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  1. Looks brilliant! I would say leave it for 24 hours plus then airbrush the Aqua? The Molotow takes a while to dry off. What does my learned colleague @giemme think? Terry
  2. Great work on those greys Giorgio. Is the one in the pics above destined to be Greek or Turkish? Terry
  3. Good Telford plan on the multiple acquisition of MRP paints (I love those), but yes, they don't go that far on large surfaces. I wonder of we could convince Setchfields to keep a stock ............... hmmm, doubt it! The three musketeers zeppelins are looking good! Terry
  4. Are we talking USAF/Danish D's or other NATO K's? Either floats my boat, just being nosey! Terry
  5. This one gets better and better each time I look Cookie. I also noticed that high shine canopy, amazing! Terry
  6. That looks stunning! Well done on the 787 rating!! ( Saw that in your other thread) Terry
  7. I'm sure I don't need to remind you Bill that for top results, same rule applies re gloss (black or grey) undercoat working best for Alclad and this Molotow Chrome. Highly polished bare plastic will also work too. Terry
  8. Lovely result there Duncan. As I delve more into Auto modelling, I'm getting quite taken by these La Mans/ALMS cars. This one is particularly inspiring. Terry
  9. Yes. Thinned at least 50% thinner, possibly 60 -70 %. I'm still experimenting. This was a test of the marker being applied direct (on granddaughters 1/32 Chevrolet, don't tell her). I used the fine nib one for this, 1mm I think: And these are all airbrushed: Airbrushing this stuff is a bit of an art in that you don't want it too low pressure and light touch, or it just goes on like silver metallic, but very thin (like Alclad), but if you up the pressure and get closer and do it quickly, it will go on like chrome. However, too close and too heavy and it will go on too thick. Tricky stuff but excellent if you can get it just right. I'm going to try it thinned with IPA next. Might try that AK stuff as well, but I'm convinced it must be same sort of stuff, so will hold off on that for now. HTH Terry
  10. Mere mortals like me can only dream of having threads that long, and finding words like that to pad them out ............ What a fascinating link! Wonderful update once more Tony. I am unashamedly nicking most of not all of your weathering techniques. They are brilliant, at least when you do them! Terry
  11. I agree with Giorgio. They are not usually suitable for direct application to large surface area, but they do spray superbly, if thinned and applied correctly, which looked to me like you had done on the Hind? They also have to be sealed with some sort of varnish and the popular choice seems to be Alclad Aqua gloss. They are brilliant in their own right for very small details like bolt head and chrome trim on vehicles etc. I notice AK do a similar product ........ https://ak-interactive.com/product-category/paints/superchrome-paint/ Not tried that but I imagine it's likely same sort of stuff? Terry
  12. I'd agree with that most certainly. I built one a couple of years back and it is still one of my favourites. Shame you are not happy with the chrome, as it looked pretty good from here! However, of you do remove it, you might find IPA a good way? Terry
  13. Another little gem Adrian, nice one! Will watch out for the Italian Nieuport. Terry
  14. Nice choice Stuart, looking forward to seeing this one, and a big to Mikro Mir for continuing to provide the hobby with some great stuff! Terry
  15. Did my head in just contemplating the idea! Terry
  16. Welcome back Ian! All great stuff but I especially like those shots into the bomb bays assuming that is what they were called on the Battle - they seem more like very efficient places to store bombs to me! Terry
  17. That blue looks a pretty good match Matt, nice one! I'm curious as to what sort of printer you have for the decals. I may have missed that earlier, but you are intending to print white? I certainly couldn't do that on my inkjet! Cheers Terry
  18. Looking good Bill. Be careful with the Molotow though as it takes a while to dry off completely. I left mine a day or so. I understand the latest thinking is that Alclads Aqua gloss coat (the milky white stuff) is the best for varnishing these metallic finishes if you want to retain that hi shine. HTH Terry
  19. How about an F-14 or maybe an F-22. That's two guesses so maybe i get disqualified! Terry
  20. More wonderful work to observe here Tony, lovely stuff. I can never resist a good book on miniature or model engineers lathes. As for the Wasp build, the very mention of it makes me tremble with anticipation. I assume you will also be scratch building the giant key to wind up the mechanism? Terry
  21. She's coming together great Bill. Do you know where we can get one of those? Terry
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