Terry
  14. Wot they all said but with even more flamboyance! Terry
  15. Great to see this old kit get a good facelift! Love that cowling Guy, very impressive indeed. Just figured out I was 14 when I bought my first Airfix Demon. It seemed so state of the art back then! Terry
  16. I was so impressed with the present itself, I forgot to add a "Happy Birthday" from me also! Terry
  17. The Lightening and newly recruited crew look the biz Giorgio, and yes, a superb choice of birthday present. Terry
  18. Nice work Kev. I first thought those two "boxes" were some sort of air intakes, but then the light went on and they seem to be flag lockers? Terry
  19. I've been so busy over in the maritime world (yes I really have), I wasn't paying much attention here. What an interesting thread. We can always rely on you to enthrall with these somewhat esoteric builds. Terry
  20. Nice build. Post war Norwegian Army AFV's are one of my (many) interests! Terry
  21. You see you just can't stop yourself can you! I must admit the twin Chieftains are very tempting, but I'm staying over in the watery section for my builds at the moment (apart from a 1/72 Scimitar and Mark VI) Nice start on the FV432. Terry
  22. Thinking about it, I do that a lot when I use it. Also I think that although storing it cool, preserves it's shelf life, it can be worked more easily when slightly warmer. It usually takes a few minutes of working it with my hands to warm up. When life returns to more normality, I can bring some to one of our club meets and show how I use it? Terry
  23. Excellent looking detailed works on the superstructure there Rob. The turret comparisons show Micromaster perhaps having the edge but the kit version plus Eduard looks pretty good to my eyes too. Also like that last shot showing both these two magnificent 8 inch cruisers together. There is something about these WWII RN cruisers that really appeals. Terry
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